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10 Best IDX WordPress Plugins For Your Real Estate Website

Best IDX WordPress Plugins

What are the best IDX plugins for your real estate website? We think our review will help you decide.

When it comes to your real estate website, providing your current and potential clientele with all the information they need in one convenient location becomes a crucial factor.

Staying up to date is crucial, and what’s one of the most important ways to do so? Finding the right way to provide your clients with an MLS by using the best and most effective and efficient IDX WordPress plugins is just the place to start. 

What is an IDX Plugin?

Real estate is a highly regulated industry- and for good reason!

Families drop hundreds of thousands of dollars, take out 30-year mortgage loans, and pay taxes on the properties they buy.

One of these regulations, or better yet, agreements, is to enable the use of IDX (Internet Database Exchange) on all real estate property websites.

This is done with a plugin, software, or widgets, which generate an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that realtors agree to use on their websites.

The MLS allows a visitor to a realtor site to view all available property listings for their target area, even if that realtor doesn’t represent the property itself. 

Why do I need an IDX Plugin on my Real Estate Website? 

Almost every individual in the market for a home is going to use the internet.

Websites, Google searches, references to real estate sites- everything simply leads them down the path to a mass of information.

It’s a standard policy and practice among realtors to feature the IDX plugin on their website to allow clients and visitors access to crucial information that allows them to make informed decisions for themselves and find the right properties without having homes hidden or suppressed.

You need to have a plug-in because it’s the mark of a reliable, responsible, and diligent realtor who knows the industry. 

And yet, this begs the question: how do I pick the best IDX plugin?

To make it easy, here are ten of the best IDX WordPress Plugins for your real estate website, and what makes each one the right choice for you. 

The 10 Best IDX Plugins For Your Real Estate Website

Quick Update: Before we get to our list of the best IDX website options, we just posted a RealtyNA review which would likely fall into our second spot for the best combination of features, customer service, and cost.

You can request a demo of RealtyNA IDX here.

If you are on a tighter budget then Showcase IDX will likely be the best IDX choice for you. You can read our full Showcase IDX review below.

If you are a real estate agent or broker looking to go all-out with the best of the best IDX then we would go with the Chime CRM. We wrote more on that option below…

Showcase IDX

Showcase IDX WordPress Plugin

Showcase IDX is currently one of the most popular choices for the best IDX plugins. Let’s look at why.

Brokerage Use: Showcase IDX is used by some of the most big-name players in the real estate industry.

This includes Sotheby’s, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, and Keller Williams, just to name a few. This is huge for their credibility and track record. 

Proven Increased Traffic and Conversions: Showcase boasts increased traffic to websites that use their plug-in (83% additional traffic generated from Google searches).

Additionally, they have seen almost a 50% growth rate between this year and last year.

User-Friendly Widgets: No client is going to be happy with some confusing and unclear MLS service on a webpage. Users’ engagement is going to be quick to gain, and even quicker to lose.

Having a feature that they can easily maneuver is critical. Their map is also clear to search and makes it easy to identify properties in specific regions as well as how to access them.

Customization: When potential clients visit your site, they’ll find a customizable experience that lets them search for what they need, specifically, from location, to price range, and other filter types.

Better yet, it even includes mobile device compatibility so you find the confidence that whether on a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, clients find what they need.

You can read our full Showcase IDX Review here.

Showcase IDX is our favorite pick when it comes to the best WordPress IDX Plugins.

If you are looking for one solution that does literally “it all” then we would consider the Chime CRM instead. Chime offers a free demo and Showcase IDX offers a free trial.

IDX Broker

IDX Broker WordPress Plugin

The IDX Broker site offers a unique set of features that might make it the optimal choice for both new and experienced realtors. 

Extensive Support: The IDX Broker plugin offers realtors considerable support, through email, chat, and telephone methods.

If you’re just getting started and are hoping for a platform that is ready to provide you with guidance along the way, this might be an important thing for you to consider.

Price: They offer three different tiers of payment plans, Lite, Platinum, and Home, in increasing order of price.

Each includes more and more features and options for users, so you can customize your experience to fit your budget. 

Personalization: The Home plan features the ultimate experience in customization, which allows you to tailor your use of the widget to your realtor site and styles.

With various themes and templates, to choose from, you can develop it into something that homebuyers will feel is individually designed for your website.

You can read our full IDX Broker Review here.

IDX Broker used to be our second favorite pick when it comes to the best WordPress IDX Plugin. Unfortunately, we don’t recommend IDX Broker anymore because (in our opinion) we felt customer service and support were lacking.

Feel free to give them a shot but we think there are better options now.

Chime Real Estate IDX 

CHIME Real Estate IDX Website

With Chime IDX, realtors will have the ultimate in customization that also features high conversion and results.

You’ll pay more for CHIME but this powerhouse Real Estate CRM with IDX website does it all. You can read a Chime CRM review on our blog.

Customization: Chime features some of the biggest ranges of customization for users.

The design, the features, the overall style, and appearance, the keys, and tabs, can all be uniquely customized to whatever you need.

Give your clients as much information as you think they need or give a little more control and discretion while still meeting the IDX policy requirements. 

SEO Visibility: Your SEO visibility is essential given the number of users who use search engines to find realtors in their area.

You want to appear as often and as high as possible. With Chime, they focus on developing an infrastructure that promotes organic traffic that gives you better visibility.

Conversion Rates: Because of the extensive amount of data produced for listing areas, user-friendly design, and updates, their conversion rates are significantly higher than industry standards.

Diverse Solutions 

Diverse Solutions IDX WordPress Plugin

A brief history: Zillow purchase Diverse Solutions back in 2001 and there was an article in Inman awhile back stating “Whistleblower alleges Zillow is stealing listing data from agent websites.”

Having said that, Zillow then sold this IDX platform to Market Leader so all may be well at this point but our opinion is to try one of the other IDX plugin options first.

Diverse Solutions offers standard features that are mostly customizable, focus on SEO, and boost ideal client engagement. 

SEO Results: Diverse solutions heavily focus on their ability to boost your search engine visibility, thus increasing potential traffic and engagement.

With headings and meta tags, descriptive titles for the listing pages, and pages generated for each listing, your visibility, and optimization in search engines are significantly improved. 

Engagement: When it comes to selling and featuring homes to your potential clients, the visual components have a huge impact in luring people looking to buy a home.

This IDX plug-in includes automated slideshows to showcase the visual elements for various listings, as well as the 3D aerial view that shows the location and surrounding terrain of a home. 

User Friendly Features: The search options are adjustable to display the results based on the client’s preferences between the time a house has been on the market, its price and price drops, as well.

It also allows users to share and feature various available homes on their own social media pages, which only works to help boost your digital reach. 


iHomeFinder IDX Plugin

With quick and efficient results, a focus on growth, and marketing support, you can find a comprehensive IDX service (and then some) with iHomefinder

Quick, Efficient Results: Your clients aren’t going to sit and wait around for results, and if they don’t find what they need quickly, they’re gone.

This software features easy-to-use multiple listing searches that also work quickly to bring up the most desired search results for homebuyers.

Growth-Mindset: The big focus for iHomefinder is all about growth for you and your real estate business.

Their services are comprehensive and include technical support, marketing ideas, solutions for growth and some problems, and even general management support.

Individual and Team Oriented: They specifically offer services for both individual brokerages as well as larger teams, which means they can tailor their services to fit a unique individual or the more broad approach of a team focus.

Variety: Lastly, iHomefinder is designed for whatever stage of development and growth you’re at with your own real estate business.

If you have a site and are looking for the MLS plug-in, or you require an entirely new, developed website, they can provide help in both areas. 

Realty Web Syndicate

Realty Web Syndicate IDX

Realty Web Syndicate has one of the most visually appealing and user-friendly IDX plugins for real estate websites. 

Clean, Modern Designs: The aesthetic and appeal of RWS are modern, fresh, and professional, designed to perfectly complement your real estate webpage and provide all necessary IDX needs.

Mobile-Friendly Features: This plugin also features compatibility for any devices that your potential customers might be using, whether laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

This allows your site visitors to access what they need from anywhere.

SEO Features: RWS wants your site to be found and understands the importance of SEO to help boost your visibility and increase growth and traffic.

This includes URLs that are designed for optimization and third-party integration that allows your website to be shared through various social channels.


Real Scout IDX Websites

As one of the most affordable options for an IDX plugin, the RealScout plugin is designed for the most basic use and features that get the job done. 

Affordable Pricing: With one of the lowest available price tags, this plug-in is only $39 a month and then drops a few more dollars with a full-year subscription.

Additionally, if you aren’t sure you’re ready for the commitment, you can opt for a free trial for the first two weeks of your subscription.

User-Friendly Interface:  With a no-fuss, no-muss approach, the plugin is both visually appealing and maintains a simple user interface that allows ease of use for any of your clients or potential clients.

Don’t draw away a potential buyer or seller because of difficulties maneuvering the MLS.

Third-Party Integration: RealScout understands the importance of you being able to use third-party sites to help boost your visibility as well as your client engagement.

Whether it’s social media sites for sharing properties and promoting listings or featuring information from premier real estate sites like Zillow, this plugin allows for those integrations. 

Estatik IDX

Estatik’s MLS services are modern, updated, and designed for convenience for each real estate user. 

Payment Options: The Estatik plugin conveniently gives users a one-time fee that covers the entire year at just under $500.

This fee includes setup, support, access, and unlimited use. Additionally, they offer a demo directly on the page so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Options: With this plugin, you can tweak and adjust the results so they are as broad or as specific as is individually needed.

Their features allow you, the realtor and owner of the site, to pick and choose what is imported and published on your page for the MLS.

Similarly, their filter features allow for specific searches designed for the individual user.

Importable Listings and Agents: The level of control with Estatik means you not only can manually or automatically have listings imported to your site, but they also allow you to designate whether you want to also feature the agents for those listings.

You can feature as much or as little as you like while still providing your clients and homebuyers with the access they need to the MLS. 

EstateVue (Canada Agents)

The available features with the EstateVue plugin not only include the comprehensive list below, but also include customized maps and neighborhood searches, and even an SEO-friendly URL generator. 

Live Chat Services: To include modern and updated technology, the plugin features a convenient SMS chat service that allows potential buyers to connect with you directly.

Messages go right to your cell device and encourage even the timidest of buyers to reach out and communicate. Each connection is a potential buyer.

Scheduling and Calendar Features: The calendar feature allows you to schedule open houses and realtor events so you can keep track of what you have going on and easily arrange for any visits and showings.

Features and Customization:  Not only can realtors customize the data that potential buyers receive when conducting searches, which would include photos, virtual tours, and listing information, but they can also design for customizing the property details shown for your listings.

Wide Range of Themes and Designs:  With the extensive services provided with the IDX plugin, users can tailor the design to any WordPress theme or style they want.

Edits and changes can be made to personalize the information, organization, and design elements.

Wovax IDX for WordPress (Canada Agents)

Blending an excellent combination of affordability, features, as well as the ability to generate actual landing pages to promote properties, Wovax is a great option for your IDX plugin needs. 

Affordable Options for an SEO Focus: The Wovax IDX plugin keeps its starting monthly fee under the $50 mark at $42 a month. This monthly is decreased when you opt for the full year, at $35 per month.

Targeted Landing Pages: The use of targeted landing pages that are designed to display listings that are individually selected and tailored by you, can help boost your SEO by optimizing your visibility based on your target buyers and their ideal property listings. 

Customization: The Wovax IDX allows each user to customize the search filter and allows for potential clients to easily weave through all the data and property listings to find what they need.

These can be designed to be more specific and advanced, or they can be kept simple and clear, depending on what you, as the realtor, want to provide. 

Who Do We Recommend as the Best IDX Plugins Option?

Finding the best IDX plugin for your realty website in 2023 can be overwhelming given the number of options available on the internet.

By focusing on your key priorities, budget, and desired level of customization, there’s a perfect fit out there for any realtor.

If you are on a more limited budget we recommend you try Showcase IDX.

If you are looking for more IDX options then take a look at RealtyNA IDX.

Last but certainly not least, if you have the budget you could go with the best of the best, the Chime CRM.

All three IDX plugin options offer either a free demo or a free trial.

We wish you all the best in your real estate career and hope this article proved helpful for you in making a decision!

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