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What’s The Average Real Estate Agent Salary?

Average salary of a real estate agent

Ever wondered what the average real estate agent makes in your state or perhaps a state you’re thinking of venturing into? From sun-kissed Hawaii to frosty Alaska, our comprehensive guide spills all the specifics. Read on to get an eye-opening, clear-cut comparison of average real estate agent salaries that will help you strategize and level […]

Can You Be a Part-time Real Estate Agent?

Can You Be a Part-Time Real Estate Agent

Are you seeking a career pathway brimming with both flexibility and income potential? Welcome aboard! This blog post is your stepping stone towards understanding whether part-time real estate work is the right choice for you. Spoiler alert – it’s more possible than you might think. With growing trends of decentralization and gig economy, real estate […]

Real Estate Broker Vs. Agent Vs. Realtor

Real Estate Broker Vs Agent Vs Realtor

In today’s dynamic realm of real estate—a universe that extends from the springing high-rise condos to those vibrant suburban neighborhoods, navigating through broker, agent, and Realtor terminology often feels like stepping through a linguistic maze. Misconceptions abound, unfamiliar terms are tossed around like confetti, and it all leave us wondering: What’s the difference? Well, worry […]

Close CRM Review: Features, Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

Close CRM

More than ever, brokers, agents, and real estate companies need a CRM that can meet the rigors of their bustling day-to-day operations. As such, in today’s blog post, we delve into an in-depth analysis of Close CRM – a tool designed to redefine how real estate professionals manage client relationships. From its sophisticated features and […]

How Do Real Estate Referral Fees Work

How Do Real Estate Referral Fees Work

Imagine snapping your fingers and earning a neat profit for essentially just making a connection. Seems too good to be true, right? Welcome to the world of real estate referral fees! Without even listing or showing homes themselves, agents all over the globe are capitalizing on this lucrative side hustle—an often misunderstood aspect of real […]

How To Do A CMA In Real Estate (With Adjustment Examples)

How To Do A Real Estate CMA

Ensuring the right pricing for a property can make the difference between a swift sale and an extended listing. But how do real estate professionals determine the optimal price point in a constantly fluctuating market? Enter the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – a vital tool that provides insights into the current property market by comparing […]