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Is AceableAgent a good online real estate school? Read our 2022 AceableAgent review to find out…

AceableAgent Review 2021

By 2025, Millennials are expected to form more than 20 million new households, and they are all going to need a place to live.

That makes entering the real estate marketplace incredibly attractive for anyone looking to build a new career.

Being a real estate agent is a highly engaging and rewarding experience that creates a good income for individuals and families.

Unfortunately, this is not a career you can simply jump into without first learning a few of the ins and outs of the industry.

Most agents spend a lot of time and money tracking down in-person real estate schools that are often difficult to manage while still maintaining the many other requirements of daily life like family, day jobs, managing the house, and social life.

That is why some companies are offering an online version of real estate school, and Aceable Agent is one of the popular options currently in operation.

We decided to write an AceableAgent review to find out if all the hype was true.

What is AceableAgent Real Estate School?

AceableAgent is an online real estate school with education and practical experience being offered on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

They create supportive courses for students interested in becoming pre-licensed as a real estate agent and those veteran agents looking to increase their education and experience.

The reason they are so popular is because of their promoted success rate.

AceableAgent’s Texas state pre-license program alone currently holds a 78% TREC state exam pass rate success.

That means those students that took the course far out-performed graduates of in-person classes.

AceableAgent’s overall national pass rate is 94% which is incredibly high and easy to verify as accurate.

What States Does AceableAgent Real Estate School Serve?

AceableAgent currently offers pre-license courses in 13 states, including some of the busiest concerning the real estate market. Those states include:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington

There are a couple of essential things to note.

First, each course has to meet the state of origin’s regulations and license requirements. That can shift if you the method of learning from a PDF, video, or at your own pace, and more.

Second, no course is going to be precisely the same. The state sets the requirements, and AceableAgent creates an adaptive approach. 

While the state may vary, the quality is definitely present.

AceableAgent does an excellent job parsing out the essential information you will need to pass your licensee exam in each state they offer.

You don’t have to deal with learning extra information not required and often taught by in-person schools to validate their higher price tags.

The excellent news is that California, New York, and Texas are all high competition markets and are eligible through AceableAgent.

Having the ability to get your real estate education for these states without sacrificing time physically going to a school is a huge advantage.

AceableAgent is targeted at those students who like to learn at their own pace during whatever hours are the most convenient for them and their lifestyles.

Is Aceableagent a Legit, Accredited School?

Yes. No worries with that! AceableAgent is accredited in AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, MI, NY, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA and WA for their real estate pre-licensing classes.

They are accredited in Texas for their continued education courses.

What Types of Education Does AceableAgent Offer?

AceableAgent Review and Discount

Every course offered by AceableAgent Real Estate School is designed specifically for that state.

That means the type of information you’ll be learning and the length of your schoolwork will depend on which state you’re trying to get pre-licensed within.

A great example of the difference would be California compared to Florida.

They both have a certain amount of education hours required to complete before being qualified to sit for their perspective real estate exams.

In Florida, that requirement is only 63 training hours. Meanwhile, in California, that requirement is more than double that of Florida at a whopping 135 hours of training.

Pretty much all of AceableAgent’s real estate courses are offered in a way that students can complete them at their own pace.

The average in-person school takes roughly 4-6 months to complete because you have to stick to schedules that fit the school and not the student.

With AceableAgent, you can complete the entire coursework in as little as 8 weeks, depending on how many hours a day you devote and the length of the overall program.

If you are someone looking to get into real estate and need to prepare as quickly as possible, it only makes sense that you would take advantage of a program with such a high pass rate and an affordable price.

Ready to get started? Visit AceableAgent and select your state.

How Much Does AceableAgent Cost?

The average in-person real estate school can run you as high as thousands of dollars.

Most of the time, that doesn’t include books, travel, meals, and more.

While you may be able to find a local program for $300-$900, you will still be stuck to a schedule the school sets.

With AceableAgents, you’re looking at a cost between $119 to $455 based on their current sales packages and the state you’re living within.

As example, here is the current Aceable Agent Pre-Licensing pricing for Florida:

AceableAgent Pricing and Discount

With those low rates, you don’t need to buy expensive books, materials, and you can complete the course from the convenience of your home instead of having to travel.

In addition, most of their programs are offered for use with a mobile device, making it an easy-to-understand program that you can complete from anywhere.

You can almost always get an AceableAgent discount as well by following our links in our review.

Does AceableAgent Offer Continued Education?

Besides their successful state pre-license courses, they also offer deals on training and supportive courses that are extremely reasonable.

At the moment though it looks like Continued Education classes are only available for Texas.

For continued education requirements, we recommend you check out The CE Shop Review as they offer those classes in all 50 states.

Many states require real estate agents to periodically complete continuing education courses to stay updated on the industry’s latest trends, requirements, laws, and practices.

Most of these courses must be completed before your real estate license expires.

AceableAgent offers CE (continuing education) courses at low prices that you can complete in your own time in between closing houses and offering showings.

Some states require something a bit more specific.

For example, in Texas, real estate agents renewing their license for the first time must complete an SAE (salesperson apprentice education) course.

AceableAgent offers that very course taught experienced instructors that meet all the state’s requirements.

Are there any AceableAgent Cons or Disadvantages?

Reviews for AceableAgent are overwhelmingly positive.

 However, we wouldn’t be doing our job in this review if we didn’t list any negative reviews we found in our research.

 These AceableAgent cons are not meant to deter but rather inform you.  We still consider AceableAgent a great choice!

  1. A couple of AceableAgent gripes came from some California students who didn’t like that the course book for California was only in PDF format.

    We don’t see that as a big deal but if that bothers you, you might want to see if that is still the case or look into Real Estate Express as another option.

  2. One student AceableAgent review stated that “there isn’t any way to speak to a human for assistance…”

  3. One student review complained about an “insane amount of material to get through” but in our opinion it’s better than the opposite.  I’d rather be fully prepared for the real estate exam.

AceableAgent Review Final Thoughts

Yes, AceableAgent Real Estate School is absolutely legit and worth the cost.

If your still not sure and want to weigh some other options you can read our Real Estate Express review or check out our full list of the 5 best online real estate schools (AceableAgent makes this list).

AceableAgent offers comprehensive education packages with all the learning material and practice tests you need to prepare for your state license.

They operate entirely online, which lowers their costs.

They pass on that savings to their clients with incredibly reasonable fees compared to the industry of in-person schools.

All of their courses are taught by experts in their field who add their own experience into the course material for little tidbits that enhance your education.

The most significant point is that you can complete their coursework from your mobile device during your commute to work, in the late hours after your family has gone to sleep, or whenever you have a bit of time to catch up at your own pace.

We believe AceableAgent offers a quality product with a high-value proposition to anyone looking to begin their real estate career or those already practicing that need to re-up their license requirements.

All-in-all, this is an excellent program that we hope expands to more states sooner than later.

With many Millennials and Generation X members looking to settle down and find new homes to purchase, the demand is defiantly going to be there for real estate agents in the future.

If you would like to learn more about what AceableAgent Real Estate School has to offer, check them out at their website.

Aceable Agent has clean site design that makes it really easy to find all the information you would need to make a decision.

How To Get an AceableAgent Discount

Follow the links in our AceableAgent Review and you will get the latest discounts automatically applied!

Get your AceableAgent Discount now.

AceableAgent Review

AceableAgent Reviews from Students

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Rated 4.7 out of 5
4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good33%

Your AceableAgent Reviews:

Good value vs in-person classes

Rated 4 out of 5
November 18, 2021

I’m going to be honest here. The best thing I liked about Real Estate Express is the cost and the convenience factor. At the time I sign-up they has the best pricing for online real estate school. I don’t have any major gripes with Real Estate Express other than some typos in the reading material. I did pass my real estate exam on the first try so I’m happy with that!

Jake H

The Return on Investment with REDX is Crazy Good

Rated 5 out of 5
November 9, 2021

I’m been using REDX for expired leads many months now. It took a few weeks to get comfortable calling these leads and to use the scripts without feeling nervous. That’s the hardest part. But, now my return on investment by using REDX is very much worthwhile. My first sale from using REDX pretty much paid for the service for the next couple years.

James S.

I would recommend more instructor videos

Rated 5 out of 5
October 26, 2021

Only completed level 1, but excellent material! I would recommend more instructor videos since this is all online and self-paced. Love the audio computer voice that reads everything to me even while I’m driving and studying!


Well done

Rated 5 out of 5
October 15, 2021

The AceableAgent online real estate school course is very well done. If you have true interest in real estate then you can move quickly through the lessons and learn. There are nice tools built-in that help to keep info into your mind for the course tests. I have successfully gotten half-way through the real estate course in about 5 days but I do have a strong interest in the topic… & that’s the key to success I think.


Not many complaints so far!

Rated 4 out of 5
October 11, 2021

So far so good with AceableAgent. I do really love that I can get my license online. The short videos explaining course topics is nice and helpful. They have practice help at the end of each section but I really wish I could go back to earlier reading. I’m still on the Principles section. So far I don’t have many complaints and can’t wait to finally get my real estate license!


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