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REDX Review 2024: User Reviews, Pros, Cons & Discount

REDX Reviews and REDX Discount

In this comprehensive REDX review, I’ll walk you through the ten paramount tools that REDX offers. You’ll not only discover how these tools function but also understand their critical significance for real estate agents like yourself.

You might be wondering if this is a REDX review from an actual customer of their products. And yes, I have a full access account to the REDX leads service. This review is not only based on my research but also on my personal experience as a user.

Although REDX may not be the right fit for everyone, those who are prepared to invest the effort and actively make calls will find it effective.

If you use the links in my REDX Review, you can have the $150 REDX Setup Fee waived. To claim your REDX Discount, simply click on the top sign-up link on the REDX website to ensure your setup fee discount is properly applied (see the picture below). Your journey towards real estate success just got a little smoother.

REDX Discount

REDX Overview

REDXFounded in 2003, REDX is a software company that provides high-quality homeowner lead data for real estate agents.

Finding new clients and growing a sustainable business is an integral component of maintaining a profitable career as an agent. Primarily focused on aggregating expired leads, agents can best use REDX to generate a list of potential clients.

Especially in recent years, the real estate industry has undergone a technological renaissance. Should you explore my CHIME CRM review and request a demo, you’ll grasp the full scope of this transformation. These innovative CRMs stand as veritable powerhouses for real estate agents.

New services and platforms like REDX have also empowered agents to new heights, driving up efficiency and management of their businesses. Competition mixed with a strong demand for real estate sets the stage for many agents to decide how they will best invest back into their business to give themselves an added advantage over their peers.

One company providing much-needed real estate lead resources to agents is REDX.

Within my in-depth REDX review, I’ll delve into their array of real estate lead products, aiming to present a comprehensive and detailed exploration. My intention is to ensure your complete understanding of the diverse range of real estate services that REDX brings to the table. Let’s get started!

REDX Review

Real estate professionals require various tools to stay competitive. Managing priorities effectively means investing in time-saving tools. REDX offers over ten products to aid your real estate business. This review covers each tool with the latest pricing.

Their offerings include expired leads lists, Geo leads, for sale by owner leads, pre-foreclosure leads, a multi-line dialer, data insights, social media tools, a roleplay line, and the REDX Vortex platform for lead management. Each review explains what’s included and features customer feedback.

REDX Expired Listings Leads

REDX Expired Leads

Many real estate agents and investors wait for business to come to them. However, professionals understand the necessity of a proactive approach to generate new opportunities.

Expired leads by REDX present a fantastic opportunity to secure new clients or deals. By obtaining an expired lead list, you potentially save hours of extensive searching.

Were you aware that a vast majority of home sellers who don’t achieve a successful sale the first time around will re-list with a new agent?

You might discover your next significant deal by reviewing the Expired Leads list! REDX offers a fully updated, comprehensive list of expired leads, significantly streamlining your tasks.

Upon signing up to receive expired leads through REDX, you gain access to prospects’ complete addresses and phone numbers, facilitating direct connections.

REDX Expired Leads Overview

How Much Do REDX Expired Leads Cost?

$69.99/month for Standard$129.99/month for PLUS

What Are REDX Expired Leads?

REDX has a skip trace service for all expired listings within your MLS. When you log in to Vortex (REDX’s Lead Management System), all of the newest expired listings in your MLS will be waiting for you.

Why Are REDX Expired Leads Worth It?

REDX Expired Leads are some of the lowest-hanging fruit in the industry.

They’re actively in the process of moving, and their urgency to sell is high because they were hoping to have their home sold already.

Best of all, you know they’re willing to pay an agent commission.

Many home sellers are frustrated with their last agent and need a fresh approach, so your expertise and fresh perspectives can be their perfect solution.

Try REDX Now

Advantages To Using REDX Expired Leads:

  1. First, you can swiftly examine the address to determine if it aligns with your criteria. The deal might be smaller than you’re seeking, or conversely, it could be an ideal match. Conducting brief address searches aids in narrowing down potential candidates for follow-up calls.
  2. Secondly, you can initiate calls with confidence. The phone numbers provided in the REDX list undergo thorough screening against relisted homes and the DNC (Do Not Call) registry. This screening process encompasses both old and newly expired listings.
  3. Thirdly, you can alleviate concerns about inaccurate data. By utilizing the Expired Leads list via REDX, you can allocate more of your time to conversing with qualified homeowners during each call. This, in turn, enhances your conversion rates, leading to increased earnings in your pocket.

The way the Expired Leads list works through REDX is that once a property’s status turns to “expired,” subscribers of the service get the contact and listing information.

Expanding your reach is easy when you use the power of REDX. The REDX standard expired leads product improves to an industry-leading 1 in 10 connection rate! Now you can pick up that phone and connect faster than ever before with confidence, knowing there are more connections just waiting for you out on the REDX expired leads platform.

With consistent updates, it will be easy to keep track of new listings that are newly available.

By the time your competitors locate even one deal along with contact information, you will have all pieces of information including property address, phone numbers, and tax info for all expired listings in the market that day. Your competition has no chance!

What’s the Cost of REDX Expired Leads?

Signing up for the expired leads list from REDX will cost $69.99 a month for standard leads and $129.99 a month for expired PLUS leads. I’ll explain the difference below.

What Is REDX Expired PLUS?

Another new product rollout for REDX recently is the new REDX PLUS optional upgrade.

REDX PLUS upgrades add to their existing real estate lead products by giving you premium contact information, more leads, owner emails, market trends, homeowner financial information, home specification data, and lifestyle insights to each of their five lead types:

  • Expired
  • FSBO (For Sale By Owner)
  • FRBO (For Rent By Owner)
  • GeoLeads (Map based leads)
  • Pre-Foreclosures

You now have a choice between REDX’s exceptional standard products and an elevated experience with the new REDX PLUS upgrades.

REDX Expired Leads Standard VS PLUS
REDX Expired Leads Standard VS PLUS

REDX Expired PLUS combines the data upgrade of Onyx with extra homeowner info for only $60 more than the standard product.

The investment alone is well worth it. Calculate your opportunity cost of using the service versus going out and looking for leads the traditional route and you’ll immediately realize why the professionals use the REDX service.

Ready To Try REDX Expired Leads? Claim Your REDX Discount (& save $150!)

REDX GeoLeads

REDX GeoLeads

Imagine being able to drop a marker on the map and establish a sphere of influence within that market. REDX GeoLeads makes this possible.

With this service, you can access information from your area in just seconds.

Start prospecting immediately within your area of influence by becoming an expert with GeoLeads.

REDX GeoLeads Overview

How Much Do REDX GEO Leads Cost?

$69.99/month for Standard$129.99/month for PLUS

What Are REDX GeoLeads?

GeoLeads is a skiptrace service for homes in a specified geographic area. Just pick an address, drop a pin, or outline an area on the map, and GeoLeads finds homeowner data and contact information for homes within your search.

Why Are REDX GeoLeads Worth It?

GeoLeads creates leads on demand. Every agent needs a constant flow of new contacts that turn into transactions both now and in the future.

With GeoLeads, you can connect with thousands of homeowners every month to build a powerful pipeline for your business.

GeoLeads are also incredibly versatile. They can be used to find motivated buyers and sellers in any neighborhood and at any price point.

Imagine being the first agent sellers call when they need representation. Could this completely transform your business?

Everything you need to make that happen is available through REDX GeoLeads.

The service operates by providing you the capability to target any neighborhood.

Real estate involves psychology, and homeowners are more likely to list their properties when other homes in the neighborhood are selling.

Consider this: Have you ever noticed multiple houses with ‘For Sale’ signs while driving through a housing development?

Select an area from your MLS that interests you and begin making connections.

REDX GeoLeads enables you to personalize your searches based on your needs. With a suite of built-in filters, you can narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

For instance, you can use the filter to eliminate recently sold homes, ensuring you only connect with qualified buyers.

What’s the Cost of REDX GeoLeads Standard?

REDX GeoLeads Standard will cost a subscriber $69.99 a month to be able to perform a search up to 2500 times each month.

That is 2500 opportunities you can use to land new clients or deals and drive more business for yourself in ways you probably couldn’t have without this service.

What is REDX GeoLeads PLUS?

REDX now also offers the GeoLeads PLUS upgrade which gives you access to up to 7,500 leads plus email addresses, market, financial, home and lifestyle insights.

REDX GeoLeads VS GeoLeads PLUS Review
REDX GeoLeads VS GeoLeads PLUS Review

REDX GeoLeads PLUS upgrade costs $129.99 a month.

Ready to Try GeoLeads? Claim Your REDX Discount


REDX FRBO Leads Review

Next, let’s discuss ‘For Rent by Owner’ Leads by REDX:

If you’ve worked in real estate long enough, you’ve probably heard of FSBO (For Sale by Owner).

Were you aware that ‘For Rent by Owner’ is another creative strategy for real estate agents and investors to target?

Consider this: Whenever a landlord experiences tenant turnover, they must find a qualified tenant to fill their investment property. However, this task is often easier said than done.

Many smaller landlords own just one or two rental properties and may not relish the hassle of navigating all the intricacies to find a new qualified tenant. This is where your expertise can come into play.

Understanding their pain points, you, as a real estate agent, can present a compelling value proposition: assisting them in filling their vacant units.

What if you’re an investor? This could be an opportunity to explore whether the landlord might be open to parting ways with the property.

Regardless of your role, utilizing the REDX FRBO list can complement your business and contribute to generating additional income.

The service operates by utilizing another platform offered by REDX called Vortex (More on this later).

Vortex identifies non-owner-occupied vacant properties and, performing better than a personal assistant, filters out leads managed by property management firms.

Simultaneously, the platform flags numbers on the DNC (Do Not Call) list, ensuring you know whom you’re qualified to call and who is not.

Why are FRBO landlords interested in conversing with you? Imagine being in their shoes, sitting on a vacant property. That’s a significant pain point for many.

Often, these landlords aren’t being prospected by other agents. Moreover, landlords typically possess a business-minded mindset and prioritize their return on investment (ROI).

By connecting with FRBO leads through REDX, you’re more likely to cultivate productive relationships with landlords that can lead to new opportunities, whether they involve sales or rentals.

By maintaining a warm list and consistently following up to nurture relationships, you never know what possibilities might arise!

How Much Do REDX FRBO Leads Cost?

Subscribing to the FRBO list through REDX costs $59.99 a month for the standard package and $79.98 for the FRBO PLUS package.

How Much Do REDX FRBO Leads Cost?

Each REDX FRBO lead has zip-code-specific market trend data to help real estate agents be the expert on the right time to sell.

Always do what your competition won’t. How many other agents or investors are investing in FRBO lists?

Take advantage of this creative strategy to create a new pool of relationships and a new stream of business.

Ready to Try REDX FRBO Leads? Claim Your REDX Discount



Next, let’s discuss the ‘For Sale by Owner Leads’ by REDX:

Equally important to FRBO, FSBO, or For Sale by Owner is another lead list you can access through RedX.

REDX FSBO Leads Overview

How Much Do REDX FSBO Leads Cost?

$49.99/month for Standard$69.99/month for PLUS

What Are REDX FSBO Leads?

FSBO Leads are a curated list of homeowners actively trying to sell their home by themselves.

Why Are REDX FSBO Leads Worth It?

Many FSBO homeowners eventually turn to a real estate agent for help. They often price their home incorrectly and don’t know how to effectively market it.

You can position yourself as the expert who offers guidance and support, getting their home sold fast and for the best possible price.

Best of all, REDX delivers FSBO lead data before any other lead service, which means you can get hold of them before other agents and increase your chances of listing their home.

Get REDX Now

When a home seller lists their property independently, no real estate agent is involved.

If you had a list of these types of sellers, you could monitor homes that have been on the market for a while and might be worth reaching out to.

As a real estate agent, you’re continually offering solutions for other people’s pain points.

Contacting a For Sale by Owner seller after noticing their home has been on the market for some time increases the likelihood that they’ll consider signing with you and entrusting the sale to a professional.

Similar to the process when using Vortex for managing your FRBO leads, you’ll also use Vortex to manage your FSBO leads.

Vortex generates a lead list for you by searching a vast database of classifieds, websites, newspapers, and magazines for homes listed for sale by the owner.

The REDX platform then finds missing contact information while verifying leads against active listings and the do-not-call list.

Did you know that 80% of prospecting is simply showing up and making calls? You never know what stage the seller is at, and your call might come at just the right time.

With the proper data, setting listing appointments by calling sellers becomes a matter of time.

The time you’ve created by using the FSBO subscriber listing service with RedX. Subscribing to the FSBO list is undoubtedly a strong investment for any agent or investor.

Regarding the other 20%, it comes down to knowing what to say, and as an expert, you’ll be prepared for that.

With numerous strategies available to convert FSBO sellers into listings with you, there’s no shortage of proven ways to turn those listings into your listings.

REDX offers a valuable service: free roleplaying and script practice available for all customers.

Another excellent added value from the REDX service is the ability to watch live prospecting sessions, allowing you to observe how others execute prospecting in action.

This is an excellent learning opportunity, even if you’re new to real estate, helping you quickly pick up tips and tricks.

What’s the Cost of REDX FSBO Leads?

Subscribing to the REDX FSBO service will cost $49.99 for the Standard package or $69.99 for the FSBO Plus package.

REDX FSBO Leads Details & Pricing


REDX’s new FSBO PLUS upgrade uses a special proprietary process to deliver FSBO leads and contact information that no other provider can find.

You’ll get more FSBO leads than any competitor which allows you to be the first to contact many of these FSBO sellers.

FSBO PLUS also gets homeowner email addresses, and financial, home, lifestyle, and market data.

The REDX FSBO PLUS upgrade is only $20 more than the standard FSBO product. This is well worth the investment because most For Sale by Owner sellers fail to sell their homes.

You will be able to keep track and provide exactly when they need it at the right time and right place. Take advantage of this tool to increase the number of deals you can source.

Ready to Try REDX FSBO Leads? Claim Your REDX Discount

REDX Pre-Foreclosure Leads

REDX Pre-Foreclosure Leads

Sellers in possession of distressed properties sometimes have no choice but to sell.

Often, these individuals are underwater on their mortgages and need to relinquish ownership of the property.

During the pre-foreclosure stage, sellers still have an opportunity to relieve their financial obligation to the bank without enduring the maximum fallout of a full foreclosure.

Essentially, pre-foreclosure marks the beginning phase of a legal proceeding that ultimately involves repossessing property from a defaulted borrower.

Pre-foreclosures present a valuable opportunity for real estate agents to secure listings from sellers who recognize the necessity to sell.

Furthermore, at this stage, it’s possible the seller has not yet engaged an agent as the property has just transitioned into the pre-foreclosure stage.

Using standard information found on the web, you are less likely to find the contact information needed to reach out to potential sellers.

By harnessing REDX Vortex, the platform REDX uses to manage your leads, you will be able to access the elusive contact information and consolidate it all in one place. The best part is that you can also clearly identify which numbers are listed on the do not call registry.

Pre-foreclosures are less desirable for many due to the occasionally lengthy process it takes for these homes to close when sold.

However, if you’re willing to leverage the opportunity, they can be a source of listings that are even less competitive than expired leads or FSBOs.

Moreover, you’re performing a commendable moral service by assisting distressed homeowners.

By offering them a chance, advocating for them, and guiding them through a challenging and transitional time, you may gain a client for life through this process.

When you subscribe to REDX pre-foreclosure leads, you gain access to a list of listings that many agents do not feel confident with.

Take advantage and use the opportunity to expand your pipeline of new real estate business.

What’s The Cost Of REDX Pre-Foreclosure Leads?

To access the pre-foreclosure leads, you can subscribe through REDX for a monthly fee of $49.99. You also have the opportunity to upgrade to the REDX pre-foreclosure leads PLUS package for $89.99

REDX Pre-Foreclosure Leads Review and Pricing
REDX Pre-Foreclosure Leads VS PLUS

What is REDX Pre-Foreclosure PLUS?

The REDX Pre-Foreclosure PLUS upgrade also gets you email addresses, market data, financial data, home specifications, and lifestyle data for each lead for an additional cost of $40.

Ready to Try REDX Pre-Foreclosure Leads? Claim Your REDX Discount

REDX Power Dialer

The REDX Power DialerMay I ask you a couple quick questions?

What has your experience been with cold calling leads?

How many are you able to reach at a time?

The REDX Power Dialer (formerly called “Storm Dialer”) offers an innovative solution doubling your chance of success by reaching more leads than ever before.

When cold calling traditionally, the time can take longer because certain steps may slow you down.

Remember, cold calling is a numbers game. Hitting the wrong buttons, reaching a voicemail, calling a fax line, disconnecting numbers, and taking the time to open the proper lead information are all things that slow you down.

Using the REDX Power Dialer, you will dramatically increase your efficiency and allow you to reach more business than ever before.

In fact, according to Prospecting Today, a news platform that reports on the subject, agents who use a dialer are likely to earn $80,000 or more compared to agents that don’t.

All the pro agents that make $250k or more are 94% more likely than the average agent to use a dialer for their business.

These professionals know that dialers drastically increase the return on the time and money they invest in prospecting.

The more people you contact, the more you increase your chance of finding quality leads that result in signed contracts.

Power Dialer works as an integrated feature of Vortex, REDX’s cloud-based lead management system.

The Power Dialer platform skips all the bad numbers, filters the do not call list leaves your voicemails, and utilizes your time only for contacting the prime candidates that are worth your time, giving you more connections per hour.

The Power Dialer connects to your Vortex account and allows you to start dialing within your list of prospects within just a matter of seconds.

As your calling, Vortex will pull up the right information, so you don’t waste any time trying to figure out who you’re speaking to.

Built into Power Dialer, REDX provides a feature called Pulse that allows you to track your ROI on time.

While prospecting, you can disposition each lead by assigning them an outcome. Examples include interest, callback, and the wrong number.

Pulse will then track your numbers and generate stats on how effective you are at prospecting.

By tracking the numbers, you gain a high level of visibility on what you are doing that is most or least effective. By doubling down on what you are doing well, you can generate more deals and business for yourself.

Adding Power Dialer and Pulse to Vortex allows you to navigate effortlessly and accumulate the data you need without error to be successful.

Stop having to rebuild momentum after a rough call that wasted your time.

You can reach more contacts per hour so your time can be spent setting appointments. With the ability to dial up to three numbers at a time, you can confidently start having conversations sooner.

REDX’s Power Dialer speeds through the difficult points of prospecting so you can continue your focus on having profitable conversations and making those connections needed to drive success in your business.

As one of the fastest dialer’s on the market, Power Dialer starts with a live connection just like a real phone call.

The platform also makes sure to leave a voicemail when the homeowner doesn’t pick up.

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What’s The Cost Of Using The REDX Power Dialer?

REDX’s single-line Power Dialer costs $99.99 a month with the ability to upgrade to the Power Dialer PLUS package for $149.99 a month.

By choosing the Power Dialer PLUS option, you’ll get access to 3 simultaneous call lines, and have the ability to upload callback messages.

REDX Power Dialer

Real estate is a numbers game and the REDX Power Dialer will certainly help you maximize your time and efforts to secure new deals.

What Are REDX SMART Numbers?

Have you ever wished for a way to enhance your calling experience while avoiding the frustration of spam alerts? Look no further than REDX SMART Numbers. These numbers aren’t just ordinary digits – they’re your ticket to a seamless and efficient connection with prospects.

For $10 per month, you can equip your Power Dialer with the remarkable capabilities of SMART Numbers. And here’s the best part – if you’re already subscribed to Power Dialer PLUS, you get SMART Numbers absolutely free!

But what exactly are these REDX SMART Numbers?

In essence, SMART Numbers are an innovative solution that combines Spam Monitoring and Remediation Technology with your REDX Power Dialer.

They’re not just ordinary phone numbers; they’re your shield against spam-related issues that can hamper your prospecting efforts.

Imagine a verified business number that undergoes rigorous registration and continuous monitoring with major phone carriers. This means you can wave goodbye to the worries of being labeled as “spam” by unsuspecting recipients.

Picture this: as you diligently reach out to potential leads, REDX SMART Numbers tirelessly track spam alerts in the background. And should any spam-related issues arise, they’re automatically tackled with efficient remediation measures.

The result? You’re not only safeguarded against the stigma of spam, but you’re also poised for increased connection rates and fewer frustrated callers.

In a world where effective communication is key, REDX SMART Numbers pave the way for a smoother, hassle-free conversation flow.

Elevate your prospecting game, minimize disruptions, and maximize your connections – all thanks to the power of SMART Numbers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your calling experience. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, REDX SMART Numbers are here to redefine the way you connect.

Ready to Try the REDX Power Dialer? Claim Your REDX Discount

REDX Social Media Tools

REDX offers two exceptional tools that can revolutionize your digital strategy: Ad Builder and Brand Builder.

These tools are designed to elevate your content creation, brand management, and customer engagement, propelling your business towards success in the digital age.

REDX Ad Builder: Simplifying Social Media Advertising

Imagine a world where crafting and managing captivating social media ads is not a daunting task, but an efficient and creative process. This is precisely what Ad Builder from REDX offers.

For a subscription fee of $49.99 per month, Ad Builder empowers you with the ability to effortlessly create, customize, and control your social media advertisements.

No more grappling with complex design software or struggling to find the right words – Ad Builder streamlines the entire process, leaving you with ads that are not only visually appealing but also strategically targeted to your audience.

REDX Brand Builder: Elevating Your Brand’s Presence

In the vast landscape of social media, making your brand stand out requires more than just basic content.

This is where Brand Builder by REDX steps in, transforming your raw videos into refined, professional-grade content that resonates with your audience.

How Much Is the REDX Brand Builder?

REDX offers three different brand builder options:

  1. Social Video Edits at $267.99 per month.
  2. Unlimited Video Edits at $899 per month.
  3. Social Media Management at $699 per month.
REDX Brand Builder
REDX Brand Builder Costs

Brand Builder offers tailored solutions to suit your specific branding needs. From enhancing video quality to sharing content across multiple platforms, Brand Builder ensures that your brand’s story is told in a visually compelling and consistent manner.

In a world where digital impressions often precede personal interactions, the value of these tools becomes evident. A robust online presence is now synonymous with credibility and success.

By harnessing REDX’s Social Media Tools, you not only craft engaging content and reinforce your brand’s image but also gain the ability to deliver specialized social ads directly to your REDX Leads.

This targeted approach bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, positioning you one step closer to converting leads into loyal customers.

Learn More About the REDX Social Media Tools

What Is REDX Vortex?

REDX Vortex Review

Real estate agents need a robust CRM to scale their business. Vortex, purpose-built for professionals, is the hub for all of REDX’s services. It consolidates lead management, past clients, and your sphere of influence in one place. Say goodbye to clunky folders and unwieldy spreadsheets for lead management.

Vortex streamlines your workflow, letting you focus on prospecting. Its user-friendly technology organizes and tracks your work effortlessly. Vortex stands out as an all-in-one solution, eliminating the confusion of integrating various systems and granting you access to all your leads and tools on a seamless platform.

Boost your confidence when following up with leads by using Vortex’s proven scripts and objection handlers. Vortex’s proprietary cloud-based technology handles the heavy lifting for you. REDX verifies your leads, saving you time on prospecting and helping you avoid accidental calls to do-not-call list numbers through its built-in filtering system.

Vortex houses all REDX products and services, helping real estate professionals make sense of the information it provides. You’ll find prospect names, addresses, phone numbers, previous contact details, tax information, and previous listing info on Vortex.

The good news is that you can access Vortex for free when you order any subscription product from REDX. Stack different services based on your focus right into the Vortex platform. Elevate your real estate business with this powerful CRM tool.

Ready to Review REDX Products For Yourself? Get Your REDX Discount

There are just a couple more noteworthy REDX features I’d like to share with you!

Additional REDX Benefits and Features

The Roleplay Line

REDX provides a live “dial in” roleplay service for its customers. This service is designed for those who wish to enhance their script delivery and objection handling skills in a realistic environment. The roleplay line will make you so much more confident when you start making those calls! 

With the assistance of trained partners, you can practice your scripts and receive instant feedback. This valuable experience allows you to fine-tune your approach, and handle real client interactions more effectively.

By utilizing the REDX Role Play Line, you significantly increase your chances of successfully closing deals. The service is available to current REDX Customers from Monday to Friday, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM MDT/MST.

The Multiple Category Filter

Included with any lead subscription, the REDX Multiple Category Filter is a set of powerful filtering tools that helps you to refine your lead searches.

Whether you’re looking for specific lead types or homes that meet certain criteria, these filters allow you to overlap multiple categories for precision.

For instance, if your focus is on investors and landlords, but you need a ready-to-sell rental property, this tool enables you to find vacant rental properties (FRBOs) that are also listed for sale by owner (FSBO).

REDX’s advanced filtering capability ensures that you can pinpoint motivated homeowners according to your exact preferences.

Market Insights

REDX Market Insights provide you with access to essential market trend data that can elevate your prospecting efforts.

With information such as median list price, price per square foot, average price increases, and more, you gain a deep understanding of your local market. This knowledge allows you to impress and educate your prospects effectively.

The beautifully designed, interactive, and mobile-optimized market reports generated from real-time data can be used during your prospecting calls to enhance conversations or shared via emails and newsletters to captivate your database.

Market Insights are a fantastic feature included with any REDX PLUS Subscription.

Data Insights

Data Insights, another benefit included with any REDX PLUS Subscription, offer you access to specific homeowner and property data. From estimated mortgage debt and equity to building specifications and lifestyle interests, these insights provide you with a comprehensive view.

This information empowers you to foster stronger relationships with your prospects by engaging in meaningful conversations tailored to their needs and interests.

By using REDX Data Insights, you’ll demonstrate an impressive level of knowledge, reinforcing your position as a trusted resource in the industry.

Should You Try REDX For Real Estate Leads?

Researching all the available options, REDX stands out as the most affordable in comparison to its competitors.

This makes it a suitable choice for both real estate agents who are just starting and savvy professionals. The return on investment is worth it, especially because it won’t break the bank.

One significant benefit that REDX offers through Vortex is the ability to filter different data segments. With more filtering options available, you can narrow down to precisely what you are looking for.

Moreover, the ability to filter do-not-call lists enables you to make higher quality calls to potential home sellers.

With a comprehensive suite of products and services, there is no doubt that you will be able to mix and match to create a powerful lead generator for your business.

By choosing REDX Leads, you get everything under one roof.

There’s no need to struggle with other platforms and integrations. The REDX portfolio will set you up and save you time from having to prospect on your own.

Using the Power Dialer, you can easily call the quality leads that you have already filtered. The platform speeds up the process for you and helps you use your time as effectively as possible.

There’s no doubt that investing in yourself and your business will always pay off. REDX will help you generate a substantial amount of new leads for you to follow up on.

REDX User Reviews

When reviewing a product or service and looking for feedback, it is best to always check what customers are saying thus far.

Overall, the majority of the feedback around the platform is positive. People certainly agree that REDX provides a strong level of value for any real estate agent.

What Real Estate Agents Say About Using REDX:

  • “From not being able to take a listing or sell a house to running an office of 200+ agents. Now I’m building my team and teaching other agents how to control their career using REDX.”– Len Nevin
  • “Altogether, I did 12 transactions in 2016 and 18 transactions in 2017, while only working eight months each year! Keep in mind my median price point in Northridge is over $700,000 — you can do the math on that.”– Edward Estrada, Northridge CA
  • “I believe that anyone can get good at prospecting and make $200,000-300,000 per year. If you’re a Realtor® and you don’t have REDX, you’re not a Realtor®.”– Steve Matthews
  • “I love REDX because of its data quality, tech support, and just the whole company. They’re very responsive to all my needs. Anytime I’ve tried something new, I just keep coming back to REDX. I’ve been with them for 12 years and can’t see ever moving away.”– Jason Morris
  • “At the end of the day, if you want to be successful at something, you can’t quit. Be open to trying new things and seeing if it’s a good fit for you. I don’t think you can make any prejudgments on anything too quickly. You can’t quit because the only way to win is to not quit and to keep getting up.”– Zach Zaleski
  • “Be patient. Having a positive mindset and a strong business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work. It takes practice and commitment. And you know what? So, what if it takes a long time? You’re going to be better for it in the end, and unless you’re not planning on being in the business, there’s no other option than to get better.” – Paula Burlison

Lastly, if you need more convincing, REDX Reviews on Google are rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from 138 current reviews.

REDX User Reviews

As a REDX customer myself, I’ll also share a few of my own pros and cons below!

REDX Pros and Cons

Many of the advantages of using REDX products can be found in this REDX review. I’ll will summarize a few of them below as well as list a few disadvantages or cons to using REDX services.

REDX Pros:

  1. REDX is more affordable than many of its competitors. In some cases, REDX is significantly less expensive, especially when considering the $150 REDX discount on the setup fee.
  2. REDX offers an all-in-one solution to reach expired leads, for sale by owners, for rent by owners, pre-foreclosures, and your farm area (geo leads), all within one easy-to-use platform.
  3. With the REDX Power Dialer, there’s no need to search for another dialer.
  4. The REDX CRM (Vortex) is included for free.

REDX Cons:

  1. The vast majority of leads you’ll be calling are reasonable, but you may encounter the occasional irate lead. This is a downside to using any expired leads service. However, that’s okay!

    Put yourself in their situation. When you think about it, the person on the other end of the line recently had a home that didn’t sell, or perhaps they are in pre-foreclosure. Understandably, they might not always be in the best of moods. Just move on to the next call. Your next hot lead might be just one phone call away.

    Remember, this is a numbers game. Practice your scripts, don’t give up too soon, and you will start securing those appointments! So put on your favorite music in the background (not too loud), get pumped up, get in the zone, and get started.

  2. Occasionally, you will encounter incorrect or invalid phone numbers. Again, that’s okay. Simply apologize and continue. I highly recommend using the REDX Power Dialer so you can make more calls much more quickly.

Is REDX Worth It? My Final Verdict

Yes, REDX is worth it for most real estate agents. Real Estate Agents who try REDX and invest the required time and effort see results and continue to use the service.

In today’s competitive real estate landscape, investing in essential tools is crucial for success. Not adopting creative listing strategies might mean missing out on significant opportunities.

REDX offers everything necessary to acquire new listings, from expired listings to for-sale-by-owner and pre-foreclosures. Everything is conveniently bundled in the Vortex platform, simplifying lead management.

With a comprehensive product lineup, I highly recommend REDX for both real estate newcomers and professionals. Positive customer feedback and affordability make it a valuable choice in the market.

Once you’ve signed up to REDX, be sure to check out my two articles with the Best Expired Listing Objection Handlers and these expired listing scripts (most of them are all calling prospects using REDX).

I hope you found my REDX review helpful, and I wish you all the best in your real estate career!

REDX Discount Code

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(Use our link and get your $150 RedX Setup Fee Waived!)

3 Responses

  1. I’ve personally used REDX for expired listings and Vortex GEO Leads. The GEOLeads tool is pretty amazing when you get the hang of it (which doesn’t take long). You can have it show properties owned for certain time frames such as at least 6 months, 1 year, and all the way up to five years. The reason this is important is because you typically don’t want to be calling someone who just bought a home 6 months ago.

    In any case, I hope you enjoyed our REDX Review. If you want to try them, be sure to use the REDX Discount link above to save $150! Picking up the phone isn’t always easy but it’s a numbers game. It DOES work. Just don’t give up to quickly. If you have tried them, please let us know how you are doing with their services below! Leave us a comment.

  2. I was fortunate enough to land a listing I got using the REDX GeoLeads tools so I’m pretty happy. If you really think about it, you just need REDX to result in one sale and it will pay for itself for a long time. Obviously, you don’t want to waste too much time on the phone if you are not getting results but you will get better at it.

  3. I just purchased RedX GEO lead, and just found out that they will not filter out Active listings.. which kinda sucks because you do not want to call those who are already listed their homes and get into trouble. You will have to go through each one the list and check if they are on the market or not.

    Hope they add a filter that could do that like their Expired lead soon

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