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RealtyNA Reviews 2024 | Pricing | Demo | IDX WPL Pro Plugin

RealtyNA Reviews 2023

If you’re looking for an all-in-one web solution for real estate agents or would just prefer to build your own options strategically, RealtyNA is changing the game.

Read our RealtyNA Reviews to learn why or visit RealtyNA now.

The real estate market is constantly growing and changing.

As a REALTOR, you need to stay flexible and up-to-date on the latest developments to be successful in the field.

One of the most critical things customers look for in a real estate business is a solid website.

Having a site that functions as a one-stop-shop for potential buyers enables them to learn more about what your real estate business has to offer.

Today, it’s a necessity to have a functional, navigable site for potential buyers to learn about your services.

Beyond this, however, your website offers much more than an online presence for your customers.

A truly great real estate website provides deep insight into the areas they are selling property, as well as key information buyers will want to know before moving forward with a viewing or purchase.

It needs to be consistently accurate and optimized to ensure customers see the correct, relevant information every time.

In a world where real estate listings and information change by the minute, you need a web presence that can roll with the punches as they come.

Maybe you just got your real estate license from one of the best online real estate schools but are not sure where to start.

Understanding most real estate agents are not webmasters, it’s best to look into a professional service for your real estate website needs.

That’s where RealtyNA comes in and more specifically their REALTYNA WPL Pro IDX solutions.

RealtyNA offers real estate web solutions that focus on the user experience from all angles.

Meant to help you optimize your online presence while appealing to your various customer bases, RealtyNA provides a wide range of options for custom real estate sites that position them strategically in the markets they serve.

RealtyNA Overview

Based in Delaware, RealtyNA takes a unique approach to the real estate game.

RealtyNA’s web-based solutions allow real estate agents to mix and match their website functionalities based on what they’re looking for.

This personalized pricing system makes it easy to include everything you want, without charging you for the stuff you don’t.

At the core of RealtyNA’s services is their website builder platform, WPL.

The RealtyNA WPL Platform is a WordPress plugin made specific for the real estate market, with key features and capabilities made for real estate websites.

This is the core with which all RealtyNA’s other web-based services you can choose from to build out the other functions of your site.

Beyond their website products, RealtyNA offers a range of online services meant to help you maintain your online base for longevity and success.

With RealtyNA, you can choose from services meant to help you generate and manage leads and listings, all while improving your website’s search engine optimization for scalability.

All in all, RealtyNA is your all-in-one solution to real estate web needs.

RealtyNA Products

RealtyNA has tons of products available for real estate agents to take advantage of. They offer the following:

RealtyNA WPL Platform Review

RealtyNA WPL Pro Platform Review

Using RealtyNA’s WPL Platform, you can get a custom-built website that comes with a range of features meant to optimize your online performance.

The platform supports multiple functions: listing and property type information, various search features, listing management, and sharing capabilities to provide a phenomenal user experience for potential buyers.

Beyond these functionalities, the WPL Platform is fully customizable by the website owner, allowing you to arrange your site the way you want, reflecting the unique personality of your agency.

The RealtyNA WPL Platform packages also come with search engine optimization features that will help your site grow in popularity and bring in more qualified leads.

What’s more, the WPL Platform packages come with support to help identify any site issues and get it back up and running in reasonable time.

The RealtyNA WPL Platform comes in three different packages: WPL Basic, Pro and a 3rd party integration.

The WPL Basic package comes with many of the capabilities RealtyNA has to offer through their WordPress plugin, but excludes some of the more elite features, specifically those related to SEO.

For access to those features, you will need to take advantage of the WPL Pro package.

What Can RealtyNA WPL tools do for You? Watch this short RealtyNA Video:

How Much Does The RealtyNA WPL Platform Cost?

The Basic package is free for users, while the WPL Pro package is a one-time payment of $199. The upgrade is most definitely worth it.

You can request a free RealtyNA demo here.

For third-party integrations, all features are available minus some of the support functions. To take advantage of RealtyNA’s third-party package, you will need to speak with one of their representatives.

RealtyNA RESO API & MLS Integrations

RealtyNA has a variety of products related to real estate listings.

They offer Organic RESO API capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly integrate MLS listings onto your server while optimizing your search engine results.

They also have organic MLS integration options that allows you to pull listings from your MLS provider directly to your own site.

RealtyNA offers organic IDX, VOW and Listhub integrations for your convenience so you can ensure all necessary listings are on your site.

What’s more, RealtyNA offers other MLS-related products to help you effortlessly pull and maintain listings seamlessly on your server.

Each of their integration products are priced individually, allowing you to pick out which ones you want for your site with the convenience of paying one time only per year.

RealtyNA CRM Review

In the real estate space, lead generation is key.

Whether you are advertising on social media sites, sending postcards, calling expired listings through services like REDX or just going to referral route, you need leads.

Identifying qualified leads that are more likely to go through with viewings and eventual purchasing help you to put your energy into the right individuals.

Using RealtyNA’s lead generation and nourishing products, you are able to keep track of your leads and manage them appropriately to increase your return on investments.

RealtyNA offers a Real Estate CRM to help you manage your leads successfully, capturing the right information you need to pursue potential buyers.

They also offer an advanced portal search meant to help customers search in the exact areas they are looking for, helping them to pinpoint what they want for ultimate convenience.

Beyond these capabilities, RealtyNA offers other lead generation products meant to strengthen customer relationships through membership add-ons, Facebook functionalities and more.

Each of these tools are meant to simplify the lead gathering and nourishing process, giving you direct lines to potential buyers to reach out and identify their unique needs for a more streamlined sales process.

RealtyNA’s products help you take the guesswork out of lead management, helping you direct your efforts in the right direction every time.

RealtyNA Market & Demographic Tools

RealtyNA provides users with options for market-related tools, including demographic and advanced search to help potential buyers find out everything they need to know about properties and the surrounding areas.

Using RealtyNA’s demographic tools, you can elect to include school information, market research, neighborhood information and more for an all-encompassing look at the property and location.

This RealtyNA feature is really, really cool so be sure to check out what it can do.

As a realtor, you understand location is key: these tools are meant to make it as simple as ever to learn about the neighborhoods and surrounding areas of each listing, as well as the quality of location.

This helps to narrow down your interested customers to those who are serious about the listing, and have already undergone the self-vetting process.

These tools are available a la cart as well, and priced individually for a one-time yearly payment $550.

RealtyNA Office Solutions

For office-related needs and beyond, RealtyNA has other add-ons to help your agency expand its reach.

They have TV and smartphone applications where you can post your listing on these platforms to maximum reach.

If your agency spans multiple locations, RealtyNA has enterprise solutions to help you scale your business successfully.

For brokers, RealtyNA also offers a brokerage add-on that helps you manage your brokerage more effectively.

Beyond these tools, RealtyNA offers other miscellaneous products that help you to establish a strong presence in the real estate market, with key opportunities to optimize your standings in search results and continuously bring in qualified leads for a higher return on your investments.

Each of their products available can be added onto a standing yearly plan, where you can pay yearly for their services in a single transaction.

This allows you to personalize your package with RealtyNA to only include the tools you need without having to pay for an all-encompassing package where you may not use everything available to do.

RealtyNA Services

Beyond offering individual products to real estate customers, RealtyNA also offers a range of services to help you maximize your sales and reach in the real estate market.

RealtyNA Hosting Platform Review

Through their hosting service, RealtyNA offers a range of packages to host your IDX site.

They provide fast delivery with cloud computing and strong content delivery aimed to minimize loading times, improve search engine optimization and perfect user experience overall.

RealtyNA offers six packages ranging in total GB available for anywhere between 2,500 to 300,000 listings depending on your needs.

How Much Does the RealtyNA Hosting Plaform Cost?

RealtyNA hosting packages start at $49.95 a month, and are all optimized for standalone listings.

You can read more about the RealtyNA real estate hosting options here.

RealtyNA Marketing Tools

Are you looking for more leads?  RealtyNA also offers services to improve your marketing tactics with their Local Targeting Package and Lead Generation Bundle.

The Local Targeting package is meant to outperform Zillow, placing your agency at the forefront of local customers and demonstrating your local real estate expertise.

What’s more, this package helps to launch your site in front of your local markets, improving your search results to drive more relevant traffic to your site.

The Lead Generation Bundle helps you to manage your lead process from collection to closing, starting with their optimization capabilities.

RealtyNA will help your agency website gain a local presence and appeal to your markets more effectively.

From here you are able to leverage their website products to collect more qualified leads that you are then able to easily manage through their CRM database.

RealtyNA goes to the next level beyond generation and assists in your retention efforts as well, making it easy for you to control and manage your listings and accompanying information to be as updated and accurate as possible.

You are able to centrally manage your online presence completely through RealtyNA platforms for a simple daily use to maintain consumer interest and lead to more closings.

Each of these services come in three packages: Smart, Agency & Enterprise plans offer opportunities to establish your agency in local markets to leverage your standing in the neighborhoods you serve.

RealtyNA Support Options

RealtyNA offers support for their products and services, with an easy-to-use support request portal that allows you to submit a ticket for your various needs.

You can simply log in with your RealtyNA credentials and outline the problem for their support staff to get back to you within 48 hours.

Customers can also use RealtyNA’s online Knowledge Base that onlines a range of troubleshooting information and instructions that you can navigate through to find the answer to your issues.

All of the Knowledge Base content has step-by-step instructions to help you work through tech issues conveniently and accurately.

RealtyNA Overall Rating

RealtyNA offers many elite solutions to the real estate business, providing online products and services to help you take your real estate agency to the next level.

Real estate agents and brokers alike are able to take advantage of various offerings by ordering a la carte, with a simple one-time payment for the year.

Here, you are able to build your business effectively, focusing on growth in the areas you deem necessary while only paying for the services you need to improve your business activities.

RealtyNA takes a more personalized approach to online solutions for real estate agencies, allowing businesses to center their plans around their unique needs.

Each product or service is aimed to target specific issues a business might be facing, and provides the expertise and support to improve them: whether that be lead generation, client retention, online presence, location-based marketing, and more, RealtyNA has solutions available.

With the understanding that each real estate agency has different needs, RealtyNA makes it easy to pick and choose your custom solutions for the highest returns on investments.

RealtyNA Reviews by Customers

Right now, RealtyNA has a 98.4% approval rating from customers that have taken advantage of the products and services they have to offer.

With over 6,000 RealtyNA reviews, plenty of real estate professionals across various markets and locations have utilized RealtyNA with overwhelming success.

Go ahead and read some of those RealtyNA Reviews right now if you’d like!

Here’s a quick look at a few RealtyNA Customer Reviews:

RealtyNA Reviews and Testimonials

Customers who have used their products speak to the success they’ve experienced across their range of real estate solutions.

Users share how knowledgeable the staff is, and how each product makes a noticeable difference in their agency’s performance.

RealtyNA has plenty of real estate experts and professionals that are able to help determine how each solution fits into unique company needs and will help to solve their current issues.

Most notably, those who have used RealtyNA’s services speak to the quality of their customer service.

RealtyNA’s support teams are raved about in reviews, with customers sharing their experiences across the variety of products they offer.

Understanding technology is not every person’s strong suit, RealtyNA does a great job managing technical troubleshooting and solving various issues in a completely professional and effective manner.

Overall, those who have taken advantage of RealtyNA’s offerings have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the results their real estate business has experienced.

RealtyNA Alternatives

This next closest competitor to RealtyNA in terms of all-in-one real estate solutions would probably be CHIME in our opinion.

Chime does offer a free demo you can sign-up for. You can read our Chime CRM Review here. The Chime CRM is a more expensive alternative to RealtyNA, but often you do get what you pay for.

Showcase IDX is another RealtyNA alternative that might be worth checking out if you are on a tighter budget.

You can read our Showcase IDX review if you want to learn more about their IDX website solutions. They offer a free trial as well.

Lastly, like the Chime CRM, our Real Geeks review is worth reading.

There are a few other IDX plugins out there but at the moment both RealtyNA and Showcase IDX would rank at the top on our list for several reasons mentioned in this RealtyNA review.

Is RealtyNA Worth it?

RealtyNA offers a solution to the many issues real estate agencies face today given the saturation of the real estate market and need for advanced technology solutions.

When potential clients have a wide range of options for their real estate needs, you want to be able to position your own business as strategically as possible.

RealtyNA’s products and services help real estate agencies do just that.

Their range of available solutions pinpoint the most common issues real estate agencies face today, and offer user-friendly solutions that yield results.

With the ability to customize your service subscriptions through RealtyNA, you are able to build your package strategically and take advantage of the support your agency truly needs.

During our RealtyNA reviews research, we discovered that they truly offer elite support to their customers, answering all technical inquiries within a timely manner.

Their wide range of resources enable their customers to search for troubleshooting information, making it easy to solve issues on the spot.

Their team of professionals are experts in the real estate technology space and provide meaningful insight into their product usage and any troubleshooting as needed.

Customers who have used RealtyNA’s various solutions are overwhelmingly satisfied with their success.

RealtyNA is truly a great choice for real estate agents or agencies looking to improve their online presence and stand out in their markets.

Their products and services are easy to implement, and dedicated support staff make it easy to ensure you are using each solution to its fullest extent.

Visit RealtyNA and See For Yourself. Be sure to request a free RealtyNA demo!

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