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PrepAgent Reviews 2024: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

Our PrepAgent Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

PrepAgent ReviewsTo embark on your real estate career, you must take and pass a licensing exam—an essential requirement. Read our PrepAgent review and discover how PrepAgent can significantly improve your chances of passing the real estate exam on your first attempt.

Introducing the PrepAgent real estate exam prep program, which claims to assist real estate students in preparing for their licensing exams and successfully passing them.

It’s natural to be skeptical about such programs, as numerous real estate exam prep options on the market make big promises but fail to deliver. We have taken it upon ourselves to review the PrepAgent real estate exam prep course, so read on if you’d like to learn more.

What is PrepAgent?

Essentially, PrepAgent is a digital guide and resource center designed to aid real estate students to pass their pre-licensing final exam.

The PrepAgent course targets students who are anxious about impending real estate exams or who feel the need to access more help before they sit for the exam.

How Did PrepAgent Get Started?

When it comes to PrepAgent’s backstory, there isn’t much information available on the official website. Consequently, don’t expect to learn about its origins or how long it has been in existence from there.

Nonetheless, we have managed to gather some fragments from the program’s site as well as online sources.

For instance, we are aware that the founder and instructor is a man named Joe Juter. He remains the same person who conducts webinars and creates videos featured in the guide.

Joe doesn’t handle all the work alone; he has a supporting team behind him, although he remains deeply involved in the business.

Although the website doesn’t explicitly state PrepAgent’s founding date, there are videos about it online that date as far back as 2014.

It’s possible that it began even earlier, but you can be certain that the program has been assisting real estate students in acing their tests for over six years.

Having a brief background of the product on its website would have been great, allowing visitors to understand how and when it all began.

It’s worth mentioning that PrepAgent was eventually acquired by a company called Aceable, which is also known for providing online real estate pre-licensing courses.

All that said, the PrepAgent reviews and exam prep course testimonials are spectacular, so we’re just nit-picking a bit.

How Does PrepAgent Work?

PrepAgent also has options for different budgets and time frames.

To begin using PrepAgent, you first need to pick one of three real estate exam prep packages.

The packages are customized according to types of exams, state, and agent or broker.

In the program, you will find recorded and live webinars, practice exam tests, and informative articles.

One thing that stood out for us when it comes to this program is that it allows students to interact with other students and instructors during its live webinars.

We feel that this offers more insight seeing as queries will be answered in real-time.

You also want to keep in mind that the instructors are experts in the field and they get to learn from the expert extraordinaire, Joe Juter.

That is not all they have to offer either; aside from the test-prep packages, PrepAgent has private lessons for students who would want more help.

There are two instructors available just for that and they charge $75 per hour.

In case you need more than one lesson, they can arrange for the same, but they would have to be spaced apart and not consecutively.

Scheduling these private lessons is quite easy but the website does state that students will not get refunds if they give a cancellation notice of less than 48 hours.

Aside from the aforementioned services, the program offers more informal resources as well.

For instance, there are exam tips that anyone can access even if they are not PrepAgent students.

PrepAgent students can also get “Question of the Day” emails which is an unpaid subscription service that sends real estate test questions to the subscriber’s email address daily.

This service can be accessed by anyone; not just students.

Ready to get started? Visit PrepAgent or continue reading more of our PrepAgent reviews below…

PrepAgent Review (A Closer Look)

One thing you want to keep in mind is that PrepAgent students need to be taking or have already taken the pre-licensing course offered by their state.

This is necessary because prepping for your final real estate licensing exam before taking the pre-licensing course is putting the cart before the horse.

If you are still trying to decide on one of the best online real estate schools, be sure to check out our Colibri Real Estate Review, AceableAgent Review, and our The CE Shop Reviews. All of these online real estate schools are excellent choices.

As a student, if you are unsure about PrepAgent’s suitability, you can always experiment with a practice exam for free before signing up. This prepares you for what is ahead.

This is not to say that the creator is not confident in the program; far from it. To prove the same, PrepAgent offers a 100% refund irrespective of the package.

You also do not have to prove that you failed your test. The only condition is that you request a refund within four months of enrollment.

We have to say that this is not the kind of guarantee that we are used to seeing.

Usually, such real estate exam prep programs come with extremely strict conditions regarding their money-back guarantees but with this one, you get a refund if you are unimpressed for any reason.

This is quite understandable given the fact that PrepAgent has a high satisfaction rate and has experienced less than a 2% refund rate up to date.

Does PrepAgent Have Exam Prep In All States?

Yes! You can use PrepAgent regardless of which state you reside.

Most of the exams have similar questions and are set up in the same way.  Nevertheless, the content may be different for different states.

The program can be personalized for students’ specific state laws.

PrepAgent Review (Features)

As soon as you sign up for the PrepAgent course, you get instant access to the member dashboard” where you get to choose from a myriad of study tools.

These PrepAgent features include:

1. Real Estate Licensing Practice Exams

This is probably where most students will start which is understandable seeing as the program is designed to help prep for tests.

Now, with similar programs, you will find practice exam interfaces, but the thing is that a lot of them are nothing to write home about.

We love that in this section you will find detailed explanations for every question, accurate answers to questions, as well as a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

PrepAgent categorizes these simulation exams so that you can have an easier time studying.

Some of the most notable categories include Laws of Agency, Transfer of Property, and Property Ownership.

2. Real Estate Terminology & Vocabulary

Studying for exams can be monotonous and draining.

PrepAgent understands that and that is why they endeavored to make it fun for students to practice for tests.

They use a simple and interactive approach to make studying more interesting.

3. Real Estate Exam Prep Videos

Next, we have the video section and after checking it out, we were impressed.

Did you know that PrepAgent has a YouTube channel with more than 5 million views?

There is certainly a reason why they have such high numbers and we are willing to bet that these exam prep videos have something to do with it.

Joe Juter, the man behind this program has been a real estate teacher for a while and as such, he knows exactly how to present and break down the boring content that students need to grasp before sitting for their exams.

You get a whopping 70 videos that cover any topic regarding real estate that you can think of.

The videos are well-explained and concise not to mention that they come with animations that make them interesting and easier to understand.

Moreover, the videos are hosted through a solid cloud-based platform known as Vimeo.

4. Real Estate Exam Prep Audio Lessons

When it comes to the program’s audio lessons, our take is that they are an invaluable bonus that other exam prep programs seldom offer.

PrepAgent’s audio lessons are hosted by a credible and robust platform known as SoundCloud.

This then means that you can download the SoundCloud app to your smartphone and study while on the go.

Even if you choose to stream the lessons from the website, you can have your device’s screen closed and still listen.

There is also the option of downloading all the lessons in MP3 format so that you can listen to them offline. CDs are also available for sale on the official website.

5. Interactive Exam Prep Flashcards

It is not easy to ace a test if you don’t understand the terminology used in asking the questions as well as the one you need to use while answering them.

Understanding the meaning of real estate lingo and words gives you enough edge when it comes to answering questions correctly.

That’s what these flashcards are for and the way they work is that you are given words in cards and when you click on them, they flip and show you what they mean.

We can assure you that this is one of the best ways to learn real estate terminologies even during your downtime.

Visit PrepAgent Now

6. PrepAgent Webinars and Private Lessons

This is one of the biggest benefits that you will get when you subscribe to PrepAgent’s premium package.

Imagine getting access to live webinars five times a week.

You also get to chat along as the instructors address different questions based on the day’s topic.

Moreover, you get access to each PrepAgent webinar hosted in the past including chat replays making it feel like you are watching live again.

We also realized that students are likely to attend live webinars than commit to watching pre-recorded ones and that just goes to show you that this program’s creator knew exactly what to do to get students to pass their exams.

7. Vocabulary Worksheet, Real Estate Exam Prep E-Book, Keyword Outline

Whenever you think of an eBook, the first thing that comes to mind has to be many pages of boring content thrown together.

With the PrepAgent e-book review, you are looking at 100 pages of useful information about all the major concepts regarding real estate tests.

As if that is not enough, the author uses simple language that any student will find easy to comprehend.

If you so desire, you can print it out into a physical book that you can read on the go or hand down to others.

The keyword outline and vocabulary worksheet do not disappoint either as they emphasize the need of understanding key terminologies.

Ready to get started? Visit PrepAgent or continue reading more our PrepAgent reviews of their course package options below…

PrepAgent Review (Course Options)

We had already mentioned that PrepAgent comes with three packages. It is now time to go in-depth with them.

1. The PrepAgent Basic Package Review

This package is ideal for last-minute cramming and studying and it is also the least expensive among the three on offer.

Now, students who get this package also get the money-back guarantee but they will only have access to the state and national-specific questions for a week. They will not get access to live webinars in this package.

By subscribing to this package, students get practice questions that will help keep whatever they have learned fresh in their minds before they sit for their test. It is, therefore, best for students who do not need as much help.

Get PrepAgent’s Basic Exam Prep Course Package

2. The PrepAgent Deluxe Package Review

This is the second PrepAgent package and it offers a few more resources than the basic one at a little more fee increase plus students have access to information for longer than in the basic package.

Along with what is offered in the basic package, the deluxe package comes with four additional features.

Students will have one-month access to extended prep time instead of a week.

The extra features include interactive flashcards, audio lessons, 75 exam prep videos, and an exam prep-eBook.

These additional resources certainly add value to the student and the best part is that they can be accessed anywhere whether on smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

Get PrepAgent’s Deluxe Exam Prep Course Package

3. The PrepAgent Premium Package Review

The third and final PrepAgent package is by far the best value a real estate agent student can get when preparing to sit for their exam.

That is because this premium package is the most comprehensive among the three.

It comes with everything offered in the deluxe package along with three more resources.

Moreover, students get access to a comprehensive library of webinars as well as live ones.

All the resources in this package are accessible for an entire year and that makes it perfect for advanced exam prep.

Get PrepAgent’s Premium Exam Prep Course Package

Can You Upgrade Your PrepAgent Exam Prep Package?

With other real estate exam prep programs, upgrading packages after purchase is usually impossible.

However, this isn’t the case with PrepAgent, as it prioritizes students’ convenience in this regard.

Suppose you initially opt for the basic package but find later that you require more resources and time. In that situation, you can contact the PrepAgent team to seamlessly upgrade your package.

They will promptly facilitate the upgrade, granting you access to the additional resources you need.

The website doesn’t provide clear information about whether you’ll only need to pay the price difference or the full amount for the upgraded package.

To ensure clarity, consider asking this question before making a purchase.

Ready to begin? Click here to visit PrepAgent or read further in our PrepAgent review for more details on their pricing below…”

How Much Does PrepAgent Cost?

  1. The PrepAgent 1 month package costs $47.20.
  2. The PrepAgent 3 month package costs $79.20.
  3. The PrepAgent 12 month package costs $103.20.

In terms of the cost of the real estate exam prep course, we find it to be affordable and offering good value for the money.

The PrepAgent creator also recognizes that many students who purchase the program have additional expenses such as exam fees and pre-licensing courses. Consequently, they have made an effort to ensure the course is both affordable and effective.

The three PrepAgent exam prep packages are designed to meet the needs of different budgets and students.

PrepAgent Pros and Cons

Now that we have reviewed the program, it is time for us to let you know what we liked and what we didn’t like about it.

What We Like About PrepAgent:

The first thing we liked about PrepAgent is that it is affordable.

Considering that becoming a real estate agent is an expensive venture especially when starting due to exam prep, fees, and pre-licensing courses, this is a reprieve for many students.

PrepAgent makes its resources available at different price points.

Another thing is that the website is extremely user-friendly.

Aside from the lack of information regarding the history of the program and upgrading packages, navigating the website is easy.

The program’s creator made the guide as interactive as can be and we love that because it helps users when it comes to grasping and retaining information.

From exam prep questions, flashcards, and live webinars, this program is designed to help students ace their tests effortlessly.

We also have to say that the support offered by instructors during live webinars goes a long way in giving students the confidence they need for their exams.

Although they do not state whether they offer round-the-clock support, we feel that it is enough when they say that they respond promptly when students reach out via the contact form offered on their site

The contact page has a list of commonly asked questions and issues along with answers. Students are advised to go through that list first.

Going through the PrepAgent website, we realized that they have numerous free resources.

That means that some of the information there is accessible to everyone; not just students. So confident is the creator that he offers free resources.

PrepAgent also takes pride in having tailored programs for each state in America. This is something you are unlikely to find with similar programs.

The best you can get is one or several states served. Never all of them.

Lastly, this program comes with a money-back guarantee and it doesn’t come with unfair or strict conditions either.

All you have to do if you are unsatisfied is claim a refund within 120 days of your purchase.

What’s more, students will not be required to provide proof of failing exams to get a refund.

What We Don’t Like About PrepAgent

When it comes to what we didn’t like about the PrepAgent exam prep course, the list is not long. It has to do with the website.

Now, although the website is user-friendly and attractive, it can be slow at times.

Moreover, there is no information about the history of the program which can be a cause for concern.

Another drawback is that the website does not give clear information about upgrading packages. It would have been great if they did that.

What Are Some PrepAgent Alternatives?

When is comes to the best real estate exam prep courses, PrepAgent reigns supreme. 

However, if you are looking for a slightly more affordable option, you can also take a look at Real Estate Exam Scholar as a popular PrepAgent alternative and competitor.

Colibri Real Estate is another well-known real estate school that also offer exam prep courses. You can read our comprehensive Colibri real estate reviews article to learn more about its exam prep options.

We also recently wrote a Real Estate Exam Scholar Review in our blog.

PrepAgent Review (Our Final Verdict)

Overall, PrepAgent is a great tool for real estate students who want to have an easier time studying for their tests as well as increase their chances of passing.

The program is not only affordable but resource-rich as well among many other attractive features.

The fact that it comes with a money-back guarantee is an advantage as well as it makes your purchase risk-free.

In that regard, we would certainly encourage real estate exam candidates to try it.

What is the Best PrepAgent Discount Code?

We reached out to PrepAgent and they were kind enough to offer an exclusive 20% PrepAgent discount code for Agent Marketing Essentials readers.

Choose a PrepAgent Real Estate Exam Prep Package that’s right for you, and then enter the PrepAgent promo code “AME” during check out.

With PrepAgent, we are confident you’ll have a much better chance to pass your real estate exam!

All the best in your new real estate career!

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