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CompuCram Reviews 2024: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

CompuCram Reviews

In this CompuCram review, we will cover CompuCram features, pricing, pros & cons plus a few alternatives to CompuCram.

CompuCram is an exam preparation company that focuses on more than just real estate exams. This firm is capable of preparing students for nine distinct industrial examinations.

However, for the sake of our CompuCram review, we will be focusing exclusively on their real estate test preparation packages.

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At CompuCram, the exam preparation system is made up of practice tests, vocabulary tools, and extensive simulated exams, all termed as an “all-in-one” package.

The ground-breaking new Readiness IndicatorTM provides continuous feedback while you study, ensuring that you pass on the first try.

CompuCram’s “All-In-One” exam preparation method is one of its distinguishing qualities. This is the structure of their exam preparation program. They assert that this is the mechanism by which their program is so effective.

However, what exactly is an “All-In-One” exam preparation system?

This is essentially how CompuCram refers to the bundles they offer. The packages include all of the resources necessary for a student to be successful on the exam.

This includes practice real estate tests, necessary vocabulary to study, and simulated exams to mirror the real thing.

They bundle all of this together so that students do not have to spend money on many products.

CompuCram also made it into our list of the best real estate exam prep courses.

How Does CompuCram Work?

Each exam prep program establishes the duration of students’ access to content. Certain programs, but not CompuCram, allow for customized access times based on the package selected.

CompuCram has a uniform access period. All students enrolled in the real estate test prep program have 180 days of access.

At times, it may take a student longer to prepare. CompuCram does offer extension packages to remedy this.

Three distinct extension packages are available to accommodate the varying demands of students. These packages are available for the duration of 30, 60, and 90 days. Completing the extension process appears to be straightforward.

This can be accomplished entirely through the student portal. However, the original 180 days must have elapsed before purchasing an extension.

If students are unsure if they require CompuCram, there is a free practice real estate exam available to assist them in determining their readiness.

This is an excellent tool to use before students invest in the course. We appreciate exam preparation tools that provide free practice exams.

Does CompuCram Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

CompuCram Guarantee ReviewYes, they do. CompuCram is so confident in its students’ abilities that they provide a money-back guarantee on the CompuCram course if they do not pass the real estate exam the first time. This is a 100% guarantee, however, some conditions must be met.

To qualify for the money-back promise, a student must complete four steps. A failed exam is the first need for a refund. A pupil must demonstrate that they failed on their first attempt.

The second requirement is that those scores be submitted to CompuCram within fourteen days of the exam. No refunds will be provided if the scores are submitted late.

Additionally, the three practice exams taken within seven days before the official exam must have been passed with an 80 percent or higher. If all of those boxes are ticked, they state that you will receive a refund for the full cost of the program.

Even if a refund is granted, the student will retain access to the course and associated materials for the duration of the program. The program is valid for 180 days following the date of purchase.

CompuCram is in the business of ensuring that its students pass the state’s real estate exam on the first attempt.

Over the years, they have had over 500,000 students pass their industry exam on their first attempt.

CompuCram Review

Each CompuCram program, regardless of state, incorporates the all-in-one method.

One of the ways CompuCram keeps its programs affordable is through an all-inclusive strategy. While each curriculum is customized to the topics covered on the state exam, the strategy and structure are identical.

They all begin similarly, with an assessment. The program walks students through each stage, ensuring that they understand exactly how to complete the program successfully. That is one of the things we admire about this program.

CompuCram Vocabulary ReviewThere is a section on vocabulary, as well as various practice tests and exams that are designed to simulate the state exam.

While the application is designed to run on a variety of devices, the simulated tests will require a laptop or desktop computer.

The designers do recommend that all simulated exams be taken on a desktop computer. This way, students will experience the same sensations as they will during the actual licensure exam.

One of the things most appreciated about CompuCram is that they offer a demo. Students are guided through the process and the software in this video. That way, they’ll have a sense of what to anticipate.

Additionally, it enables students to determine whether or not this curriculum is something they can work with.

Students acquire knowledge and function in unique ways, therefore not every program will be effective for every student.

Demonstration films are an excellent complement to any real estate licensing preparation course.

National test preparation programs are classified into three categories. There is an Amp preparation course, a PSI preparation course, and a Pearson Vue preparation course.

Ready to get started? Visit CompuCram or keep reading more of our CompuCram review…

What States Does CompuCram Serve?

As previously stated, CompuCram is a program that is available in 33 of the 50 states.

The 33 states covered by the CompuCram real estate licensing exam prep curriculum include the majority of the most populous states. Here is the list of states where CompuCram offers real estate exam prep?

Washington, District of Columbia
State of New Hampshire
State of New Jersey
New York City
Dakota du Nord
Island of the Road
Charleston, South Carolina
West Virginia

How Much Does CompuCram Exam Prep Cost?

CompuCram’s pricing structure is rather transparent, which works in their favor.

The pricing is also very reasonable, and the program’s money-back guarantee makes it very appealing to students.

The state test prep courses are available at two different price points. This pricing varies according to the bundle and the students’ demands.

For any state-only test prep program, the CompuCram cost is $49. This provides the student with 180 days of access with the opportunity to extend. We were unable to determine the cost of the extension packages due to a lack of information on the website.

After the 180 days have expired, extension packages are available through the student site. That is where the packages are priced.

The other cost option for states is $89, which includes the national portion of the preparation. This provides the same 180-day access but now includes state and national preparation.

Additionally, this CompuCram option includes extension packages for students that require additional time. They are both located in the same location within the student portal.

The national element of the package is priced differently from the state packages. The national-only plan is $59 and includes 180 days of access and the same program structure as the international package.

There are other extension packages available for the national program.

CompuCram Pros and Cons

As with any program, it all comes down to the benefits and disadvantages. We’ve conducted the study and are now prepared to provide you with a succinct summary of what we appreciate about CompuCram and what they could improve.

CompuCram Pros

  • Simple program design
  • User-friendly
  • Exceptional success rate
  • Experience spanning four decades
  • Indicator of Readiness
  • Track your progress with this intuitive program.
  • Extension packages
  • Affordable
  • Guaranteed money back
  • Outstanding response times

CompuCram Cons

  • Technical help is not available 24 hours a day
  • They do not have access to all states.
  • Must pay for additional time with the program
  • Numerous conditions apply to the money-back promise.

Ready to get started? Visit CompuCram or keep reading our CompuCram review…

CompuCram FAQs

How long am I permitted to use  CompuCram?

You get 180 days from the date of purchase to access CompuCram.

How should I study for the exam with CompuCram?

It is best to begin your exam preparation with a pre-assessment. This establishes your baseline readiness level, allowing you to monitor your progress through the Readiness Indicator.

Following that, a student should work through the Exam Categories part and earn an average of at least 80% on practice tests before moving on to the next section.

Taking at least three Simulated Exams in the Final Step and scoring at least 80% or higher will turn the Readiness Indicator green.

Additionally, you can find more information on how to use CompuCram on the official website.

How much time should I spend on  CompuCram before my exam?

Although each student’s study style varies, it is recommended that students use the CompuCram test prep between two weeks and two months before taking the first exam.

This allows one to review the subject and practice taking multiple-choice examinations.

What is CompuCram’s “All-In-One” Exam Preparation course?

CompuCram is a comprehensive exam preparation system. CompuCram provides all of the tools necessary to pass the exam the first time by integrating Study Vocabulary, Practice Tests, and Simulated Exams. This reduces the need to purchase a variety of items.

Is it possible for me to take a simulated CompuCram exam on my phone?

The simulated test on CompuCram is only available on devices with a 7-inch or bigger display.

By administering your simulated examinations on a desktop computer, you’ll receive the most accurate replica of the state exam possible.

Does CompuCram offer a money-back guarantee?

CompuCram is convinced that if you practice their Simulated Exams until you consistently earn above 80%, you will pass the real estate license exam.

If you do not pass after achieving this goal, you may be eligible for a full refund of your purchase price. To be eligible for a Guarantee return, the following requirements must be met:

Prepare for the licensure exam you’re taking with the CompuCram product.

At least three times, earn a score of greater than 80% in the Simulated Exams category.
Fail the license exam within seven days of your most recent Simulated Exam attempt with an average of more than 80% and within six months after purchasing CompuCram.

Within 14 days of your failed license exam attempt, email a photo of your exam results sheet to CompuCram.

Once your details have been confirmed, a full refund to the card used will be provided to you to make the purchase.

You will retain access to your CompuCram product for the full 180 days from the date of purchase after the refund has been completed.

If you pass a portion of your exam but fail the remainder, only a 50% Guarantee return will be applied once your eligibility is confirmed. This only applies to Real Estate products.

Extensions purchased will not be refunded as part of the Guarantee.

The CompuCram guarantee is not available or valid in Florida, Michigan, or Tennessee due to state legislation.

How frequently is the CompuCram software updated?

The CompuCram exam databases are regularly updated to reflect changes in the laws and exams.

Details of the exam prep content are based on what the exam provider and regulating authority indicate will be on the actual exam—exam topics and the percentage of each item that contributes to the final score.

How closely do the CompuCram exams resemble the actual real estate license exam?

Even though CompuCram is not permitted to copy the actual licensing exam questions verbatim, the subject matter specialists have generated phrasing that is near enough to earn a score of within 5% accuracy on our Simulated Exam.

For instance, if you score around 85% on our Simulated Exams, you are most likely to get between 80% and 85% on the license exam.

What is the CompuCram Readiness Indicator and how does it work?

The CompuCram Readiness IndicatorTM tracks the student’s progress as they learn through Study Vocabulary, Practice Tests, and Simulated Exams.

How long has CompuCram engaged in real estate exam prep?

For almost 40 years, the Hondros Education Group has been preparing students to pass the exam. Over 300,000 students nationwide have benefited from our assistance in the appraisal, real estate, insurance, and mortgage industries.

CompuCram, a part of Hondros Education Group and a subsidiary of Colibri Group, was created to assist students in self-study through practice exams that replicate the actual state exam.

CompuCram’s most recent version contains an innovative learning system that guides students through each session depending on their initial pre-assessment and work accomplished during that session.

The method is adaptable and allows students to choose their path through the many preparation alternatives; they can choose between Study Vocabulary, Practice Testing, and Simulated Exams.

CompuCram’s personalization and intuitiveness have not improved since the program was upgraded in 2015.

Students who opt to enroll in the program will complete a pre-assessment to establish a benchmark for their knowledge.

This assists the program in getting the student started on the right foot and preparing them for success.

Additionally, the application adjusts and sets up the following lesson based on the student’s performance in the previous session.

Additionally, the application allows pupils to walk freely throughout the lessons. They can flit between practice exams, vocabulary exercises, and simulations.

What is CompuCram’s policy regarding course extensions?

If you have already purchased a CompuCram product and your 180-day access period has passed, you can purchase an extension using your online portal to prolong your access for another 30, 60, or 90 days.

Simply log in to your CompurCram account, click the “Buy Extension” link, select the term of the extension, and complete the payment process. Once the payment has been processed, the original product will be extended for the number of days indicated.

What are the Best CompuCram Alternatives?

The best real estate exam preparation courses as alternatives to CompCram would be PrepAgent and Real Estate Exam Scholar.

We also have a PrepAgent review and Real Estate Exam Scholar review on our blog if you want to read more about those CompuCram alternative courses.

You’ll want to decide on a real estate school before taking an exam prep course. Here are a few of the best online real estate schools options:

  1. The CE Shop: The CE Shop, which is accredited by ARELLO, is known for its nationwide continuing education course offerings, albeit exact classes may differ by state.

    The CE Shop courses are now offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and multi-state packages are available for realtors who are licensed in various states. Students can also design their packages to meet their specific requirements.

    Take a look at the CE Shop reviews to learn more about their exam prep options.

  2. AceableAgent: AceableAgent is an online real estate school that was one of the first to offer real estate training through a mobile app and the web.

    Only 13 states provide AceableAgent real estate courses, but you may take them on any device at any time.

    AceableAgent courses usually take at least a couple of months to finish, depending on how much time you have to study.

    See our AceableAgent Reviews for more details on this online real estate school.

  3. Colibri Real Estate: Colibri is another popular online real estate school offering exam prep, pre-licensing, and post-licensing courses.

    Like the others, you can read in-depth Colibri Real Estate  reviews on our blog.

Is CompuCram Worth It?

We think there are better options, but ultimately that’s for you to decide. Our personal favorite two real estate exam prep courses would still be PrepAgent followed by Real Estate Exam Scholar.

Even with the flaws, CompuCram remains one of the best real estate exam study programs online. They have registered trademarks on several of their resources, including the readiness indicator, which is a tremendous resource for pupils.

CompuCram real estate exam prep courses are simple to use and reasonably priced.

We appreciate more aspects of this program and feel that the majority of students will be satisfied with the service. The majority of online reviews are positive, which is consistent with the program’s high success rate.

CompuCram Reviews – Final Thoughts

Throughout this CompuCram review, every facet of the real estate exam prep program is examined. There are numerous enjoyable things students would appreciate. However, there are several areas where things need to be improved or done differently.

It is great that the program is straightforward and includes a CompuCram-exclusive readiness indication. Having a tool integrated into the student portal that indicates a student’s readiness for the exam can help increase pass rates.

The application is simple to use, and pupils have no difficulty navigating it. Perhaps 40 years in the business have resulted in such an uncomplicated interface and program design.

Another element that we believe should be appealing to pupils is the program’s progress tracking.

While the program’s duration is limited, students can extend their time by purchasing extension programs. While having more time is desirable, having to purchase additional time is an added price.

The fact that they offer a money-back guarantee is a positive.

An improvement that CompuCram could make is to provide 24-hour technical help. The curriculum is entirely online and self-paced. That is excellent, but what if a student has a website-related difficulty at midnight?

CompuCram does have responsive customer service, but only within business hours. A weekend or after-hours incident leads to lost time and a potentially lengthy wait.

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