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46 Best Real Estate Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2023

Best Real Estate Blogs

Enjoy my guide that covers many of the best real estate blogs for both investors and agents.

No matter if you’re just starting out in the home-buying world or if you’re a pro in real estate, these real estate blogs are here to help you learn and sharpen your skills.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a nice list of the top real estate agent blogs, right at your fingertips.

Why Do Some Real Estate Blogs Get More Attention?

When it comes to real estate, people need clear answers to their questions. The best real estate blogs make sure of that by giving specific info for particular questions.

  1. Quality Real Estate Content Takes the Spotlight

    Real estate blogs, just like top blogs in other fields, always put out really good content.

    Most of the blogs we’ve selected, including yours truly, publish content at least once a week, and some even publish content daily.

  2. Keeping Blog Articles Up-to-Date

    Some blog posts stay useful for years, while others need regular updates to match changes in rules, important news, tax laws, and all that stuff.

    The best real estate blogs don’t slack off in this department – they keep their content fresh to keep their readers informed and in the know.

  3. Focusing on Specific Parts of Real Estate

    The coolest real estate blogs are the ones that specialize in certain parts of the business. This is why it’s really important to understand what each blog is all about.

    Dealing with single-family homes is pretty different from handling multi-family properties in the commercial real estate world.

  4. User-Friendly Design and Easy Navigation

    The best real estate blogs are easy to use and look nice, with a simple layout.

    They make it super easy to find and read whatever you’re looking for. No annoying ads are plastered all over the page, and there are no pushy prompts on these blogs; they load up really fast too.

Real quick, we didn’t include our real estate blog in the official list, but we believe we’ve got a lot of great reviews and tips there!

So, if you could be so kind as to take a look at the Agent Marketing Essentials Real Estate Agent Blog, we would be immensely grateful.

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Here’s my list of the top real estate blogs to read in 2023…

Best Real Estate Blogs

1. Blogs

Real estate professionals can use’s specialized blog platform, while buyers and sellers can use the site’s dedicated blog platform.

There is a dedicated section for the luxury housing market on the main blog, which covers everything from the hottest home markets to economic trends and news.’s “Home Made” blog, on the other hand, is geared more toward buyers and sellers of real estate.

A variety of themes are covered in the posts, such as how to stage a property and what you should do if you find yourself in the middle of a bidding battle.

2. BiggerPockets Blog

This site’s main purpose is to assist individuals to learn about all facets of real estate and investment by providing free information and advice.

The real estate investing community, it’s a place to develop your expertise and connect with others in the industry.

To all investors, the BiggerPockets blog is a gold mine of information.

3. Reddit- HomeOwners & Investors

It’s everything about real estate investing, financing, and more on Reddit’s Homeowners and Investors subreddit!

Reddit’s daily post frequency and the wealth of knowledge available from other users are two of the site’s best features

4. Fundrise Blog

You can learn everything you need to know about real estate investing from Fundrise’s blog, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned investor.

For those new to real estate investing or crowdfunding, the blog’s investing vocabulary might be a great resource.

5. Afford Anything Blog

Buying rental properties was how Paula Pant, the author of Afford Anything, became financially independent.

Her blog seeks to address the following issues: In other words, how can we better manage our finances, our time, and the quality of our lives?

To live the life we want, how can we make sure that our daily routines and habits are in line with our values?

Investing and financial freedom, as well as leisure and travel, are covered. Real estate, entrepreneurship, productivity, personal, and a philosophy of money are all discussed.

6. FortuneBuilders Blog

Blog posts on the FortuneBuilders website are full of useful information, from financial advice to strategies for increasing the value of your homes.

7. Realty Mogul Blog

On Realty Mogul’s blog, you’ll find a wealth of information for both commercial and residential real estate investors.

They also offer a series called #MogulMinutes, which provides an excellent overview of up-to-date financial news.

8. Landlordology

There is a lot of information on becoming a landlord on the Landlordology blog. Update: This blog appears to have been purchased by

Real estate investment, finding and screening excellent tenants, insurance, leases and upkeep and repairs, rent and expenses, security deposits, and taxes are all topics covered in helpful articles.

As a landlord, you’ll find a wealth of information on state-specific legislation and regulations, as well as thorough guides.

9. Zillow Porchlight Blog

The Zillow blog is a real estate and rental marketplace geared toward consumers.

Data, inspiration, and information about the local real estate market are the primary goals of this site.

You may learn about everything from renting a house to funding a renovation on the blog.

10. Trulia’s Real Estate Blog

Easily access all of your property listings, both for sale and for rent.

For more in-depth information about the schools and neighborhoods in your area, check out Trulia’s blog.

This company’s main purpose is to make the process of purchasing or renting a property easier.

11. Forbes Real Estate Blog

In terms of real estate news and commentary, Forbes is the go-to site.

Breaking real estate news and headlines can be expected from this site.

For investors in real estate, there is also a lot of information about market trends, how to invest, and more.

12. Redfin Real-Time

It is Redfin’s mission to revolutionize the real estate market for the consumer’s benefit.

Readers may find everything they need to know about buying, selling, and owning a property in Redfin’s Real-Time section.

They describe it as “Real Estate on Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street” in their own words.

13. Spark Rental

Smaller landlords with fewer than 50 units can use SparkRental’s property management software.

Additionally, they might choose not to pay a monthly fee. Tenant credit and background checks, state-specific agreements, online rent collection, and spending tracking are just some of the features available to property owners.

Almost any real estate investing query you might have can be found on the SparkRental blog.

14. Geek Estate Blog

“With experience in offering technological services to the real estate business and practitioners,” Geek Estate, as its name implies, is a blog authored by self-described “real estate geeks.”

Among the topics covered in this blog are cutting-edge technologies and strategies in the real estate industry and interviews with real estate professionals who have taken their business to the next level via the use of new technology.

15. Mashvisor Real Estate Blog

If you’re interested in learning more about real estate investing, Mashvisor’s real estate blog is a great resource.

It also provides information on the best places to invest in, where to find real estate agents, and how to analyze properties.

For real estate investors, Mashvisor’s blog is a valuable resource because of the regularity and frequency with which it publishes new content.

16. InvestFourMore Blog

Mark Furgeson is a real estate agent, entrepreneur, author, and investor who runs the InvestFourMore blog and shares his knowledge and experience with others.

To establish your real estate empire, see how Mark built $3.7 million in equity by renting out his homes.

17. Coach Carson

Investor Chad Carson, also known as “Coach Carson,” studied the ins and outs of buying and selling rental properties.

In today’s economy, Chad is no longer needs to work because he is financially secure.

He recommends 85 resources on his blog to help you get started investing in real estate. There are many materials Carson suggests to investors, such as books, tools, and websites.

18. REtipster Real Estate Blog

For novice and seasoned real estate investors, REtipster is a great source of information on how to better manage their enterprises.

Investing in real estate, renting out houses, discovering deals, selling properties quickly, and using the latest technologies are among the many subjects covered.

19. Flipping Junkie

FlippingJunkie chronicles Danny Johnson’s road to financial freedom through house flipping.

Beginning blog readers should begin by reading the 34 weeks in which he explains how to successfully market to motivated sellers, analyze deals, purchase properties, and then sell them for profit.

This is one of the most comprehensive blogs on flipping out that I’ve ever come across.

20. College Investor Blog

To get out of student loan debt and start investing, earning passive income, and accumulating wealth, the College Investor blog assists millennials in this endeavor.

A wonderful site for anyone interested in learning how to invest in real estate and start saving for retirement is this one.

21. Inman Real Estate Blog

One of the best independent real estate news sources is Inman News.

For real estate leaders, tech experts, and consumers, the blog provides daily news, technological advice, and information-based goods and services.

Multiple daily news posts from Inman enable real estate agents and brokers to remain on top of the latest trends.

22. CNBC Real Estate Blog

CNBC devotes an entire section of its website to real estate news and headlines for its users.

A wide range of topics is covered, including commercial, residential, REITs, and mortgage news.

23. RealWealth Investors Podcast

There’s no better way to stay on top of all things real estate investing than by listening to the Real Estate News Podcast.

Learn how to make smart investments that can help you build and protect your wealth in 2021.

24. Housing Wire

Mortgage, real estate, and housing economy news and discussion are all covered by Housing Wire’s comprehensive coverage.

Get up to date on the latest financial and regulatory developments.

25. Realty Times

One of the most reputable sources in the real estate market, Realty Times, is here to keep you up-to-date on all things related to real estate.

Women in real estate and certain housing markets are also covered in the blog.

26. The Business Journals – Residential Real Estate

The Business Journals give up-to-date information on residential real estate from 43 cities around the United States.

Stay up to date on the latest in real estate news by reading this blog.

27. National Association of REALTORS®

Real estate professionals and those who want to learn more about the industry will find a wealth of information on the National Association of Realtors’ blog.

An additional useful resource for real estate agents in the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

28. Keller Williams Outfront Blog

Keller Williams Realty is the largest real estate business in the world, with over 800 offices and 150,000 agents worldwide.

For those who want to learn more about the lives and companies of the world’s best real estate agents, KW’s blog Outfront is a great place to start.

29. RealtyBizNews

Realtors, contractors, investors, and consumers may all benefit from RealtyBizNews, which provides timely and relevant real estate news.

Technology and real estate marketing will also be covered, as will housing resources and the most recent housing trends.

30. HomeLight Blog

There are reviews of real estate agents, sales data, and historical data on HomeLight if you’re trying to purchase or sell a house.

Real estate agents and professionals from across the country contribute hundreds of articles, guides, tools, and tips for the benefit of readers.

31. The Close


The Close aims to deliver “actionable real estate concepts from industry experts” to the masses.

From real estate agent basics to marketing and lead generation, the Close is an excellent resource for any real estate agent trying to better their digital marketing game.

32. REALTOR® Magazine

REALTOR® Magazine is a print and online publication dedicated to informing its audience on the best practices for running a successful real estate business.

It includes industry best practices, expert insights, and timely decision-making aids on business strategy.

This blog was created and is maintained by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

33. Keeping Current Matters

Real estate information blog Keeping Current Matters has a mission to revolutionize the way real estate advisors serve and educate their customers.

Tips for buyers and sellers, information on interest rates, Millennial investment techniques, and more are all included in the categories.

34. Dough Roller

“How to create it, give it, and spend it in a way that gets us closer to financial freedom” is the theme of the Dough Roller blog.

From real estate investing and asset allocation to savings techniques and recommendations for getting financially fit, readers will discover a wealth of information here.

35. Notorious R.O.B.

Managing Partner of 7DS Associates Rob Hahn is the author of Notorious R.O.B., a blog he started and maintains.

Rob’s unique perspective on all real estate topics may be seen in this blog because he’s in the heart of it all himself.

In his scathing honesty, he challenges some of the real estate’s most established truths, but he also provides ample data to back up his claims.

36. The Real Deal Real Estate Blog

This is a news organization rather than a simple blog, just like HousingWire is.

New York, Los Angeles, South Florida, and Chicago are among America’s largest real estate markets that are covered by The Real Deal.

However, the Real Deal also covers national real estate news.

37. Better Homes and Gardens

The magazine Better Homes and Gardens has been around for a long time in the United States.

It is currently the fourth most popular magazine in the United States.

Many articles can be found on the website even though it’s more recognized for its print publication.

Any real estate agent who is eager to improve their staging skills, prepare a home for showing, and maintain the home’s curb appeal until it is sold will find this book invaluable.

38. Apartment List’s Rentonomics Blog

Both tenants and landlords would appreciate the information you provide.
A great resource for real estate agents and brokers who want to dabble in the rental market is this blog.

This blog may also be useful if you frequently deal with clients who want to make the switch from renting to buying a home.

It will give you an idea of the kinds of questions and concerns that renters have.

39. Market Watch: The Real Estate Section

Not all of Market Watch’s content is focused on real estate.

It focuses mostly on macroeconomic financial information. Even so, the real estate section is something you should keep an eye out for.

40. Lighter Side of Real Estate

Humorous and well-versed in social media marketing, these are the best realtors out there.

Meme generator The Lighter Side of Real Estate is likely responsible for many of your favorite real estate memes.

As a resource for real estate memes, this blog is more than simply a place to pass time and have some fun.

In addition, there are wonderful publications on how to utilize comedy to your advantage in the field of real estate marketing.

41. Shannon Jones Blog

This blog is recommended for Real estate agents trying to strengthen their content marketing approach.

If you need an example of how you should model your content marketing approach, Shannon Jones is a terrific candidate.

42. Calculated Risk Blog

Bill McBride, a full-time financial and economics blogger, runs the site Calculated Risk.

The ability of Mr. McBride to foresee future economic changes in the real estate business is frequently lauded by media outlets like Time, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, among others.

43. The Tenant Advisor

Is this blog only interesting to tenants? The name suggests otherwise, but it’s much more than that.

Houston, Texas-based healthcare commercial real estate is the focus of this blog’s writings.

Since it’s a guide to dealing with the present pandemic, it also includes a wealth of information on how to do so.

You should check it out if you reside here and work in commercial real estate.

44. Zolo Real Estate Blog

Similar to Zillow, Zolo compiles real estate listings from a variety of sources.

However, Zolo also provides up-to-date information on Canadian real estate, as well as numerous articles aimed at educating readers about the industry.

Real estate experts and investors alike will find a wealth of information on this site on the most recent developments in the real estate market.

45. McKissock Blog

McKissock offers educational and professional development courses for real estate professionals, property appraisers, and inspectors.

Additionally, it has a top-notch real estate blog that utilizes McKissock’s real estate education.

46. REM Real Estate Blog

For real estate professionals, REM is Canada’s leading monthly publication.

Real estate news, guidance from agents to agents, interviews with top producers, tech reviews, and much more can be found on their website.

Regardless of where you call home, this site is worth a look.

The Best Real Estate Blogs of 2023 – My Final Thoughts

Explore the best real estate blogs to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Learn from the successes and pitfalls of others in the real estate sector, and discover how to avoid making the same mistakes.

It’s important to remember that many of these fantastic blogs offer free resources, such as how-to guides, market statistics, analysis, and more.

If you have an amazing real estate blog and would like to be added to the blog list, simply contact us.

Before you leave, you can find our real estate blog here!  Some of my most visited articles include our REDX reviews, new real estate agent tips, and online real estate schools among others.

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