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What's a Real Estate Facebook Cover?

A Facebook cover photo is an image that appears at the top of your real estate business's Facebook page.

It displays information about your real estate company and gives people an idea of what you're all about.

In short, it's one-third of the real estate trifecta: a real estate Facebook profile picture , a real estate Facebook banner, and a real estate Facebook cover photo.

The best real estate Facebook covers are ones that make potential home buyer or seller stop scrolling for just a moment and click 'Like'.

Of course, there are also other ways in which Realtors use personalized real estate Facebook cover photos to accomplish marketing goals.

Here are some other tips to help you design the best real estate Facebook cover photo.

1. Size - Facebook covers are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, but should be between 850 x 300 and 851 x 314. The reason why the first 1 pixel doesn't matter is because you can see a sliver of white at the bottom of your real estate Facebook profile picture.

Any size outside of that range will cause your image to stretch or shrink, which rarely looks good. To be safe, just stick to the middle at 851 x 314. If you want an exact pixel size for your real estate Facebook banner, use this little trick: In Microsoft Word, click on View and select Ruler from the menu. Then drag a selection box over your real estate Facebook profile picture so that there are 315 pixels between the left edge of the ruler and where you start to see a sliver of white.

Your real estate Facebook cover photo should be 850 pixels wide by 314 pixels tall.

2. Colors - There is no one color that performs best for real estate Facebook covers , but colors that pop tend to work well.

3. Text - Your real estate Facebook cover photo helps people understand what you're all about, but having too much text makes it look messy and unprofessional. We would consider adding some of your REALTOR contact information and maybe a short "call me" or "Looking to Buy or Sell" type of phrase.

4. Images of People - Avoid using images of people in your real estate Facebook cover unless of course it's your headshot photo. Having said that, you'll usually want to use your headshot as the profile photo instead of adding it to your actual Facebook cover. You may be required to add your brokerage logo somewhere on the Facebook cover photo. Considering you are selling real estate, a picture of a nice home, room or kitchen would be great though.

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