Chime CRM Review: Is it the Best CRM for Agents in 2022?

Chime CRM Review & Free CRM Demo

Real Estate is undergoing a large-scale renaissance regarding the new technology and innovation that is being released each year and empowering agents and investors.

With a growing demand for housing growing year over year since the 2008 recession, a favorable interest rate environment, and a shortage of housing inventory, demand for real estate continues to expand.

More people are turning to real estate as a source of income whether that be through becoming an agent or working in some capacity within the industry.

Most people get into real estate by becoming a licensed REALTOR.

Did you know 80% of real estate agents fail in their first year?

With this probability is so high, how is it possible to make a living as an agent and build the momentum needed?

If you are a new real estate agent, the best way to get started is by emulating the success of those that are having massive success. There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

What do the professionals do differently? For one thing, they aren’t afraid to invest in their business. Yes, it takes money to make money.

There are many ways you can invest in your own real estate career.

Suggestions include further investing in your education by getting more real estate designations or investing in online services to become more efficient.

Investing in the tools and technology you need to increase your chance of becoming successful is a great form of investment in yourself.

New tools and technology are being released each year that make it much easier to manage your real estate business.

Seeing a need to fill, many companies have stepped up to support this new renaissance as there was a large demand for ways to optimize an age-old industry.

Real estate in the past always lagged behind technology and agents lost productivity by juggling multiple disconnected systems.

Stepping up to fill the gap, companies like Chime CRM stepped in to innovate and present a new suite of tools to help agents with their business.

Working closely with real estate agents, Chime engineers worked to understand exactly what agents needed to help optimize their business.

Chime continues to work with agents to best develop new features that will continue revolutionizing the industry and increasing the odds for fewer agents to fail especially in their first year.

What is the Chime CRM for Real Estate? 

Chime is a CRM platform designed for supporting real estate agents and professionals.

The software is geared towards lead generation and helps agents, brokers, lenders, and other real estate professionals simplify their marketing approach, managing their interactions with customers, handling their leads, and organizing assignments with their teams.

With a variety of different products and features available for real estate professionals, Chime turns out to be a powerful solution to overcome many of the challenges faced within the industry.

When visiting the CRM website, the company divides up solutions based on your needs.

Chime CRM categories include agents, teams, or brokers.

By choosing a category, Chime expertly presents to you the products and solutions that align best with what you are trying to accomplish within your role.

Schedule a Free Chime CRM Demo

Chime CRM Products & Services Review 

A variety of different products and services are available for real estate professionals to use through Chime.

Products and services are best classified under three overarching categories.

Chime CRM offers customers the following products:

  • A Responsive CRM
  • An Intelligent IDX Website
  • Additional Optimized Marketing Options

To best understand the wide range of features available under these categories, we will do a Chime review each one individually.

Chime CRM Features

The Chime Responsive CRM Review

Chime’s responsive CRM provides several a powerful suite of features that work together to create a lead generator and manager like no other.

Features include AI Assistant, Lead Insights, Operational Intelligence, Reporting and Forecasting, Automated Lead Nurturing, Communication Management, Smart Plans, Power Dialer, Mobile App, and Integrations.

Each feature contributes to an experience unlike many other CRM tools available to real estate professionals.

• Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence helps users make informed business decisions and have the ability to measure web traffic in a live timeline.

With the Operational Intelligence, the listing management feature helps the best match up buyers with the proper listings. Then a communication analysis is done to best streamline the communication.  

• Automated Nurturing 

Automated Nurturing is a feature that helps professionals find the proper lead match that best aligns with the search criteria and set up automatic property alerts based on customer behavior and encourages prompt actions on the customer’s part.

By using instant market analysis and ongoing trends, automated nurturing can best make use of data to help real estate agents.

• The Chime Power Dialer 

The Chime CRM Power Dialer provides professionals with smart scripts that enable them to approach leads in the best possible way.

The power dialer provides the ability to set up automated text or voice messages for unanswered calls and transfer calls directly to an available agent.

By using the pipeline status and profile information, professionals can also create custom call lists or generate automatic call lists.

• AI Assistant 

AI Assistant is an incredible tool that allows agents to easily follow up with the right campaigns and workflows using Smart Plans.

Using automatic and instant responses, AI Assistant helps turn leads into the business through seamless integration.

Also, you can send automated property recommendations using Auto Property Alerts.

• Transactions

Transactions can be streamlined from start to finish with Smart Plans, a paper transaction tool.

Also provided is a full reporting suite for ease of management. With Smart Plans, you can customize plans to create automatic workflows that maximize your workday.

With powerful integration tools, you can easily keep track of any transaction day.

Digital tools are provided to easily get and stay organized.

Don’t worry about a messy file management system. Professionals will be able to keep all of their documents in one place and easily upload files from your local device via Dropbox and Google Drive integrations.

• Strong Teamwork

Strong teamwork with Lead Routing. This allows for no lead to fall through the cracks.

Automate lead distribution and improve agent follow up.

Assign leads to agents, assistants, lenders, and other custom roles based on location, price, type, or source.

In addition to automatically routing leads to agents, use Next Up or Blast Alert to ensure that leads are contacted within a predefined period of time.

By customizing roles, you can easily add the correct team members to collaborate on client relationships.

Use the Lead Pond to share and distribute leads within your team.

Agents can easily claim leads that are added to the lead pond to maintain maximum productivity.

• Mobile App

An intuitive Mobile App allows you to take the Chime CRM anywhere you go.

Users can contact prospects quickly using automatic dialing and stay thoroughly connected through real-time chat and instant notifications.

They can also sort, filter, and engage leads on the go. Also, never miss out on a chance to close with instant notification and real-time chat with leads and your team members.

Use the Chime CRM Power Dialer right from your Mobile App and contact your leads easily and call prospects quickly with automatic dialing and drop voicemails.

• Chime CRM Integrations

Integrations allow you to give your productivity an extra boost by connecting Chime to your favorite tools and services.

Auto-import leads from platforms such as Redfin, Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, RedX and much more.

The platform also supports popular apps such as Gmail, Mailchimp, BombBomb, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and Zapier.

Transaction tools like Broker mint and Dotloop are also supported.

Chime CRM Intelligent IDX Review

Intelligent IDX is an incredible tool that real estate agents can use through Chime. IDX is an acronym for Internet Data Exchange.

Real estate professionals use the IDX to display very comprehensive and up to date property listing data through their own real estate websites.

Another way to put it is that IDX is a data feed of listings provided by an MLS system.

Chime offers several great features that offer great value to real estate professionals.

Chime is a great all-in-one solution but if you are just looking for an IDX plugin, you can check our our article on the best idx wordpress plugins as well our Showcase IDX review, RealtyNA review and IDX Broker review.

• The Chime CRM IDX Website 

Chime provides professional templates that you can use to design your website. The easy to use CMS helps customize the site design with just a few clicks.

With an IDX website, users can manually add pocket listings of their choice and offer nationwide support for MLS.

Use your site to attract new leads while cultivating insights through site activity analysis.

The theme library allows you to pick and choose the way you want to show off your brand the right way with gorgeous site templates that simplify the design process, saving you much needed time.

Don’t worry about being tech-savvy. The easy to use content management system allows you to use a simple drag and drop control and complete your site with just a few clicks.

Chime supports hundreds of MLS nationwide and receives hourly updates for the most up to date information for your visitors.

You can also have the ability to add your own pocket listings to the site.

• Robust Data Dossier 

Using data to make proper business decisions should always be an important cornerstone for any real estate professional.

Users have access to detailed and updated information on hot properties, demographics, and marketing trends.

Also, you can research the school district for more than 190,000 neighborhoods spread across 29,000 cities.

The advanced school district search is an incredible feature. You can support school district search so leads can find the best-fit area for their next step.

• High-Value Lead Capture 

Chime’s IDX websites keep lead capture as a key focus with various lead capture tools.

Features like schedule a tour, home evaluation, and mortgage calculator gather insights on lead preferences, while frequent MLS updates and fast load times make the IDX site SEO friendly.

• Flexible Custom Website 

Use Chime’s user-friendly platform to create a custom website for yourself. Users can create and configure their websites without having any expertise.

Based on your requirements, you can edit the website page hierarchy, enlarge your logo, customize titles, customize descriptions, or configure the themes.

You can also use the platform to include preferred images, reviews, properties, texts, and lead forms. The responsive website design ensures a perfect fit for every screen size.

Chime Optimized Marketing Review 

Every real estate professional understands the importance of marketing their services to attract more leads.

Chime offers a comprehensive marketing suite with several features that will empower you to create powerful marketing campaigns targeted at the correct leads.

• Chime Lead Generation

Chime’s lead generation is a multichannel online advertising service that identifies and attracts potential leads with proven success.

With Chime, harness the power of intent targeting and social info to identify and attract buyers and sellers.

Cutting-edge technology automatically optimizes your advertising strategy. Take the guesswork out of high-frequency bidding, keyword selection, and creative planning.

• Retarget Leads with Chime 

Use this feature to help users invest the marketing budget strategically to reach potential leads, ensuring maximum possible conversions.

In marketing, retargeting is a powerful strategy that enables you to present your marketing to the right audience that you are more likely to secure conversion on.

Every great marketer knows the value retargeting can offer to real estate professionals.

• Chime Branding Ads

With Branding Ads, establish your marketing presence, and build your business.

Real estate professionals can use targeted ads on social media platforms and popular websites to gain exposure and establish a brand voice.

Property Promotion ads help promote specific properties and emphasize key listings; Zip Code Dominator ads help earn a competitive edge.

Sphere Loudspeaker helps establish an online presence. Branding Ads help you spread the word as you build your brand.

Chime’s process is focused on bringing eyes directly to your ads.

Targeted advertising makes you stand out in your area. Tap into your sphere to encourage referrals.

Stay top of mind and build a presence in your market. Your ads will be shown on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, The New York Times, and Something Digital.

• Direct Mail through Chime CRM

Direct mail is a long-established strategy to attract new leads. Reach leads at their doorstep with targeted direct mailers.

Use targeted mailing campaigns that leverage proven designs to encourage conversions.

Through Chime, you can lock down an entire zip code and eliminate competition for that particular area.

Think about it, encourage prospects where they spend the most time.

You can use Chime’s targeted postcards that contain campaign designs and calls to action to encourage conversions.

Have a particular area in mind? You can farm an area exclusively with Chime.

Ensure you’re the only one farming your area, Chime clients get exclusive rights to send our targeted mailers to their farm area.

Chime CRM Solutions for Real Estate Professionals 

Schedule a Free Chime CRM Demo

Chime offers several different solutions depending on which specialty need you have around working in around real estate.

Solution packages are offered to agents, teams, and brokers. Each solution has a different portfolio of Chime features bundled together that makes the most sense for your needs.

• Chime For Real Estate Agents 

The real estate agent package features a variety of different features that will assist in operating a successful business.

Chime can offer agents the ability to accelerate their business with marketing and lead capturing all the way to lead conversion and nurturing.

Several core features are provided to agents in the form of lead capture, tracking and insights, qualification and nurturing tools, and a communication toolkit.

• Chime For Real Estate Teams 

Successful real estate businesses have been built through the power of teams. The Chime CRM offers a package that allows you to easily collaborate and work with your team.

With Chime’s lead generation campaigns, teams can easily focus on getting leads. Team leaders can benefit the most from this package.

All the tools needed to set up your team’s goals and monitor individual performance effectively is provided by Chime.

Everything is provided in one system with a powerful lead conversion system.

Top features provided include capture leads for everyone, high convert tools for members, team collaboration and communication, and team goal and performance.  

• Chime For Brokers 

Real estate agents are not the only professionals that can benefit from Chime’s services. Brokers can receive a strong suite of tools that are built to empower and help you respond with data-driven decisions.

Brokers can rely on Chime to help them build a strong organization, establish smooth collaboration, and improve overall team performance.

Features include powerful organization, team collaboration, team performance, and business monitoring.

How Much Does the Chime CRM Cost? 

Chime has three pricing plans starting at $299 per month to $1500+ a month all depending on the solution you need whether you need it as an individual agent, for your team, or as a broker.

Chime believes that no one size fits all. Different real estate professionals have different needs when it comes to using tools and software.

Something to make note of is that there is no free trial for any of Chime’s services.

Their platform is highly rated and used by many professionals. Therefore, they do not offer a free trial but you can request a free Chime CRM demo here.

• How Much is Chime CRM for Solo Real Estate Agents?

For agents, this plan suits one to three individuals. These Chime CRM Plans start at $299 per month.

What’s included in the IDX Website and Intelligent CRM.

Often, this is a great place to start and worth the investment for an individual real estate professional.

The comprehensive platform will help you identify leadership opportunities and help drive conversion.

Every agent needs an IDX website and with Chime, you can make a professional real estate IDX website for your clients to search through.

• How Much is Chime CRM for Real Estate Teams?

Chime CRM Packages for teams starts at $899 per month.

This package is great for team sizes of around fifteen to one hundred people. For each user that is added, Chime does charge an additional $15 per month.

Teams provide greater access to Intelligent CRM and IDX website building capabilities. This package will empower your growing team and ensure they have the tools necessary to succeed.

• How Much is Chime CRM for Real Estate Brokers?

For brokers, Chime does not offer a defined price but rather requires brokers to obtain a quote based on their business needs.

Chime offers a customized solution for brokers that enable them to get the best use of Chime’s services.

This package is great for business sizes ranging through one hundred plus employees.

In addition to receiving a customized solution, Chime also offers the IDX Website capabilities and the Intelligent CRM with a special broker admin backend.

Please not that the Chime CRM pricing listed below is subject to change.

Chime Pricing

The Chime CRM Lead Generation Add-Ons: Pricing For Add-ons

Chime Branding Ads

Chime CRM Support Capabilities

Schedule a Free Chime CRM Demo

Using any platform will require a learning curve at first. Although Chime has created an easy to use and simple user interface, questions will still come up.

As a real estate professional, your schedules are constantly booked up and filled with tasks. That’s why Chime offers several different ways to support real estate professionals.

Have a question, try emailing Chime. Users can send queries to [email protected], Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. This is especially beneficial to those on the east coast because they can send out evening-based questions and get responses.

Need to speak to somebody by phone? Phone agents can be reached at 855-981-7557, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

Not all software companies provide an actual phone hotline. This is a great way to connect with a Chime member and have all your questions answered easily over the phone.

Learning a new platform can be difficult. Chime does provide training resources for real estate professionals to use.

Although there is no in-person training available, customers are encouraged to use the blogs which include in-depth articles on tips, guides, technology, trends, and more.

There is also a library filled with eBooks, webinars, videos, infographics, and podcasts.

One important note to make is that there is no ticketing support system as of the time of this Chime CRM review.

You will have to rely on an email or phone call. Often, if your issue is not resolved on the first touch base, you’re going to need to follow up.

Without no ticketing system, there is no record or follow up on the Chime side. This is why an email thread may be your best bet if you need to resolve an ongoing issue.

Chime CRM Review Pros & Cons 

Reviewing the platform from both sides of the spectrum, it’s important to identify the pros and cons of using Chime.

With so many different platforms on the market, this is a great way to identify the wins and the shortfalls.

Pros and Cons will help you identify if the Chime CRM platform makes the most sense for your needs.

Chime CRM Pros

There are many pros when using Chime. The engineers who designed the CRM really made it easy to use for real estate professionals.

The dashboard that shows new leads, opportunities, to-do lists, and business goals really allow you to drill down into each focus.

Also, it helps you manage tasks and stay on top of all your opportunities.

Chime includes an all in one suite solution that is mobile friendly.

There’s also the ability to save by referring friends and earning a $50 credit.

Chime also makes cold calling easy.

Professionals know the people who are registered through the Chime IDX site are interested in learning about their house value or interested in purchasing a home. This makes converting leads much easier.

Chime CRM Cons 

Results are not guaranteed. Reports have been made of agents who used the CRM to follow up on leads and did not get a single response.

Canceling can also be a major pain point as there is no simple way of doing so. You may get charged for an unused month. Also, if you are coming from another system, it may be difficult to transition to Chime.

Who Should Use Chime CRM? 

Real estate is an incredibly competitive space and using the proper tools and resources is critical to your success.

Chime offers an all-inclusive powerful CRM featuring a variety of different tools that professionals can use to enhance and increase their business.

Real estate agents, real estate teams, and brokers can all benefit from using Chime.

The company is very real estate centric and has worked hard to understand the needs of professionals in the space.

If you are serious about investing in your business and would like to gain an edge up on your competition, then Chime is for you. The price is the cost of admission. It is certainly not cheap.

When looking at successful real estate professionals, the common theme they all share is that they’re not afraid to invest in their business.

With powerful lead generation tools, IDX website capabilities, and marketing tools, the Chime CRM is an incredible investment for any professional.

However, if you are brand new to the industry and haven’t built up experience as a professional yet, then maybe you should invest your time in learning the industry first before taking on a platform such as Chime.

We all know that cars are an efficient way of getting from point A to B. However, if you ask someone to drive for the first time, they may not exactly know how to get from point A to B in a fast and efficient way. This analogy is meant to represent what it can be like for a brand-new agent.

Gaining access to a powerful tool but not sure how to properly use it. Newer agents should first get out there and learn the ropes of the business before turning towards more sophisticated methods of enhancing their business such as using Chime.

Also, if you are just starting, budgets can be very tight. Chime is not cheap and will require a lot of capital every month. More than a new agent may have a budget for.

Maybe you just got your real estate license from one of the best online real estate schools such as Real Estate Express, AceableAgent or The CE Shop?

It is highly recommended that if you are brand new to the business, before pouring all your money into an expensive CRM, you should first go out and learn the fundamental concepts of the business.

Only then with a proper understanding of the real estate business should you use Chime as a powerful way to supercharge your business.

Chime CRM Alternatives

  1. Liondesk: Liondesk is a more affordable alternative to Chime.  Read our Liondesk CRM review to learn more.

  2. Showcase IDX or RealtyNA would be a couple other Chime CRM alternatives if you are looking for an IDX website without some of the full CRM capabilities that Chime and the Liondesk CRM have.

Chime CRM Review Final Thoughts

Based on customer sentiment when reviewing the feedback provided by customers, it seems that there is a lot of positive feedback and uses case scenarios on how Chime has been beneficial to many real estate professionals’ businesses.

Chime was founded to solve a large gap in the market by taking mundane old school redundancies and fixing them with a comprehensive software platform that truly has the real estate professional in mind front and center.

Engineers from Chime spent a considerable amount of time understanding what is important for a variety of different real estate professionals.

The Chime CRM service continues to roll out new features and ones to match the demands of the real estate industry.

Any real estate professional that is serious in investing in their business to drive efficiency and profitability should highly consider Chime as a lead generation, Website IDX, and marketing solution.

The suite truly is feature-rich and has different options that professionals can leverage to enhance their business.

Chime promotes that there is no one size to fit them all. That is why they take in the requests from professionals to best return back with a package that truly makes sense for their needs.

Although pricey, often what you pay for is what you get, and that case is no different from the usage of Chime.

Other platforms exist that offer similar services but not under all one roof as Chime does.

Consolidating everything in one place for you saves you time, money, and energy.

If the trend in the real estate space continues, the competition will only be increasing as there is a long-standing shortage of properties in the market.

With low-interest rates fueling demand, the only thing that will help drive your business is having an edge up on your competition. If they are not invested in the proper resources and tools, then you should.

Every lead matters these days. Use the proper platform that will assist you in driving more business for you, your team, and your brokerage.

Check out Chime and learn more about how the different features can help the right fit based on your needs. Take action today.

If you are somebody who believes needs a powerful lead generation CRM to optimize your business, then you should strongly consider signing up for the Chime CRM.

Click Here to Schedule a Free Chime CRM Demo

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Chime CRM Review: Is it the Best CRM for Agents in 2022?

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