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Bonjoro Review: Video Email Platform Features, Costs & Alternatives

Bonjoro markets itself as a ‘customer delight’ platform.

Whether you have never heard of them before or have been considering using them this Bonjoro review will tell you more about how they want to help you keep your customers happy.

What Is Bonjoro Video Email?

Bonjoro Review

In short, Bonjoro makes it easy to send personalized videos to anyone.

Whether saying thank you to new customers or donors, providing updates to existing clients, or sending a personal message to your biggest fans, Bonjoro’s video email intends to give your engagement a boost.

Of course, anyone can quickly record a video on their phone and email it to someone but that is filled with potential pitfalls. You might not know if the intended recipient even got your video, let alone watched it, and the process is one way.

Bonjoro transforms that by integrating with your existing systems and offering tools to interact with the video it creates an engaging way to communicate. Our Bonjoro review goes into more detail as to how Bonjoro works and why it’s a better alternative to traditional email for most businesses.

Bonjoro Features

How Does Bonjoro Video Email Work?

Bonjoro is simple to use. Once logging in the simple web interface — it works on most browsers, but not Safari or Edge at the moment — allows you to record a video and sent a custom message to the recipient.

A short while later your recipient will get an email telling them they’ve got a message which they can view at their leisure.

The viewer interface allows them to interact, from a simple applause button to show they like the message to writing a reply that you can manage on the Bonjoro web app.

Messages also feature a call to action button which you can customize to send them exactly where you want, whether that’s an order page for your latest product or an update on a campaign.

Bonjoro Review

1. The Bonjoro Video Email Marketing Platform Is Easy To Use

Perhaps the most important of the Bonjoro features is the ease of use and simplicity.

It encourages quick videos by utilizing the built-in webcams on your computer or, if you use their mobile app, on your phone.

If you do have incredibly high production values you can upload videos to send, but in general, the built-in options work well.

The Bonjoro interface is simple, so it’s no more complex than sending an email.

Instead of an inbox, users — who can be either administrators or filmers — will see a list of tasks of Bonjoros to be sent and any replies so they can interact.

Meanwhile, administrators will have access to analytics and the ability to set up the advanced features.

2. Bonjoro Video Emails Are Easy To Customize

Paid options have customization depending on their tier, from using a gif preview in the email to removing the Bonjoro branding and domains to replace them with your own.

This helps make it an even more personal experience.

While the video might be the most personal touch the rest of the email can be customized, so you can add text to encourage people to watch the message or include crucial information to make sure they don’t miss anything.

The call-to-action button can say, and link, to whatever you like.

The customization continues at the back-end as well. So, you can design templates for common messages, allowing your filmers to focus on the video.

3. Bonjoro Has Many Third Party Integrations

Bonjoro features integration with several other services, including popular customer relationship managers like HubSpot, as well as other sites like Patreon.

For those services that do not offer a direct integration, you can often do so indirectly via Zapier, making services like Salesforce available.

Bonjoro does this through an interface called ‘funnels’. Funnels allow you to easily create integrations with other services and, through that, automate parts of the process.

For example, you can set up a trigger so that every time you get a new subscriber to your MailChimp newsletter it will create a task for a filmer to create and send a welcome video.

Funnels can also go the other way, so when someone responds to a Bonjoro it can be logged and create tasks in other services.

The integration of Bonjoro with other services is deceptively simple.

If you have ever used services like Zapier or IFTTT, then you will have no difficulty in using Bonjoro funnels.

However, it is also powerful, and once set up will seamlessly fit in with your other services so Bonjoro just works, rather than being another account and strive that you have to manage.

A bit off-topic here but in case you are curious IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and it is an online service that allows you to automate a large array of things on the internet.

How to Use Bonjoro Video Email?

It is impossible to make a comprehensive list of the ways to use Bonjoro.

It can effectively replace any email you send out, so you could potentially substitute every communication with a Bonjoro.

In practice, you are likely to focus on specific interactions where they can have the most impact.

Real Estate Agents Should Consider Using Bonjoro For Email

Real estate agents can get sales leads by connecting to their clients using video messages.

These video messages, containing complete details of the property, can attract clients and potential investors to consider purchasing it.

What do you think is going to be more personal and get a higher email open rate? Bonjoro or a plain text email? Of course, a Bonjoro video email is going to have far superior performance.

Buyers and sellers usually choose their real estate agent because they like you and trust you (in addition to qualification).

Bonjoro helps build that trust and connection with clients. Real estate agents can use the same video system to thank the buyers after a deal has been completed.

Bonjoro also allows you to create complete video email marketing campaigns. Thus, instead of sending a stand-alone email to your client, you can schedule emails to send out as part of a campaign.

From a real estate agent’s point of view, this service is quite lucrative. Regular videos continually persuading the client to make a purchase can help finalize a deal very easily.

Additional Benefits Of Using Bonjoro Video Email

The limits are your imagination. The power behind Bonjoro is in the engagement it offers between you and your audience, whether they are customers, donors, patrons, or anything else.

While email marketing has been thoroughly researched and optimized it cannot shake the fact that it’s still just email.

While people may not consciously think about how personalized email is automated it is now such a standard that it fails to stand out.

Even if video emails like Bonjoro become more common in the future it’s a level of personalization few will forget and, therefore, offers far more impact than a standard email.

This impact is visible from the outcomes.

Users report that the metrics from Bonjoro video emails far exceed those of traditional emails, which makes Bonjoro a compelling proposition.

When the open rate of email campaigns frequently struggles to get beyond 25% and the click-through rate is frequently just a few percent Bonjoro users will frequently report figures significantly higher, often above 50%.

It does this in a way that integrates easily with your system at a low cost.

The service is designed to work with your existing setup, and integrations are easy so there is a relatively low overhead.

How Much Does Bonjoro Video Email Cost?

  • The Bonjoro Video Email Basic Plan Costs $15 a month.
  • The Bonjoro Video Email Pro Plan Costs $29 a month.
  • The Bonjoro Video Email Growth plan Costs $79 a month.

As you can see, the Bonjoro pricing is surprisingly affordable, especially for the basic video email plan.

Like most services, it offers a range of price plans to fit your business size and plans.

Bonjoro has three pricing tiers including Basic, Pro, and Growth. Each plan offers increasing amounts of features, from personalization to the number of templates, automation, and integrations on offer.

Starting at $15 per user, per month, the Bonjoro Basic plan tier offers 50 videos a month, customization, three custom funnels, and one message template.

The Bonjoro Pro plan tier offers unlimited video adds campaigns and further funnels and templates for $39 per user, per month.

Finally, the Bonjoro Growth plan tier allows twenty-five funnels and templates, and roll-ups, that allow a video to be sent to multiple recipients.

It also allows you to remove every element of Bonjoro branding so the messages are entirely from you.

The Growth Plan offers great value at $79 per user for the first month, then $20 per user every month afterward.

Bonjoro offers a two-week trial so you can test out all the features and, if you need longer to try it, or your needs are limited, there is a free option.

However, given the exceptional improvement in opening and click-through rates for many people and businesses, even on the most expensive tier, will quickly pay for itself.

Bonjoro Video Email Alternatives

If you are not sure Bonjoro is right for you, you could also consider trying some Bonjoro Video Email alternatives such as BombBomb or the Hippo Video Email Platform. BombBomb is the best video email platform specifically made for real estate agents and would be our first choice. To learn more, see our comprehensive BombBomb review.

They are all top video email marketing platforms for real estate agents and businesses of all types that want to better engage with their audience.

Since all three of these video email platforms offer free trials you could try more than one and stick with the platform you are most comfortable with.

In Conclusion

Bonjoro has proven itself to be a robust and innovative platform for video email marketing.

Its unique features, such as personalized video messaging and automation capabilities, set it apart from traditional email marketing tools.

While the costs may be a consideration for some, the potential return on investment through increased engagement and conversion rates could make it a worthwhile investment.

However, it’s important to consider your specific business needs and explore alternatives before making a decision. Ultimately, Bonjoro offers a fresh and engaging way to connect with your audience in the digital age.

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