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13 Best Expired Listing Objection Handlers Of 2024

Best Expired Listing Objection Handlers

Enjoy our curated collection of some of the best expired listing objection handlers used by the pros in 2023.

Most of these phone scripts are in video format and well worth the watch.

We are currently at 13 most common expired listing objections but would like to continue adding to the list so send your own.

These objection handlers are especially helpful if you are just getting into calling expired leads but remember they are just are general guidelines and you don’t have to read them word for word!

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Expired Leads with REDX

Once you become a pro, you’ll know the right way to handle objections by memory and it will get to be more and more natural sounding.

Also be sure to read our article on the best expired listing scripts. That article is a valuable resource to have in front of you as you begin your journey of calling expired listings. This article specifically focusses on objection handlers.

And yes, you will get lots and lots of objections. It’s how you handle those expired listing objections that are going to be crucial to your success.

Expired Leads Objection HandlersAlways try to relate to the sellers situation and have some empathy. Never argue with them.

They have a home that didn’t sell so they are not always in the best of moods (not to mention that you may be the 8th agent to call them).

Calling expired listing leads isn’t for everyone but it does work to generate additional new clients.

Are You an Expired Listings Caller?   What’s the most common expired listing objection you typically get? How well did you handle the objection?

We would love to hear from you! Submit a reply below in the comments. Let’s get started…

Best Expired Listing Objection Handlers

1. “We’re Taking Our Home Off The Market.” or “We’re Going To Wait”

From Tom Ferry:

I hear what you’re saying … and if yesterday I brought you an offer you liked … you were moving right? Let’s just meet for 15 minutes … when you see my aggressive proven plan … if it makes sense … we sell … and if it doesn’t, it was just 15 minutes … sound good?

From REDX YouTube:


2. “We’re Just Not Interested because…”

From Loida Velasquez and Bryan Casella:


3. “We’re Not Ready to Relist Yet Because We Need to Finish a Few Projects Around the House First”

From Tom Ferry:

“I agree that making sure the house is up to par is important and you probably didn’t realize how little effect it will have on securing a buyer …

Let’s get your home listed for sale, get some of the top brokers inside to show the house and get their feedback. The good news is you’ll find out exactly what projects you don’t have to do and the ones you need to do while we’re in the escrow period.

It sure would be nice to not have to spend a dime to get your home sold…wouldn’t it?

Great, which would be better for you, tonight at 6 or 7:30?”

4. “We’ve Already Chosen Another Agent/Friend in the Business.” or “I Have an Appointment Already…”

From Tom Ferry:

I can appreciate that … have you signed an agreement with them?

( IF NO) Let me ask you a question … after (x) months on the market and knowing what you NOW know … wouldn’t it be worth just 15 minutes to hear a different opinion … and a new fresh approach? It will only take me 15 minutes … are you free this afternoon?

From Ian Alexander:

That’s great, I can appreciate your loyalty and that is a quality that I respect in people.

So I’m curious, let me ask you this… Has there ever been a time when you decided to buy something or do something and because a friend said, hey no problem, when you need help, I can do it and in the end, because you didn’t check around, you really didn’t get what you wanted…have you ever been there before?

(YES) Well this time is just like that time, and with that in mind, I’m sure you can see the importance of having me over just to give you a second opinion…that wouldn’t hurt anything, would it?

From Kevin Ward:

From REDX YouTube:


5. “We’re Using or Re-Listing with the SAME Agent”

From REDX YouTube:


6. “I’m Just Going To Lower the Price and Use The Same Agent”

From Kevin Ward YouTube:


7. “We’re Going to Try It On Our Own For a While.” or “We’re Going To Try FSBO.”

I can appreciate that … and let me ask you a question … If i could sell your home in the next 30 days … and save you time … would it be worth just 15 minutes to hear exactly how I can do it?

From REDX YouTube:

8. “You Real Estate Agents Are All the Same.”

From Tom Ferry:

I hear you and actually at (company name) here in (city) we sell (x) times more homes than our competition … would it be worth just 15 minutes to hear exactly how we can do it with your home?

9. “Where Were You When My Home Was on the Market?”

From Tom Ferry:

That’s a great question … I was busy fulfilling the promises I made to my sellers to show, market and sell their homes … I didn’t even know your home was on the market until today when the agreement expired … scary huh? That’s exactly why we should get together … I specialize in selling homes other agents didn’t … and have a 19 point marketing plan I know you’ll be impressed with … what time can we get together to go over it?

10. “How Did You Get My Number?”

From Ian Alexander:

Oh sure, since I specialize in helping sellers in this area I subscribe to a service which provides me with information regarding homes that go off the market after having not sold. So, that when I come in and uhh play superman! Haha

From REDX YouTube:


11. “I Need to Talk With My Spouse…”

From REDX YouTube:


12. “You’re The 100th Agent To Call Me!…”

From Kevin Ward YouTube:

From REDX YouTube:


13. “Will You or How Much Will You Lower Your Commission?”

From Ian Alexander:

You know, you’re right, there are a lot of desperate agents out there and I’m a little concerned…can I tell you why?

Do you own anything more valuable than this home?

Could you say that it is your most valuable possession?

If an agent is so desperate that they are willing to broadcast the fact that they don’t think they have value as a Realtor, then I’m confused.

We’re talking about a person who has already admitted that he or she doesn’t even see value in himself or herself.

Is that the type of person you want to represent you in the most valuable transaction of your life?

Good. If that was the case, then I should not even come over, considering I work 14 hours per day and my assistant works 8 hours a day to get your home sold and that’s very valuable…don’t you think.

From REDX YouTube:

Did we miss any scripts that you love?

I’m sure we did because these are some of the best expired listing objection handlers, but they are also the more common objections you will hear. If you are calling For Sale By Owner listings as well, read our top FBSO scripts article, which lists more objections you may encounter.

Leave any other expired listing objections are you getting and how you like to handle the objection below in the comments!

We also started a new article discussing what to say when calling expired listings.

If you’ve been too afraid to pick up the phone and call some expired listings or just didn’t know how or where to get the phone numbers, we highly recommend REDX!

Read our REDX Review (and you can get a whopping $150 discount on the setup fee).

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