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Real Estate Exam Scholar Review 2024 (Is It Worth It?)

Real Estate Exam Scholar Review
Are you wanting a better chance to pass your state’s real estate exam on the first attempt?  Read our Real Estate Exam Scholar review to see how they can help you.

Real Estate Exam Scholar Review

For many years, Real Estate Exam Scholar has been a valuable resource for those preparing for the real estate licensing exam. Also, because of their extensive experience working with students, they are well-versed in the issues that arise.

Because they’re focusing on those areas, this is extremely beneficial to students.

Having worked with students for so long, they have a wealth of information at their disposal.

It is based on this information that they can narrow down the most challenging areas of the exam. They can be as effective as possible by incorporating this data into their curriculum.

Many publications have referred to the Real Estate Exam Scholar as the greatest exam prep available.

As a result, they’ve taken this issue seriously and made efforts to strengthen their procedures throughout time. They were able to generate the most effective exam preparation by combining all of the diverse outcomes they receive.

Their ability to organize all the information they’ve gathered is remarkable. After that, you’ll be given this as a study aid. This study guide is useful and appropriate for the test because of the experts’ experience dealing with a wide variety of students.

Why We Like Real Estate Exam Scholar:

Real Estate Exam Scholar’s experience is one of their most notable assets.  They’ve spent years refining their study materials, and the result is a course that’s well-rounded and simple to follow.

Their materials are influenced by their personal experiences with students preparing for the exam.

They know that the test environment is one of the most difficult parts of the process. As a result, they’ve made the practice exams very close to what you may see on the actual exam.

To make the test more user-friendly, the school must first gain a thorough understanding of the testing experience.

Real Estate Exam Scholar has taken this into account and found it to be extremely important. Students need to feel like they’ve taken the test previously, according to their experience.

A real estate exam prep course based on their expertise in helping students prepare can be helpful. Because of this, they can get a sense of not only what people are facing, but also how they are feeling.

It’s the attention to detail and individualized service that sets Real Estate Exam Scholar apart from competitors.

What is Real Estate Exam Scholar’s Method of Teaching?

The Real Estate Exam Scholar test prep is centered on the use of emotions and feelings as a teaching method.

Preparatory tests are made as similar to the final exam as possible. Your confidence will grow as a result of this preparation.

Their primary goal is to reduce any stress you may be experiencing as you get ready.

As you take practice tests, you’ll get immediate feedback on how well you’re doing so you can adjust your approach.

Instant feedback is a terrific approach to gathering the information you require and identifying the areas in which further effort is needed.

You’ll also be given a variety of timed and untimed exams to help you better grasp the material. When you can see how you compare to each other, you can get a sense of how you’ll do on the day. Getting as near as possible to the given time while avoiding unnecessary stress is the ultimate goal of this strategy.

When it comes to real estate exams, Real Estate Exam Scholar knows how nerve-wracking they may be! Study materials created by them have an approachable and simple tone. Having the ability to ease into it is important since not everyone will feel at ease right away.

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Real Estate Exam Scholar Course Review

Practice examinations make up the majority of the Real Estate Exam Scholar course material. To learn what you need to pay attention to, they believe that repetition is an excellent method. In addition, it will make you feel more at ease with the actual exam itself.

You can also choose to have the exam’s text read aloud to you. A lot of students find this to be useful and it helps them subliminally absorb the material. Listening to the Real Estate Exam Scholar audiobooks is a terrific way to learn new things.

You’ll also have access to a comprehensive lexicon of exam jargon. This section of the exam is very dense when it comes to terminology, so having access to this information is invaluable.

You’ll be able to keep them all in one location for convenient reference while you’re studying.

As a bonus, you get access to more than 750 flashcards that you may use whenever and wherever it’s convenient. These flashcards can be used at any moment to familiarize yourself with the questions.

For those who think that taking practice examinations puts them under too much stress, these are a terrific alternative!

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Real Estate Exam Scholar Course Review

To prepare for the real estate exams, Real Estate Exam Scholar provides only one choice. All of the classes are online and use digital resources like flashcards and videos. This is an excellent alternative for folks who have a lot of other commitments in their life.

With online courses, you have complete control over when and how much time you spend studying. To make things even better, Real Estate Exam Scholar offers up to six months of free access once you’ve completed the course. As a result, studying for exams doesn’t have to feel like a cram session.

It’s a lot easier for you to learn when you can take your time with the content. Trying to learn too much stuff at once is a common problem when preparing for an exam. This results in poor exam performance and confusion.

You can better remember what you learned if you spend as much time as necessary studying for your exam. It’s a wonderful method to feel at ease on exam day if you let it become second nature to you. Learning concepts and principles rather than memorizing them will help you understand them better.

Real estate test preparation schools may also offer live, in-person courses or live webinars for their students. These are not available in Real Estate Exam Scholar. You may wish to go elsewhere for exam preparation if you are a person who thrives on face-to-face interaction.

Real Estate Exam Scholar Resources for Students

Studying for your real estate exam has never been easier thanks to Real Estate Exam Scholar.

Real Estate Math Express and Principles of Real Estate are just a few of the titles available in the library.

Consider using these resources if you’d prefer an additional source of knowledge.

Additionally, they are readily available, which is one of the main assets.

Some real estate exam prep schools are not available in every state. Real Estate Exam Scholar, on the other hand, is accessible to residents of all 50 states. This is a huge help because each state has its real estate licensing exam.

Pass-or-no-pay guarantee is perhaps their most beneficial resource for students.

When it comes time to take the test, having this resource can be a huge boost to your self-esteem and confidence. This has proven to be a useful study technique for many test-takers.

Real Estate Exam Scholar is confident in all approaches since you get a refund if you fail the exam.

If you’re hesitant about shelling out for an exam prep course, this could be a good choice for you.

Knowing that you’re covered in the event of a mistake can give you peace of mind when taking the test itself.

There is a lack of face-to-face assistance with the Real Estate Exam Scholar. There are no humans to deal with because they are only available online and on-demand. This may be a problem for some people, and Real Estate Exam Scholars may not be the best option for them.

How Much Does Real Estate Exam Scholar Cost?

Real Estate Exam Scholar exam prep courses cost just $39. It’s is a great exam prep school because of the low cost and thorough content.

They are there to assist you not only with the content but also with the test-taking process itself. For some, this may be useful in easing their nerves about the test and making it less of a burden.

Please note that you should first attend a real estate school before taking an exam prep course.

If you are still in the process of choosing a real estate school, check out our reviews on the best online real estate schools. which include AceableAgent, The CE Shop, and Colibri Real Estate among a few others.

Getting your real estate license can often be done in your spare time, even if you’re also working another employment.

Preparation for real estate school can be expensive, and many people lack the funds to do so.

As a result, it may appear like paying for an exam prep course is a waste of money. People believe that their real estate school should have provided them with the necessary training.

A conventional institution, on the other hand, cannot adequately prepare you for the real estate exam.

Real Estate Exam Scholar Pricing Review

This is the most affordable exam prep course you’ll find anywhere. There is a slew of other exam preparation options available at anywhere from $60 to $100. Some can cost as much as $200, depending on what extras are included.

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Real Estate Exam Scholar Pros & Cons

Real Estate Exam Scholar Pros

  • Real Estate Exam Scholar is Accessible in any state

Another perk of Real Estate Exam Scholar is that it is available in all 50 states. For each state component of the exam, they have adapted their material. This option isn’t available at all real estate exam prep courses, therefore it’s less accessible.

  • Real Estate Exam Scholar has Extremely Affordable Prices

The inexpensive cost of Real Estate Exam Scholar is one of the company’s most prominent selling points.

It’s hard to say no to their course at this pricing point, even though they provide a lot more. It’s hard to think of a situation in which it wouldn’t be worth the $39 investment.

  • No End to the Real Estate Practice Exams

You can take as many practice exams as you desire with Real Estate Exam Scholar.

A wonderful method to get yourself ready for the actual test is to take practice exams like this one.

Because you have up to six months to get ready, this is especially true. Having access to so many practice examinations is a fantastic way to prepare.

  • Real Estate Exam Scholar Offers a Text to Audio Choice

While doing other activities, many people listen to educational audio content.

Understanding this, Real Estate Exam Scholar has incorporated audio content into its curriculum. It’s a huge advantage to be able to study while wearing headphones.

  • Real Estate Exam Scholar offers a Full Refund if You’re Not Satisfied

Having the option of a refund if you don’t pass the exam is a huge perk of the program.

When it comes to studying and taking the exam, many people feel that this provides them with a sense of calm. These days, when a lot of people are strapped for cash, having this type of insurance policy is a big plus.

Real Estate Exam Scholar Cons

  • Real Estate Exam Scholar Courses are Limited to Just One Option.

Standard test preparation classes are extremely affordable, while some exam preparation institutions provide more possibilities.

One course selection in Real Estate Exam Scholar may not be what you are seeking but it’s just fine for most.

  • Students Can’t Interact With a Physical Person

When it comes to learning, many people prefer to be taught by real people. When it comes to Real Estate Exam Scholar, there are no human interactions.

Some students may find this to be a drawback, however in most exam prep courses, there is no human connection or support, so this may not apply to you.

  • You Get Six Month Access to Real Estate Exam Scholar

Six months is the time limit set by Real Estate Exam Scholar. That’s still more then enough time for most students. Certain colleges will allow you access for up to a year, but it will cost you more money.

What Are Real Estate Exam Scholar Alternatives?

The most popular and also a formidable alternative to Real Estate Exam Scholar would be PrepAgent.  You can also read our PrepAgent Review (the link will open in a new tab). 

PrepAgent is a bit more expensive but they are an excellent alternative to Real Estate Exam Scholar.

You can visit PrepAgent Exam Prep website directly here. (if you use PrepAgent, be sure to enter our discount code “AME” at checkout to get 20% off any package!

Or, go to the Real Estate Exam Scholar website

Real Estate Exam Scholar FAQs

Here are some Real Estate Exam Scholar frequently asked questions.

It is our goal to address any questions you may have about their real estate test prep course within 24 hours or less if they aren’t already covered in the FAQ section below. Just ask us in the comments!

  1. The Real Estate Salesperson or Broker Exam Is a One-Try Deal, Right?

Yes. If you don’t pass, your money can be refunded to you.

You will need to send them the failure notice within 30 days of your real exam failure for you to claim a full 100% refund.

However, Tennessee and Florida do not permit real estate exam pass guarantees.

How Long is the Real Estate Scholar Course Available? How Long Does It Take to Complete?

In a nutshell, the answer is it depends. Some students complete the course in as little as two days, while others have taken as long as six months and then need additional time to finish.

It’s entirely up to you and your familiarity with the subject matter.

We recommend that you give yourself two to four weeks to complete the Real Estate Exam Scholar course and study the materials. This guarantees that you have enough time to master the content so that you can pass the exam.

You have the option of taking more or less time. It all comes down to how well you’re able to remember things.

Is this a preparation course for the sales or broker exams?

The Salesperson or Broker test is covered in this course.

As a sales agent working under the supervision of a managing broker in some states, you are considered a “Broker.” It is not intended to encompass a “managing broker” or “supervising broker” license in any state.

You’ll have all the information you need to pass the initial license exam if you enroll in the course.

They do, however, provide a “Broker” exam prep course that is equal to a “managing broker” license in other jurisdictions but only in California.

Is the Real Estate Exam Scholar Site Safe?

Yes. The Real Estate Exam Scholar website is protected with cutting-edge technology to prevent the spread of malware or personal information.

STRIPE, their third-party payment card processor, securely processes and encrypts all credit card data.

Credit card information is never seen or accessed by anyone else.

Does Real Estate Exam Scholar Mail Some Course Materials?

No, the Real Estate Exam Scholar course is specifically designed to be viewed from anywhere with internet access and is online.

Real Estate Exam Scholar’s course is not available in paper format.

You can use any device to access their course and learn whenever it is convenient for you.

We recommend printing out chunks of our course for further study if you prefer the pen-and-paper technique.

Formatting may be required depending on your printer settings to produce nice-looking pages.

How many real estate practice examinations are in the Real Estate Exam Scholar course?

Over 1,200 exam questions created by real estate professionals with explanations are included in the salesperson course’s 25 practice examinations.

Immediately after completing each exam, you will receive an email with your grade.

Depending on your state, you can take a timed mock final exam that simulates the actual Real Estate exam.

The mock final exam contains 100-250 questions chosen at random.

Allowing endless tests, each exam can be retaken as many times as necessary.

Since the real estate exam only contains about 250 questions (or even fewer, depending on your state), passing our course ensures that you will know all of the answers to the real thing.

Has the Real Estate Exam Scholar Course Been Updated for the Year 2023?

Yes. Real Estate Exam Scholar course material is updated every month if necessary.

With the real estate exam prep, you can feel assured that you’re getting the best possible material available.

Can I just go ahead and take the Real Estate Exam Scholar final mock examinations without having to wait until the end?

No. Certain practice exams in their course are blocked, which means that you must obtain a certain minimum score before the following test can be unlocked.

Real Estate Exam Scholar Review – Final Thoughts

Students that took the Real Estate Exam Scholar course have generally been successful which is likely to be the same for 2023 exam takers.

Students who have completed their exam preparation with them have achieved nothing but success.

As for the number of people who take the course each year, we can only say it’s quite high.

More than a few past students have published Real Estate Exam Scholar reviews. They have commended the practice exams and how they are organized in these reviews.

Since the subject was straightforward and they had plenty of time to study, they were confident they could ace the test.

Even still many people’s fear of passing your state’s real estate exams is well-founded.

Real Estate Exam preparation classes are a great choice if you tend to become nervous when taking tests.

Taking the Real Estate Exam Scholar course is a no-brainer because of its inexpensive cost. There isn’t another exam prep course with a lower price, in our opinion. For a test preparation course, this is the best deal we could find.

You can tell if Real Estate Exam Scholar is worth your time by reading our evaluation.

You are the only one who can determine your test-taking style and whether or not you require additional study materials.

If you know what they have to offer, you’ll be able to make the best real estate exam prep choice for your scenario.

Ready to get started?  Visit Real Estate Exam Scholar

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