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Best Real Estate Exam Prep Courses For 2023

Real estate exam prep courses are aimed to assist aspiring real estate agent students in preparing for the final state exam test and have been shown to increase exam pass rates to above 95%.

Taking a preparation course will have real estate exam practice tests including video lessons, vocabulary, audio lessons, and sometimes online flashcards

In this article, we’ve evaluated 4 of the best real estate exam prep courses that also have highly rated real estate exam practice tests.

You can choose the real estate exam prep and practice test that works best for you.

Based on our research, our top picks include PrepAgent, CompuCram, Real Estate Exam Scholar, and Real Estate Express Exam Master

Let’s get started with a review of each real estate exam prep course.

PrepAgent Real Estate Exam Prep

PrepAgent Exam Prep ReviewMany students find studying for the real estate licensing exam to be a daunting job.

The PrepAgent Exam Prep Courses, on the other hand, claim to make studying and taking exams simple and effective.

What is PrepAgent?

PrepAgent, an online program and resource center, may assist students to pass their real estate test the first time they sit. Pre-licensing courses of any kind are not included in this one.

There are a lot of students who are nervous about taking the real estate exam, and PrepAgent wants to help them succeed.

PrepAgent Overview

Everything about PrepAgent is true to its name. They prepare aspiring real estate agents for the state’s licensing examinations in the field. They accomplish this by utilizing a variety of strategies for online education including real estate exam practice tests.

PrepAgent’s articles, practice exam test questions, and webinars are all part of the exam prep program.

PrepAgent Live webinars allow participants to interact with teachers and fellow students in real time. You can get real-time help and answers to your queries.

Webinars are taught by PrepAgent staff members, but many are also taught by the website itself.

PrepAgent also provides private tutoring for those who feel they require more assistance than what is included in the exam prep packages.

Private tutoring sessions can be scheduled with one of PrepAgent’s instructors. PrepAgents private tutoring hourly rates are the same at $75 between the two.

Scheduling more than one session is allowed; however, they must be spaced apart rather than being scheduled back-to-back.

The private tutoring scheduling process is simple, however, the website clearly states that if a student cancels less than 48 hours in advance, there will be no returns.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, there are some informal options.

Access to the website’s test-taking advice is open to everyone. No prior knowledge of PrepAgent is necessary.

Every single day a PrepAgent email tagged with a Question of the Day is also sent out.

Your PrepAgent membership gives you access to a daily email with real estate exam practice test questions and answers.

How Did PrepAgent Get Started?

PrepAgent’s history interested us, but the website’s information seems to be sparse. No information regarding the company’s origins or history can be found on the website. At the bottom of the page, there is an “About” link, but clicking it does nothing. It simply jumps to the top.

According to the website and a short search, we know a few things about the history of PrepAgent. We have a good idea of who the company’s founder and the major teacher are. Joe Juter, the company’s founder and current CEO, is responsible for all films and webinars that are produced by the company.

PrepAgent Exam Prep Course Review – a Closer Look

In the real estate exam test preparation market, PrepAgent is a name you can trust.

They are a corporation that specializes in exam preparation only. But if you need pre-licensing classes, check out our best online real estate school review.

PrepAgent only accepts students who have already completed or are currently enrolled in the state’s pre-licensing course. Preparing for the real estate licensure final exam before taking the pre-licensing course is a waste of time and money.

Try a free real estate practice exam on PrepAgent before deciding whether or not it’s the right fit for your needs. A sense of what to expect from the course will be provided by this sample.

However, PrepAgent is also so confident in its method that they give a 100% money-back guarantee, regardless of the course bundle you purchase.

The sole requirement for this refund is that you submit your request within 120 days of enrolling, and you don’t have to prove that you failed.

We’ve never seen a real estate exam prep guarantee like this before. With PrepAgent, there are no strings attached if you’re not satisfied for any reason

That being said, PrepAgent has a very low refund rate of less than 2%, which is a good sign for students.

Ready to get started? Visit PrepAgent.

Which States Does the PrepAgent Course Cover?

PrepAgent’s greatest strength is that they serve all 50 states. Their program is structured in such a way that it can assist students from any state. Numerous tests are structured similarly and contain identical questions.

However, the content may vary by state. PrepAgent can tailor the curriculum to the pupils’ specific state laws and information.

PrepAgent’s Real Estate Exam Preparation Process

The attractive aspect of the PrepAgent real estate exam prep course is its simplicity.

It was created to be interactive, user-friendly, and flexible in terms of time constraints and money constraints.

Selecting a PrepAgent course bundle is the first step. You can choose from three distinct packages. These are state-specific as well as examination, broker, or agent-specific.

How Much Does PrepAgent Cost?

PrepAgent offers three real estate exam prep course package choices ranging from $59 to $100.

The PrepAgent course packages are priced not just based on what they include, but also on the length of time you wish to have access to them.

PrepAgent Basic Real Estate Exam Prep Course

PrepAgent’s basic subscription is the least expensive at $59 for a week’s access to exam study questions for your state and national exams.

Students who purchase this basic package retain their money-back guarantee but have one week’s access to the national and state-specific questions. This option does not feature live webinars.

PrepAgent Deluxe Real Estate Exam Prep Course

The PrepAgent deluxe package is a mid-range alternative, costing $79 per person.

It provides students with a variety of additional materials for a minimal price increase.  Students have extended access to the information.

Additionally, the PrepAgent real estate exam prep digital book includes 75 video lessons, audio lessons, interactive online flashcards, and an exam prep digital book.

PrepAgent Real Estate Premium Exam Prep Course

The premium package provides students with one full year of access to all resources. This package, which is more equipped costs $100.

A worksheet-formatted interactive vocabulary list is included. This is the package that entitles students to both live-streaming videos and recorded webinars.

If you are looking to do a bit more research into PrepAgent, you can read our in-depth PrepAgent real estate practice tests course review on our blog.

Visit the PrepAgent Real Estate Exam Prep Course Website

Real Estate Exam Scholar

Real Estate Exam Scholar Review
For just $39, Real Estate Exam Scholar assures subscribers that they’ll gain instant access to the best real estate exam practice tests available – and the best deal on the internet!

Upon joining the Real Estate Exam Scholar program, you have an opportunity to be one of the over 35,000 students who have completed their prep course and passed their exam on the first try.

How Much Does Real Estate Exam Scholar Cost?

Real Estate Exam Scholar’s exam prep and practice tests cost just $39

With less time to study and more fees, many Exam Scholar alternatives charge more money for a smaller amount of real estate exam prep material.

Make sure you’re not overpaying! You may get similar real estate practice test courses which are priced closer to $75 to $200.

Compared to other competitors in the real estate exam prep market, Exam Scholar’s salesperson test prep course costs only $39 and has more content!

Real Estate Exam Scholar offers more than 3,500 real estate exam practice test questions with detailed answers, 750+ flashcards, 60 test prep videos, 60 exam prep audios, 10+ explainer videos, exam secrets, a comprehensive vocabulary glossary, and much more.

All are included in this real estate exam prep course, which is available for six months.

Real Estate Exam Scholars’ pass guarantee is also included in the practice course which is a good thing. In other words, if you don’t pass the exam the first time, you get a refund of your payment for their course.

Real Estate Exam Scholar Has An Interface That’s Simple to Use

There are a variety of study tools available, including tests, videos, audio, flashcards, a vocabulary glossary, and advice on passing the real estate licensing exam.

They offer an exceptional study resource for the real estate licensing exam.

Because of their “Immersion Technology,” you will have the most lifelike examination experience possible. Also because of this, you will be able to pass the real estate exam with relative ease and avoid paying for expensive exam practice courses.

Real Estate Exam Scholars’ exam preparation materials for the enrolled area’s real estate test are of the highest quality and most affordable online.

For each exam question and answer, real estate experts cross-examine and revise them to ensure test correctness.

Experts in educational design have built the exam prep course to help students study and mimic the real estate exam test setting.

All you have to do is take their real estate course with practice tests and pass the state exam! Additionally, you have nothing to lose trying them because they promise you’ll pass the exam or they refund your money for their course.

Some Real Estate Exam Scholar Flashcards Are Available For Free

Real Estate Exam Scholar offers free real estate exam practice flashcards.

The real estate test preparation flashcards are available to students in their registered member’s area, where they can see a sample set of ten cards.

All of the 750+ flashcards and the whole salesperson or broker course (with 3,500+ practice problems and 60 exam prep videos, 60 audios, and explanatory films) are yours for the taking as soon as you join.

The Real Estate Exam Scholar test practice course has a 95% success rate (in fact, it’s beyond 95%!).

Real Estate Exam Scholar Is Completely Mobile-Friendly Design

The real estate exam practice test course is compatible with any sort of computer. If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a web browser, you can access it.

You can take it with you wherever you go and whenever you need to study! Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can access it from any internet-connected device.

You can take their online real estate exam prep course at any time of day or night.

Check Out Other Real Estate Exam Prep and Practice Test Courses and Compare Them With Real Estate Exam Scholar

If you want, Real Estate Exam Scholar challenges you to compare their advantages to those of other online resources for preparing for the real estate examination.

When it comes to online real estate exam prep, they seem to have done the legwork for you and compared this course to the best in the business.

For those interested, now is the moment to sign up and get the most value for your money, the finest service, the best study tools, and the best pass guarantee in the industry.

Real Estate Exam Scholar’s primary goal is to help you pass your state exam on the first attempt.

The real estate business is already pricey, so their secondary goal is to make it the cheapest real estate exam prep option.

Is Real Estate Exam Prep & Practice Tests Necessary?

It’s a fact that certain students don’t require any kind of exam preparation. You may be one of those folks who can ace any test they’re given with little or no preparation.

In some cases, you may be able to recall all of the information you read in a book. As a result, you’d be “book smart.” Unfortunately, that’s not the case for most of us!

Using the best real estate exam prep courses is a great resource for anyone who wants to pass the state exam and move on to a successful real estate career.

You may need exam questions with clear explanations, a more flexible way to study, confidence before test day, insight into their weaknesses, or simply a way to brush up on their knowledge before the exam.

There’s a tremendous difference between reading about something in a book and experiencing it yourself. Take advantage of the “immersion” experience we provide by enrolling in their real estate exam prep course.

Even if you manage to pass the exam on your own via hard work and study, taking their course helps ensure that you will. To give you the upper hand, everything has been put together for you in one easy-to-use package.

Ensure that you succeed when the stakes are highest.
If you are looking to do a bit more research into Real Estate Exam Scholar, you can read our full Real Estate Exam Scholar Review on our blog.

Visit the Real Estate Exam Scholar Exam Prep Website

CompuCram Real Estate Exam Prep

CompuCram Exam Prep Course Review

CompuCram is a one-stop shop for everything related to exam prep testing. Complete real estate practice exam simulations are included in the all-in-one package.

CompuCram has helped more than 500,000 students pass their state’s real estate exams the first time around!

As you study, the groundbreaking new CompuCram Readiness Indicator monitors your progress and provides constant feedback, guaranteeing that you pass the real estate exam the first time around.

CompuCram Real Estate Vocabulary Refresher

The first stage in CompuCram as an all-in-one exam preparation approach is to brush up on your vocabulary.

The exam themes and concepts will be easier to grasp if you’ve mastered the terminology. Find out how fill-in-the-blank, matching, and flashcards can be used for different types of learners.

As you learn the terminology and vocabulary necessary to pass the exam.

They use their engaging system to keep things interesting and engaging for you throughout the process.

CompuCram Real Estate Exam Practice Tests

To help you prepare for the exam, the CompuCram offers practice tests as the second phase in their all-in-one preparation strategy.

It is possible to test your understanding of exam concepts by taking dynamic practice tests. You don’t have to memorize the answers because their special technology ensures that you will never see the same exam twice. No more stress.

Through practice and an understanding of why each response is accurate, you can build your self-confidence.

CompuCram Simulated Real Estate Exam Practice

This is the third and last step in the all-in-one exam preparation strategy. This is the culmination of your efforts!

Take your practice test and see how it compares to the real thing! Timed tests with the same amount of questions in each category as the real exam are available.

You will be prepared to pass the real estate exam the first time you take it after mastering the simulated exam!

The CompuCram Exam Readiness Indicator

When it comes to learning vocabulary, practice tests, and mock exams, the CompuCram Readiness IndicatorTM is like a speedometer that measures your progress.

CompuCram’s proprietary Readiness Indicator will give you the green light when you’re ready to take your state’s final real estate exam!

Access Practice Test Exam Questions and Answers on the Most Recent Real Estate Content

CompuCram has the most recent questions accessible on the market. So that you may be confident their questions are accurate and current, they work with local experts to write them.

CompuCram’s Exclusive Real Estate Exam Knowledge Pre-Assessment

Identify any real estate exam knowledge gaps you may have by taking a Pre-Assessment.

Using this freebie, you’ll be able to pinpoint the areas that need your attention. This test will show you how to get the most out of your study time by making it as productive as possible.

CompuCram Real Estate Practice Exams Are Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Just like Real Estate Exam Scholar, CompuCram is mobile and tablet-friendly.

Anywhere, any time, you may study and prepare for the licensing exam using a nicely designed mobile and tablet-friendly interface.

As long as you have an internet connection, the new CompuCram is ready to go wherever you go. They built their application with mobile and tablet compatibility in mind, making it easy to learn when and when you want.

It doesn’t matter what device you use to learn; your study progress and results are always saved, no matter what.

Devices with screens of at least 7 inches are required to correctly display the simulated tests.

The CompuCram Money-Back Guarantee

CompuCram is convinced that you will pass the licensing exam if you take this course’s Simulated Exams until you consistently score over 80%.

You may be eligible for a CompuCram refund of the original purchase price if you fail to pass after achieving this goal.

This CompuCram refund is only available if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Use the CompuCram package that is specifically tailored for the licensure exam you are preparing to take.
  • At least three times score at least 80 percent in the Simulated Exams category.
  • Failure to pass the real estate license exam within six months of purchasing CompuCram and within seven days of your most recent Simulated Exam attempt with an average score of at least 80 percent.
  • Within 14 days of your failed real estate license exam attempt, send a photo of your exam results sheet to [email protected].

Once they’ve verified your particulars, a credit back will be issued to the credit card that was used to make the purchase.

The CompuCram real estate exam prep course will remain active for the remaining 180 days following the date of purchase once your refund has been processed.

Upon confirmation of your eligibility, a 50% Guarantee return is applied if you pass a component of your exam but fail the other (only applies to Real Estate products).

Please note that this guarantee does not apply to any extensions purchased.

In Florida, Michigan, and Tennessee, the CompuCram guarantee is not available or relevant due to state legislation. Please get in touch with CompuCram if you have any questions about refunds.

The SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test does not provide a guarantee in compliance with NMLS requirements.

How Much Does CompuCram Cost?

CompuCram real estate exam prep pricing ranges from $49 to $89.

The price changes depending on if you want a course with both the national and state-specific test prep or just the state portion of the test.

We have another CompuCram review on our blog or you can follow the link below to visit their site now.

View all CompuCram Real Estate Exam Prep Courses (official site).

Real Estate Express Exam Prep

Real Estate Express Exam PrepIn the world of real estate education, one of the most well-known names is Real Estate Express.

For those preparing for your real estate licensing examinations, Real Estate Express has all the exam prep resources you need.

Real Estate Express Exam Prep Pre-Enrollment Checklist:

Even though Real Estate Express is one of the most well-known schools, this does not necessarily imply that it is right for everyone.

For something as significant as obtaining your real estate license, you must do your due diligence before parting with your hard-earned money.

Make sure the following three questions are included in your list of questions for the interviewer.

1. Is it possible for you to learn on your own?

For students who don’t require a lot of guidance, Real Estate Express is the best option.

Yes, there is an online teacher available to users. They’ll be present to answer any questions you might have.

The fact about online education is that your success is directly correlated to your ability to learn on your initiative.

2. Do you live in a state where the Real Estate Express Exam Prep course is supported?

You should also check to see if your state’s real estate commission or department accepts the course before enrolling in any online real estate licensing training.

Aside from that, Real Estate Express is here to make studying for your licensing exam a little easier.

Their real estate exam practice tests and preparation are convenient, dependable, easy, and high-quality.

When you use the Real Estate Express Exam Prep Master course to prepare for your real estate licensing exam, they assure you that there are no unpleasant surprises on test day.

Get rid of the anxiety with this proven real estate exam preparation plan.

What Is Real Estate Express’s Exam Prep Master?

When it comes to passing your real estate exam, Real Estate Express’s Exam Prep Master is a one-stop shop for all of your exam prep needs.

There are an estimated 100,000 people who take their real estate exam prep courses each year.

The key to passing your real estate exam on the first try is not having the greatest knowledge, but having the proper knowledge on exam day.

The Real Estate Express pre-licensing course covers the state-required curriculum, although the exam does not exactly correlate to it. When a real estate exam-taker isn’t prepared for anything like this, they’re more likely to fail than succeed.

Exam Preparation for Real Estate Agents Master prepares you for YOUR state’s license exam by covering only the topics you’ll be tested on.

You’ll be well-prepared for the exam with our in-depth understanding of the topics covered and their unique exam mastery methods.

Utilizing the Real Estate Exam Prep Master program’s resources, you may organize your study time and prepare for the real estate exam in three different ways.

Real Estate Express’s Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee

It’s important to you that you succeed. Real Estate Exam Prep Master, which has helped hundreds of people pass their licensing exam on the first try, is a sure bet. There is no penalty if you fail. Or, if you’re not satisfied, you won’t have to pay.

A Real Estate Express refund will be issued if they receive your state’s exam failure notice within 30 days of receipt.

This money-back guarantee isn’t provided in Florida or Tennessee because of their state laws.

How Does Real Estate Express Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee Work?

As long as 180 days have passed since your exam prep course purchase, you may retake the progress and final practice exams until your overall score on each exam is at least 80 percent.

Complete all real estate practice test examinations within 30 days of your state’s license exam.

Your exam results will be sent to you via email from the learning center where you took the exam.

You either celebrate that you’ve passed the real estate exam or if you’re unsatisfied or have failed the exam, you send Real Estate Express your state’s failure notice.  Then they’ll refund your money back for the real estate exam prep course with no questions at all!

There is, unfortunately, no certainty that you will pass the state real estate exam in Florida, New Jersey, or Tennessee. The Pass or Don’t Pay promise is no longer available in those states, but you may still purchase Exam Prep.

How to Get Access to the Real Estate Express Exam Prep Master Course?

A real estate licensing package or an individual copy of Exam Prep Master are both acceptable ways to access the program.

1. The first option is to purchase it in a Package
If you’re interested in becoming a real estate agent, you can purchase Exam Prep Master as part of your state-specific licensing packages.

2. Option two is to Purchase as a standalone package
To help you prepare for your state’s real estate exam, Real Estate Express Exam Prep Master is available as a standalone package.

How Much Does Real Estate Express Exam Prep Master Cost?

The pricing for the Real Estate Express Exam Prep Master course and practice tests is $99.

If you are still looking for a school to take your pre-licensing course you can also pick a bundle plan that includes pre-licensing plus their exam prep course.

The bundled exam prep option with practice tests will save you more money overall.  The bundled “Exam Preparation” pre-licensing course which also includes exam prep starts at the price of $143.50 in Florida.  The bundled pricing is state-specific.

View all Real Estate Express Exam Prep Courses (official site)

The Best Real Estate Exam Prep Course

These are the 4 best real estate exam prep courses to help you pass the real estate pre-licensing exam in all 50 states.

Students who take these courses with real estate exam practice tests appear to be generally satisfied, and most of them appear to offer a money-back guarantee.

All of them would be excellent for any student who requires further exam preparation assistance.

The best real estate exam prep course option for us would be PrepAgent due to its ample content and reviews. Real Estate Exam Scholar is another top lower-priced real estate exam prep course and is also a great choice.

We think Real Estate Express is great for pre-licensing but the latter two choices excel for in-depth real estate exam prep in our opinion.

Best of luck in your new real estate career!

Visit: PrepAgent Real Estate Exam Prep

Visit: Real Estate Exam Scholar

Visit: CompuCram Real Estate Exam Prep

Visit: Real Estate Express Exam Prep

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