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5 Top Video Email Marketing Platforms For Real Estate

Top Video Email Marketing Platforms For Real Estate (…or any business that wants to engage their audience)

One recent trend in the real estate industry is focusing on employing video email marketing platforms to engage with your clients or acquire more leads.

According to Hootsuite and numerous other sources, video marketing posts gets significantly more engagement than other post types on social media.

When you combine the benefits of email marketing with the engagement of video marketing, you have a recipe for success.

Video marketing can help you tell your story, build trust and also better humanize your brand.

Video Email Marketing Platforms Engagement Chart

In this article, we are going to do a review of the top 5 different top video email platforms real estate agents are using to grow their client base and stay in front of clients.

Keep in mind that these are all stellar options and that they are not necessarily in order of best to worst.

Several of these video marketing platforms offer free trials with no credit card required so we suggest trying a couple of them for a few days and then sticking with your favorite.

You might also be surprised at just how affordable most of these video email platforms cost.

For example, the Hippo Video starter package starts at just $15 per month and the Bonjoro video email basic package starts at just $12.50 per month.

Quick Pick: If you are a real estate agent, BombBomb is the best choice. You can read my comprehensive BombBomb review for more details.

What is Video Email Marketing?

In a nutshell, video email marketing platforms offer you the ability to send emails to prospective clients containing short videos (or links to short videos) displaying your product or service.

Two different types of video email marketing platforms exist today.

The first type offers you the ability to integrate the services on your website. This way, new visitors to the website get the chance to subscribe to a newsletter or marketing campaign.

During this subscription process, the service takes and stores their respective email addresses. Later, the same email addresses from the database to whom you can project a product.

The second type uses the database of the email marketing firm itself. In such cases, the firm holds a complete database of different niches of customers.

For example, it has real estate investors’ names in Los Angles, Dallas, Boston, etc. The client pays for the development and projection of their video advertisement to this database.

Both methods are essential in the context of real estate marketing.

If you have a running website where multiple potential customers regularly visit, asking them to subscribe to your integrated video email marketing platform increases the chance of their future conversion.

Similarly, for someone starting in the real estate business or selling particular real estate property, the second type helps them direct their property to the buyers’ right class.

You can deliberately select the area and type of customers you wish to protect your property towards. This way, you can make an easy sale and kickstart your real estate business.

Here are our picks for the 5 Top Platforms for Real Estate Video Email Marketing

Bonjoro Video Email Marketing

Video email Marketing

Much like the other services on the list, Bonjoro’s video marketing platform allows each user to enjoy using a 14-day free trial to test the product.

During this free-trial period, you do not need to supply the firm with your credit card details! It’s also the service that we feel gives the best combination of features and very affordable pricing. “Bonjoro is AWESOME!”

Real Estate agents may use Bonjoro video email marketing service for several reasons:

Real estate agents can get sales leads by connecting to their clients using video messages.

These video messages, containing complete details of the property, can attract clients and potential investors to consider purchasing it.

Secondly, real estate agents can use the same video system to thank the buyers after a deal has been completed.

Such thankful notes can also contain short clips of other properties that the real estate agents are currently dealing with.

This way, the same investor may be interested in buying more properties as well.

Additionally, they can tell their relatives and friends about the other properties and their experiences.

Many clients appreciate it if you check in with them after the finalization of your real estate deal. This way, they can feel more satisfied with the service and will surely spread it forward.

The best way is to send them a video email explaining how they can make the best use of their new properties.

Bonjoro allows you to create complete video email marketing campaigns.

Thus, instead of sending a stand-alone email to your client, you can schedule emails to send out as part of a campaign.

From a real estate agent’s point of view, this service is quite lucrative. Regular videos continually persuading the client to make a purchase can help finalize a deal very easily.

You can record and send videos on Bonjoro using both their website and dedicated application.

Additionally, you can add call-to-action buttons and your branding to any video. This aspect stands out compared to Vidyard, where you have to pay to access custom branding tools.

Each message you send to your clients is more human. Thus, clients are more likely to prefer reading your email rather than bot-generated emails.

Bonjoro also offers comprehensive packages for its service.

How Much Does Bonjoro Cost?

The Bonjoro Free package, as the name suggests, is free of cost. You are allowed to upload 50 videos every month and create one custom funnel for your videos.

Additionally, you get the tools required to record your screen as well. Before sending emails to clients though I’d probably upgrade to at least the basic plan so it removes the Bonjoro branding from the videos.

The Bonjoro Basic package increases the usability of the service for a small price tag of $12.50 per month.

You get the chance to use custom branding and create three custom funnels as well. Furthermore, you may save one message template.

The Bonjoro Pro package offers you the ability to upload unlimited videos every month and have five custom funnels.

Furthermore, you can create five message templates for a price tag of $33 per month. Additionally, you get all the features in the other packages.

The Bonjoro Growth package allows you a basic subscription for $66 per month and the ability to add each additional user for 17 USD per month.

In this package, you can create 25 custom funnels and message templates.

Additionally, you can send rollups to groups as well. You also get the ability to remove the Bonjoro badge from your marketing effort as well.

Some of the key features of the Bonjoro video email platform are as follows:

  • The service sends all emails through properly verified domains. Thus, each email lands in the inbox of your potential clients instead of their junk or spam folder. Additionally, it assures delivery to Gmail and Outlook systems.
  • The screen recorder allows you to capture HD screen recordings.
  • You get proper message templates as well to send email marketing messages to clients.
  • Each custom funnel allows you to personalize your work according to the needs and requirements of each client or group of clients.
  • The CRM integration allows you to incorporate knowledge about your customer context into the product you send out to them for review.
  • You can get priority support in paid packages. This way, your video email for real estate issues can get solved immediately.
  • You get access to the Filmer account where proper restrictions can be imposed on different team members regarding their respective abilities and prospects.

Bonjoro Pricing and Features Breakdown

Bonjoro Pricing


Source: Bonjoro Pricing Subject to Change…

Bonjoro Standard and Pro Features

Bonjoro Standard Features and Pro Features


Source: Bonjoro Features Subject to Change…

Bonjoro has announced that it will introduce many new features in the upcoming months to its service.

If you still need more information about this video email platform you can check out our other Bonjoro Video Email Review or visit their website by following the link below…

Hippo Video Email Platform

Hippo Video Marketing

The Hippo Video engagement platform can be defined more specifically as a video email marketing platform than Bomb Bomb for example.

The central aspect that sets this service apart is its particular focus on email marketing.

While Dubb is our “editor’s pick” we most certainly were also very impressed with Hippo Video as well. You should try both and decide for yourself.

We think Dubb offers the most valuable service for the price.

Most people do not read the textual-based emails they receive in their Gmail inbox.

However, a video email catches the attention of most potential clients.

The best aspect of this feature is that the sent email shows your email address as the sender. Thus, the potential customer can easily reach you by replying to the marketed email.

Additionally, the email that you send regarding the real estate using Hippo Video’s video marketing platform does not attach the video as an attachment.

Attachments may not deliver properly, and there are size limits on how long a video you may connect. Instead, it attaches the video’s indirect links that the user can open to view the video smoothly.

You can also send video emails to your potential client’s outlook address.

Remember, HippoVideo does not offer its marketing database. Thus, you have to provide all the emails yourself. However, it does provide tracking services for the emails sent to outlook addresses.

You receive information about how many unique users from the email marketing campaign ended up viewing your video. This way, you can target the right market for your product, increasing your response rates.

HippoVideo provides multiple connected services as well. These services help to increase the potential benefit from your video email marketing campaign for real estate.

The marketer can personalize the video email at the scale they receive. In most cases, you can simply select the email templates offered by the video email platform and edit them based on your requirements.

Most templates contain the required design fields such as company name, response email id, and a generic product text. A few of these templates apply directly to the Real Estate Industry.

Another benefit of Hippo Video is that you can integrate this video email marketing service into any Customer Relationships Management tool.

It provides ready-made integration methods for the most widely used CRMs.

Likewise, if you use a relatively unknown CRM, you can still use this video email marketing service using API signals.

A significant benefit of this approach is niche client management. For example, if you have a complete database of Real Estate clients, you can use this service to send them easily, send them your video emails.

The platform offers detailed video email marketing statistics.

You can generate specialized reports with a single click as well. This way, you can easily monitor the response that your video email marketing receives.

It can help determine any Real Estate’s attractiveness depending on the number of clients who preferred to open the video and watch it.

How Much Does Hippo Video Cost?

You get a 7-day free trial on their video recording and marketing solution. For this free trial, the client does not need to attach his or her credit card.

The Hippo Video FREE package offered by Hippo Video for annual usage offers you the ability to record HD videos and download the mobile application.

Furthermore, you can generate your GIF Thumbnails for the video.

The Hippo Video STARTER package priced at 15 USD per month (if billed annually) takes these features ahead by allowing direct integration to Gmail/Outlook.

Furthermore, you get complete reports generated for your Gmail address.

As a perk, they offer you complete coaching videos from Jeffrey Gitomer as well.

The Hippo Video PRO package offers everything in the starter package plus special editing tools and the green screen feature.

Furthermore, you can brand your video as per your liking and utilize the teleprompter services as well.

Additionally, it allows you to integrate HubSpot with your services.

The Hippo Video GROWTH package comes at a price tag of 65 USD per month (if billed annually) and offers you the chance to generate advanced video reports and assign roles to different users.

You also get access to a dedicated account management system. Additionally, you can list your real estate videos directly on their website as well.

Each customer may opt from the following addons for a monthly payment as well:

You can get personalization for your account at 100 USD per month (if billed quarterly). This way, you can send personalized video emails to your clients directly from HippoVideo.

You may opt for direct testimonials. This way, your clients can give your real estate video testimonials directly from the email they receive.

You may include other features such as subtitles and bandwidth to your video on this video email platform as well.

Hippo Video Features Breakdown

Hippo Video Features and Pricing


Source: Hippo Video. Features and Pricing Subject to Change…

Overall, the service can help you expand the circle of clients or potential clients who may be interested in your properties.

The advanced video editing features supported by advanced packages allow you to offer your customers the best videos in their emails.

This aspect can potentially increase the prestige of your video marketing company as well.

If you still need more information about the Hippo Video service, you can check out our other Hippo Video Reviews or visit their website by following the link below…

Dubb Video Marketing Platform

Dubb Video Marketing Platform

Finally, Dubb is another champion when it comes to video email marketing for real estate clients. In fact, we think Dubb is the best option for most users.

Here are some of the core aspects of Dubb:

  • You can create your initial free account using both your email address and social media account. Social media login options include Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn login ability.
  • Replace Text with Video Messages!
  • You can create proper social posts with Dubb.

    Thus, while you send out an email to the customers, you can make them sound more social-media style and get better engagement.

  • Additionally, you may attach your current appointment calendar as well.

    This calendar updates in real-time. Thus, if you add a new appointment today and a potential real estate client opens his email tomorrow, he will see the updated calendar and book an appointment based on the newly available deadlines.

  • Before opting for the service, you can check a complete collection of Dubb videos. These videos allow you to understand the service and only opt-in if you need the services.
  • You can develop different videos to send out to different platforms. For example, you can create a more interactive video for social media and a more formal email marketing.
  • You can create proper landing pages where your customers land when interacting with the video. This way, you can improve the projection of your product.
  • The real estate agent can add multiple features to his videos and emails.

    For example, you may develop custom forms to incorporate into the videos. These forms allow the customers to include the details to reach out to them.

    Additionally, it makes it easier for you to understand who might be interested in the same or further properties.

  • You can instantly produce videos with the ease of your mobile phone. The application also allows you to edit your videos in real-time directly on your phone as well.
  • Advanced reporting services help real estate agents to locate the information that they can use to develop better marketing campaigns in the future.

Currently, more than 14,000 Real Estate businesses integrate Dubb’s services into their platforms.

The Dubb video platform received more than 250 5-star reviews from its current customers. That’s saying something!

The service offers proper extensions for most major web browsers. These extensions allow you to locate your service material easily.

You may also generate transcriptions for your videos automatically using the auto-transcribe feature incorporated in the service. The platform also offers a great way for team members to communicate and collaborate.

You may also integrate your YouTube videos to your Dubb’s platform.

Finally, most CRM services like Monday CRM and Chime CRM attach directly to Dubb, making it easier for you to market your product.

How Much Does Dubb Video Cost?

The Starter Dubb package is free of cost and gives you unlimited storage. However, the video quality is standard. Furthermore, you can not remove the Dubb logo from your video.

The Pro Dubb package which costs $32 per month, offers you HD video storage along with a custom logo and custom branding.

Additionally, you get your own custom Dubb subdomain as well.

You can add 10 thousand contacts for free and add more contacts at the rate of 10 USD per month for 10 thousand contacts.

Additionally, you can create custom call-to-action buttons and landing pages. The same package also offers you the chance to manage your team.

The Pro Plus Dubb package costing $80 per month will provide you with phone support and an account manager.

Furthermore, you get custom integrations and email templates as well.

Additionally, you may develop your custom script using the Dubb tools easily.

Dubb Video Features Breakdown

Dubb Features and Costs


Source: Dubb Video. Features and Pricing Subject to Change…

Vidyard Video Email Platform

VidYard Video Marketing Platform

The Vidyard video email marketing service is different from the previous two as it has a specific service dedicated to real estate video marketing.

Having said we think BombBomb is best for real estate agents (although it’s more pricey).

Vidyard for Real Estate is a sub-service of Vidyard where real estate professionals can easily create amazing and attractive videos to send to their real estate clients.

More importantly, you can try the basic part of this service for free. Yes! You do not need to pay a penny for the basic service.

Having said that, you are going to want to upgrade before sending clips to your clients to remove VidYard branding and for higher quality videos.

The product is exceptionally fast and allows you to create videos using your webcam as well.

If you have pictures of your property, you can record your voice using the screen recording feature.

The product does not limit the marketing options for the buyer to video email for Real Estate.

You can use social media and even text messages to send links to your videos.

All the links sent out have a tracking service, whereby you know exactly who views your view and for how long.

This way, you can track your customers’ main source and the main area of interest for these customers.

A real estate agent may follow up by sending them other videos for properties they initially looked upon.

As a real estate agent, you get a better chance to face off against the competition.

Your buyers can receive the video you send in their e-mail inbox.

This aspect is a major benefit compared to many direct email sending services where the emails end up in the customer’s spam folder.

Here are some basic ways you can use Vidyard:

  • You can create 1-to-1 introduction videos to briefly look at your product to a potentially interested customer.
  • You can create real-estate videography with ease using Vidyard’s video marketing tools.
  • Your videos are not only limited to the marketing email.

    Instead, you can make a complete list of videos that serve as visual tours of the real estate and property you are projecting.

    That way, you can streamline the buying process easier.

Testimonials from previous users on Vidyard suggest that the service helped them improve their conversions massively.

These testimonials come from independent real estate agents, realtors, and representatives of some of the big names in the real estate industry.

There are numerous blogs on VidYard’s website that suggest different Real Estate agents’ methods to use the service.

Vidyard provides listicles of the most effective methods, strategies, and ideas in which their service can benefit most people.

Let us now consider the general end of the product as well. Apart from video email marketing services, you get the tools to create and record videos.

You do not have to worry about hosting your videos as well.

Instead, Vidyard provides you with unlimited video hosting with most of its packages.

Using this service, you can easily host the videos you create with Vidyard and send them out to customers. An added benefit here is re-use.

In many cases, the property does not sell on the first marketing email.

In such cases, resending the video message to the emails of the clients becomes necessary. Similarly, some emails are generally applicable.

For example, your introductory email video message can be used again after every few months to send out an email marketing message to new users. Thus, the service allows your retail market to grow by hosted videos.

You can customize the experience of every user in your video.

The system allows you to personalize the video marketing emails for real estate that you send out to different customers or customer groups. Each group can be sent different variations of the same email.

You can send completely different emails with the same video message as well. This increases the usability of the platform for most real estate agents.

For example, you can project the same property in different ways to your residential customers and business / commercial customers.

Finally, you get detailed analytics for the videos attached to your video emails for real estate. This way, you know the audience better and can determine whether the product or its projection needs to be modified to suit the audience.

How Much Does Vidyard Cost?

You can get the Vidyard Free package and in this case, you do not need to attach any credit card to the service as well.

The free option is good for testing things out but ultimately you are probably going to want to upgrade to the very affordable pro package.

The Vidyard Pro package is offered at an affordable price tag of $15 per month.

Here, you get the chance to protect your videos using strong password combinations.

This way, your competitors can not see your videos without your permission.

Furthermore, it allows email recipients to reply to your videos directly.

Direct replies mean that you can connect with your customers on the video email they saw regarding your service or the property you listed.

Additionally, you can create call-to-action buttons on your videos as well. This way, more users can connect to your website and online profiles.

The second most expensive package offered by Vidyard, called the Teams package, offers you exceptional features for a price tag of $300 per month.

Here, you can add 3+ users to your account and assign them different roles according to your requirements.

Additionally, you can add custom branding to your videos as well.

Video email marketing increases in importance with the detailed video analytic system that contains important data to monitor user behavior.

The Business package starts at $1,250 per month and allows you to add five plus users to your account.

Additionally, you get a CRM/ MAP Integration approach as well. However, there is a major drawback as most other services on the list allow for CRM integration services at a much lower price tag.

Finally, if you want a much more comprehensive solution, you can discuss your enterprise solution requirements with their sales team. They can offer you more comprehensive services for a mutually agreed rate per month.

The custom video solutions allow flexible team controls, complete video security, and fully professional services. Here, the backend team of Vidyard builds the complete video email marketing solution as per your need.

If you are a real estate agent, we suggest trying BombBomb first. You can try each of these video email services for free.

BombBomb Video Email Marketing

The last video email platform that we are going to review is BombBomb.

The firm offers different packages and plans for video email marketing, depending on the needs of customers.

BombBomb offers a Free Trial with no credit card required.

BombBomb is impressive and probably the most popular video email marketing platform for real estate agents. We have a full BombBomb review on our blog.

bombbomb video email

Here are a few points regarding the potential uses of the Bomb Bomb Essentials Package in Real Estate Video Email Marketing:

The BombBomb Essential package provides you with the most accessible tools to record your video message.

Thus, instead of hiring a paid professional’s services to develop your video, you can simply sit in front of your computer or mobile phone and record your message.

Additionally, a real estate agent or seller can avail of this service for free during the first 14 days.

These one-to-one messages serve an essential purpose when marketing your Real Estate Services.

They allow you to fully explain your service or mention the key features of the property you are projecting to potential clients.

Additionally, you can connect your email address to the video marketed email itself. Thus, your potential customers can reach you back on your email.

The BombBomb Essential package also allows the marketer to track the performance of their video message and its distribution.

Thus, you get a detailed report on how many emails have been received by potential customers and how many of them have ended up playing the video.

This way, the real estate agent remains fully aware of the project and the reach of their message.

How Much Does BombBomb Cost?

There are multiple additional benefits of the BombBomb Essential package that you can receive for $29 per month:

  • You get unlimited hosting of your videos on the BombBomb platform. Thus, your videos are safe, and the real estate agent can share them again if required.
  • You can brand the video page of the shared video. Thus, when the customer arrives on your video page, they become aware of the firm that sent the video email for real estate.
  • BombBomb provides the real estate agent with a call-to-action button to the videos shared in an email. This way, potential customers can land directly on your website or property listing.
  • You can use animated graphics and features to project your videos further. More customers are likely to see the video attached in their email if it is animated.
  • The video email platform also offers reusable snippets to ease up the process of a video marketing email. You can select any snippet that suits your purpose, make the necessary edits, and send the video to your potential customers.

You may opt for the BombBomb Plus package that’s currently priced at $49 a month.

This package makes it easier for teams to collaborate on the cloud network.

It also monitors the performance of each team member in real-time.

You can distribute different content templates with your team.

For example, you get a great idea that the marketing team can use when sending out their next video marketing update.

All you need to do is simply attach the data in the pre-written content area. This way, team performance improves with minimal extra effort. 

With the BombBomb Plus package, you’ll receive extra security and protection for your content as well.

In many cases, the Bomb Bomb team collaborates with you over different issues that you may face during our online video marketing.

BombBomb Features Breakdown

BombBomb Essentials and Plus Plan Features


Source: BombBomb. Features and Pricing Subject to Change…

However, the service has one small downside in our opinion and that’s the monthly pricing.

BombBomb has been around a long time and is one of the first video email platforms.

Try the BombBomb Video Email Platform For Free

Top Video Email Platforms – Final Thoughts

All the video email marketing platforms listed above can provide you exceptional control over the video content you market to your real estate clients’ emails—however, each service has its pros and cons.

Try checking out everyone’s free account features and selecting the one that suits you the most.

Let us know in the comment section your experience with any of these video email marketing platforms…

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