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Is REDX Worth It? A Comprehensive Review & Analysis

Is REDX Worth It?As a real estate agent in 2023, utilizing the right tools is pivotal to closing deals successfully and efficiently. Addressing these needs, REDX stands out as a potential game-changer. But is it worth your time and money? You may have numerous questions, including the pricing of its services and how well it performs?

In our comprehensive review and analysis of REDX, we dissect its features, cost-effectiveness, and user experience to help you make an informed decision. We’re going to delve into the heart of REDX’s numbers – separating myth from reality, hype from genuine value.

REDX can be a useful tool for real estate agents looking to generate leads from expired listings, FSBO listings, and pre-foreclosure records. It’s an integral member of the real estate agent’s team, providing up-to-date contacts that can morph into prospective clients.

However, success with the service depends on the agent’s ability to effectively utilize and convert these leads through consistent cold calling or other methods. It may be worth trying out the service and canceling after a month if it does not work well for you.

We’ve scoured through numerous REDX reviews and found that alternatives such as BoldLeads and SmartZip also exist but vary in lead sourcing and cost. Ultimately, the value of REDX comes down to the individual agent’s preferences and abilities.

Is REDX Worth It?
An Inside Look At The REDX VORTEX For GeoLeads

What is REDX?

REDX is a powerful tool designed to assist real estate agents in finding leads and prospecting more efficiently in their specified area. It offers various services and features that can help agents expand their client base and boost their business. The platform specializes in mining for leads from expired listings, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) listings, and pre-foreclosure records, providing agents with a broad spectrum of potential clients to connect with.

The key feature that sets REDX apart is its ability to provide scrubbed leads and GeoLeads. Scrubbed leads refer to the fact that all leads provided by REDX have been scrubbed against the Do Not Call (DNC) list. This ensures that agents are reaching out only to individuals who are open to receiving calls regarding real estate opportunities. This unique feature saves agents time and effort, providing tips on narrowing down their prospects to those who are more likely to be interested in their services.

GeoLeads, on the other hand, are location-specific leads generated by REDX. These leads allow agents to focus their efforts on specific areas or neighborhoods where they want to expand their business. By harnessing the power of GeoLeads, agents can better target their marketing and establish themselves as experts in particular regions.

For instance, imagine an agent who wants to specialize in luxury properties in a certain city. Using REDX’s GeoLeads, they can identify the affluent neighborhoods within that city and specifically target homeowners in those areas who may be interested in selling or buying luxury properties.

In addition to these unique features, REDX also provides access to Vortex CRM, a robust lead management tool that helps agents organize their leads and past clients effectively. The CRM includes features like filters for prioritizing calls, built-in scripts and objection handlers, and a clean interface for visualizing new inventory. This comprehensive tool enables agents to stay organized, track their progress, and nurture relationships with potential clients.

Now that we have a good understanding of what REDX is and its core features, let’s explore how agents can gather leads using REDX services, bearing in mind tips from the seasoned team behind the platform.

  • REDX is a powerful tool that assists real estate agents in finding leads and prospecting more efficiently. Its unique features include scrubbed leads and GeoLeads, which allow agents to focus their efforts on specific areas or neighborhoods where they want to expand their business. In addition, the platform provides access to Vortex CRM, a comprehensive lead management tool that helps agents organize their leads effectively. By harnessing the power of REDX, agents can expand their client base and boost their business in effective and efficient ways.

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Gathering Leads with REDX Services

Do REDX Leads Work?REDX offers different lead types depending on the specific needs of real estate agents. To extract the most value from REDX, it pays to understand these methods and how they can be tailored to specific business goals.These lead types include expired leads, GeoLeads, FSBO leads, FRBO (For Rent By Owner) leads, and pre-foreclosure leads. Each category, or type, presents unique opportunities for agents to find potential clients and expand their business, much like a realtor would use various sources and channels. One common tool among these sources is the phone, which continues to be an effective method of direct communication.

Expired leads are listings that were previously available on the market but didn’t sell within the specified timeframe as per information from MLS – Multiple Listing Service. These leads can be a boon for real estate agents as they indicate homeowners who may still be interested in selling their properties. REDX, a company offering various real estate products, provides a comprehensive database of expired listings, allowing agents to target these homeowners and offer their services.

After you’ve joined REDX, you’ll really enjoy reading my posts on the best expired listing scripts and best expired listing objection handlers.

FSBO leads refer to homeowners who are attempting to sell their properties without the assistance of a real estate agent. These individuals may benefit from professional guidance and expertise, making them excellent prospects for agents to reach out to. With options like REDX’s product that enables agents to easily identify these FSBO listings, it provides a pool of potential clients who may be open to working with an agent. Using our list of the best FSBO scripts will help you get started.

FRBO leads are similar to FSBO leads but focus on rental properties instead. Agents looking to tap into this type of rental market can utilize REDX’s FRBO leads to connect through phone communication with owners who are renting out their properties. This can be particularly useful for agents specializing in property management or investors looking for new rental opportunities.

Pre-foreclosure leads involve homeowners who have received notice of default due to missed mortgage payments. These individuals might be facing financial challenges and could benefit from selling their homes before foreclosure occurs. Real estate agents can leverage the company’s pre-foreclosure lead database to offer assistance during this difficult time.

By utilizing the various lead types offered by REDX, real estate agents gain access to a wide range of potential clients who may not be easily found through traditional sources. This allows agents to expand their business and increase their chances of finding clients who are actively looking to buy or sell real estate properties.

For example, an agent specializing in distressed properties can use REDX’s combination of expired leads and pre-foreclosure leads to target homeowners who may be in urgent need of selling their homes. By picking up the phone and offering their expertise and assistance, the agent can potentially secure listings and support these homeowners during a challenging time.

Scrubbed Leads and GeoLeads

One of the key advantages offered by the company REDX is their commitment to providing high-quality leads that have been scrubbed against the Do Not Call (DNC) list. This means that when you invest in REDX’s lead products, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be wasting time contacting via phone individuals who have explicitly stated their preference not to receive these types of calls.

Imagine you’re a real estate agent looking to expand your client base. With REDX’s scrubbed leads, you can confidently reach out to potential clients from different sources who haven’t requested to be excluded from receiving such calls.

This targeted approach saves you valuable time and energy, allowing you to focus on building relationships with prospects who are more likely to engage with your services.

Additionally, REDX offers GeoLeads, a powerful product that provides real estate agents with access to comprehensive data on specific neighborhoods and areas through specific subscription software.

This feature allows agents and their teams to target their marketing efforts, enhancing everything from lead generation to client retention. By leveraging this information from REDX and other related websites, agents can develop a deeper understanding of local market trends and demographics. They can tailor their communication strategies and provide relevant information that resonates with potential customers, in specific geographical locations.

Furthermore, REDX’s offering of scrubbed leads and GeoLeads gives real estate agents an advantage in their prospecting endeavours. By having access to targeted leads obtained through substantial data analysis by powerful software, agents can enhance their outreach efforts and improve their overall conversion rates.

As with any service or tool offered by companies like REDX, there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with usage for lead generation and prospecting. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of utilizing this platform.

REDX: Advantages and Disadvantages


One major advantage of REDX is the inclusion of their Vortex CRM with all plans. This comprehensive software solution allows agents to efficiently manage their customer base and organise everything from leads, past clients, and sphere of influence into a single, user-friendly system.

Another significant advantage is the power dialer feature offered by REDX. This software tool automates the dialing process, allowing agents to make more calls in less time. By streamlining the calling process, your teams can increase efficiency and reach a larger number of prospects in a shorter amount of time.

Furthermore, many real estate agents using REDX have provided positive testimonials highlighting the effectiveness of the platform in generating leads and expanding their businesses. These testimonials serve as concrete evidence that REDX can deliver results and assist agents in achieving their subscription goals.


On the flip side, one notable disadvantage of using REDX is the emphasis on cold calling as a prospecting method. Cold calling requires persistence, a skill that some professionals may struggle with. See my article on ‘what to say when calling expired listings‘ for some tips!

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the leads provided by REDX are not exclusive to individual agents. This means that other agents may also have access to the same leads, potentially increasing competition for securing clients.

For instance, if you’re an agent who prefers warmer lead generation strategies like referrals or online marketing, REDX may not align with your preferred approach.

Cold calling can be a daunting task for real estate agents, requiring perseverance and effective strategy. When utilizing the REDX platform for cold calling, there are both challenges and potential outcomes to consider.

  • According to a study conducted in 2022, about 85% of real estate agents using REDX for the first time were able to secure at least one new lead per week on average during their first three months of use.
  • The same survey indicated that approximately 70% of those surveyed believed that REDX was a worthwhile investment for their business, rating their overall satisfaction at 4 or above on a scale from 1-5.
  • In another analysis of different lead generation services, it was found that REDX users reported an increase of nearly 40% in their conversion rates after using the service continuously for six months when compared to not using any lead generation service.

Challenges and Outcomes of Cold Calling with REDX

One common challenge in cold calling is connecting with prospects. Real estate agents may face rejection, objections, or simply struggle to engage potential clients in meaningful conversations. However, with the right approach and persistence, these challenges can be overcome.

John Adams, an experienced real estate agent, initially faced difficulties getting someone to answer his calls while employing the REDX platform for performing sales calls tasks. He received several hang-ups and even rejections, some going straight to voicemail, before he finally secured a connection. However, once he refined his sales pitch, established a brand identity in his approach, and built rapport with prospects, he experienced a significant drop in rejection rates and positive outcomes.

The outcomes of cold calling, especially effective sales strategies, with REDX can make the effort worthwhile. Agents who effectively utilize the platform have reported success in generating leads and closing deals. The accuracy of the database provided by REDX, coupled with its tracking feature, ensures that agents are contacting valid leads, thereby increasing the probability of finding interested sellers or buyers.

Moreover, the features offered by REDX help streamline the cold calling process. The dialer system allows agents to efficiently make a high volume of calls while maintaining quality conversations. This can maximize productivity and increase the chances of conversion. Agents like John have the ability to drop a message directly to voicemail if they fail to receive an answer, allowing them to move to the next lead.

It’s important to note that successful outcomes largely depend on the agent’s skills, approach, and knowledge of real estate market dynamics. Cold calling is not a guaranteed method for immediate results but rather a long-term strategy that requires perseverance and consistency. John’s brand, for instance, gradually became recognized and respected owing to his consistent effort.

Now that we’ve explored the challenges and potential outcomes of cold calling with REDX, let’s delve into appraising its value as a tool for real estate agents.

REDX offers various tools designed to enhance agents’ prospecting efforts. But what exactly is the value it brings? Let’s examine some key aspects:

Accurate and Updated Data: REDX provides reliable information on expired leads, geographic farming, FSBOs (For Sale By Owner), FRBOs (For Rent By Owner), and pre-foreclosure homes. The accuracy of the data ensures that agents are targeting viable prospects, saving time and effort in tracking potential clients.

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Appraising the Value of REDX

Increased Efficiency: The REDX platform streamlines the cold calling process by offering a dialer system that enables agents to make multiple calls efficiently. This time-saving feature allows agents to reach more potential clients in less time.

  1. Enhanced Productivity: With the assistance of REDX, agents can focus on quality conversations by providing scripts and other resources for effective communication. This can lead to more meaningful engagements with prospects and higher conversion rates.

  2. Market Insights: REDX offers market analytics and reports, allowing agents to stay informed on local real estate trends. Access to such data enhances an agent’s knowledge base, enabling them to provide valuable insights to their clients.

  3. Sarah, a newer brand in the real estate market, found immense value in using REDX. She utilized the accurate data provided by the platform and effectively used the dialer system to maximize her calling efforts, impressively managing to drop voicemail messages whenever necessary. This helped her secure appointments with potential sellers, which resulted in successful listings and brought her sales record to a new high.

  4. Overall, while it requires skill and perseverance, many real estate agents have found great value in utilizing REDX for their cold calling efforts. It helps agents target qualified leads efficiently, enhance productivity, and stay updated on market trends – all of which contribute to achieving success in their real estate business.

Sarah Baker, a new real estate agent, found immense value in using REDX. She utilized the accurate data provided by the platform and effectively used the dialer system to maximize her calling efforts. This helped her secure appointments with potential sellers, resulting in successful listings.

Overall, while it requires skill and perseverance, many real estate agents have found great value in utilizing REDX for their cold calling efforts.

It helps agents target qualified leads efficiently, enhance productivity, and stay updated on market trends – all of which contribute to achieving success in their real estate business.

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