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The CE Shop Reviews (2024 Pros, Cons, & Best Discount)

The CE Shop Reviews and Comprehensive Evaluation for 2023

The CE Shop Reviews

The CE Shop is a real estate school hosted completely online that specializes in real estate content for real estate agents and brokers.

They offer online real estate courses for pre-licensing, exam preparation, post-licensing, and continuing education.

The CE Shop comprehensive courses focus on real estate agents at every level, providing valuable insight into the real estate market and unique tools on how to successfully advance your real estate career.

The CE Shop is well-equipped to support agents across the country, with materials tailored to each state’s independent real estate rules and regulations.

For those looking to learn more about what The CE Shop has to offer, and any details surrounding their courses and certificates, they are open 7 days a week and available via phone, email, or instant chat for your convenience.

Of course, you can also learn more in The CE Shop Review right here!

The CE Shop Reviews

The CE Shop offers course content for licensed real estate agents and aspiring agents across all 50 states and D.C.

For each state, the courses are built to incorporate region-specific real estate content to ensure 100% relevancy to the agent.

For agents licensed in more than one state, The CE Shop offers additional certificates for each course approved by the states you are licensed in.

The CE Shop makes it easy to add on certificates for these states once you’ve completed a course, so you can ensure you have all the necessary documentation for the states you practice in.

If you’re looking to be licensed in more than one state, but are unsure of the regulations behind that, The CE Shop offers an additional guide regarding reciprocity.

Here, they outline the details behind obtaining your license reciprocity depending on the states you wish to work in.

What Types of Education Does The CE Shop Offer?

The CE Shop offers a wide range of courses for those aspiring to get their real estate license (first-time licensing), online post-licensing classes, and continuing education hours. 

They can also help those with inactive licenses, brokers, salespeople, and referral agents.

Those who are looking to take advantage of the continued learning opportunities offered at The CE Shop have plenty of courses to choose from.

For example, I just took a quick peek at the Florida Continuing Education individual courses and there are about 26 you can choose from.

Typically, you’ll want probably want to select the full package to meet your continued education needs. You will usually also save some money going with a course package option.

To be honest, I’m amazed at how inexpensive the continued education classes are at The CE Shop (individual courses as low as $9).

Here is the 14-hr CE Package pricing for Florida as of the time of this CE Shop review:

The CE Shop Real Estate School Florida Pricing

They offer state-specific Continued Education Packages that include all the relevant hours for licensing renewals.

If you’re looking to boost your knowledge in a specific area, The CE Shop also has 20+ single-focus courses with topics like affordable housing, ethics at work, marketing and advertising, auctions, and much more.

These topic-specific courses fulfill a certain amount of elective or core topic credit hours depending on the course and the state you are working in.

For real estate exam preparation, The CE Shop offers a comprehensive course that includes expert-made programs related to all topics on the licensing exam specific to the state.

The course takes the user topic by topic with stimulating lesson plans and exams to ensure you’ve retained the content effectively.

Throughout the process, users have access to representatives for additional support.

The CE Shop Course Option Review

The CE Shop offers each of its real estate courses at a competitive price.

For those looking to get their initial real estate license, the CE Shop offers courses in 42 states.

Here is a list of states in which The CE Shop offers first-time Real Estate Licensing:

The CE Shop Pre-Licensing

The CE Shop larger packages (including the Standard, Value, and Premium packages) include the Exam Prep Edge experience, Pass Guarantee, Building Business courses, and more.

In addition to the course materials, the course includes career resources, digital flashcards, a real estate glossary, and more.

How Much Does The CE Shop Cost?

We can’t list The CE Shop pre-licensing costs for every single state in this CE Shop review but to give you an idea, the pricing for Florida is currently $119 for the real estate pre-licensing course only.

The price goes up to $279 for the CE Shop Premium Package which also includes post-licensing.

You can choose from multiple course package options.

Having shown that current course pricing, keep in mind that we at Agent Marketing Essentials can almost always get you a The CE Shop discount.

If The CE Shop discount code in this review isn’t working, please email us or leave something in the comments below and I’ll get you a working promo code asap!

View The CE Shop Pre-Licensing Course Options Here

The CE Shop Post-Licensing Overview

For those agents who already have their real estate license but need to meet first-year post-licensing requirements, The CE Shop offers post-licensing courses in 25 states.

These prices will also depend on which state you are renewing your license in.

Here is a list of states in which The CE SHOP offers post-licensing courses:

The CE Shop Post-Licensing Review

The CE Shop Post-Licensing Pricing varies by state but here is another example for Florida.

The current price to get the mandatory 45-hour post-licensing requirement for FL is $99.

You can review The CE Shop Post-Licensing Options Here

Does The CE Shop Offer Exam Prep?

The CE Shop offers exam prep in all 50 states, with options for content related to the national portion of the test, the state-specific portion, or both depending on the state you are looking to be licensed in.

The national and state-specific portions of the CE Shop courses are both available for just $69. If you are looking to take advantage of the combined course, you can purchase that for $119.

For exam prep, The CE Shop offers their Exam Prep Edge experience, which goes above and beyond the content offered at the average real estate school.

Here, The CE Shop will gauge your knowledge through an initial assessment, and provide a dashboard specific to your state to track your progress throughout the course to determine areas you need to focus on most.

To help you master each topic, The CE Shop offers unlimited practice tests and study topics so you will feel prepared on exam day.

Speaking of exam prep, be sure to see our PrepAgent review.  PrepAgent is one of the most popular online real estate schools solely focused on preparing students for the final real estate exam.

Other real estate exam prep options include Real Estate Exam Scholar and Compucram.

The CE Shop Review (Continuing Education)

Are You a Real Estate Agent That Just Needs Some Continuing Education Hours?

This is The CE Shop’s main bread and butter. They excel when it comes to Real Estate Continued Education.

For those wanting to get their license for the first time, we would recommend you check out our Colibri Real Estate review, and AceableAgent review as well.

But again, for continuing education requirements, we rank The CE Shop as our top choice.

For individuals looking to take advantage of continuing education opportunities, The CE Shop offers courses in all 50 states.

Each state has course options for some or all of the required hours in each state, with prices differing depending on the state and the number of hours included.

For single-topic courses, The CE Shop offers a range of content focuses priced from $9-$35, depending on the topic and state.

View The CE Shop Continuing Education Options

The CE Shop Reviews by Students

The CE Shop is dedicated to providing intuitive resources for those looking to launch their real estate career or take it to the next level.

Each CE Shop course is written by real estate experts that have many years of experience in the related fields.

You can review instructor bios and information on The CE Shop website.

They claim to serve about 50,000 students for their real estate educational needs each month which is pretty insane when you think about it!

Right now, The CE Shop has a 4.86 out of 5-star rating on, with nearly 3,000 CE Shop reviews to date. The CE Shop reviews on is also very positive.

Those who have shared their experience with The CE Shop’s courses rave about the informational value of each course, and speak about how clear and educational the content is.

Feel free to read more of The CE Shop Reviews & Testimonials here.

Reviewers also speak highly of the high-quality materials and elite user experience the CE Shop courses provide.

What is The CE Shop Pass Rate?

The CE Shop exam prep courses have a 91% National pass rate, with content and individually-focused study techniques that inspire confidence in the user.

The CE Shop’s continuing education courses are uniquely tailored to each state, and provide in-depth information that ensures the individual becomes the expert in the topic focus.

Overall, they provide tremendous value for the costs associated with each course.


Why Choose The CE Shop

How To Get Started With The CE Shop?

If you are looking to take advantage of the courses The CE Shop has to offer, you will need to ensure you have Google Chrome version 35 or newer, Mozilla Firefox version 4.0, or Safari depending on your system.

It is important to note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported by the CE Shop.

Courses are compatible with Windows, macOS, iPad and iPhone, Android tablets, and Windows tablets.

To sign up for a course, you can purchase it online by selecting your state and license.

Courses will then be available completely online after purchase through your account, which you can set up before or at the time of your course purchase.

Use the links in our CE Shop Review to see the latest discount code!
Visit The CE Shop & Claim Your Discount

The CE Shop Reviews – Our Final Verdict

The CE Shop is one of the best online real estate schools available in 2023.

With course offerings and educational opportunities available across all 50 states, The CE Shop offers highly educational and valuable resources for real estate professionals and aspiring professionals throughout the country.

With each course, you are guaranteed high-quality products that help you retain and maintain what you’ve learned to use throughout your real estate career.

The CE Shop’s available courses and details vary depending on the state, so be sure to check with your state’s specific requirements to find out what is available.

They are always running promotions for the available courses, so if you’re interested in taking advantage of any of their available opportunities, be sure to look for current promotions.

Those who have used The CE Shop’s courses have spoken highly of their products, and agree they provide one-of-a-kind learning experiences that are incredibly helpful and educational.

With a consistently high passing rate of 91%, real estate professionals and those looking to get licensed perform incredibly well on state and national exam portions, stating how The CE Shop played a large part in their performance.

If you’re looking for convenient, quality education resources related to real estate licensing and specific topics, look no further:

The CE Shop has everything you’re looking for and more.

With affordable options made by real estate professionals, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the industry using their comprehensive courses and tools.

If you have taken real estate courses with The CE Shop, we would love for you to leave your own review about the school! Leave a comment below.

Visit The CE Shop Real Estate School

The CE Shop Reviews 2023


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