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87 Best Tips For New Real Estate Agents

New Real Estate Agent AdviceWhat are the best tips and advice for new real estate agents in 2023?

There really isn’t one right answer. Real Estate Agents have different talents.  Your talent might be technology and social media. 

Another agent might be a former teacher and have a gift for really teaching the buying process to their clients. Maybe you don’t know how to use Facebook Ads but you do a great job at educating your clients which gets you a lot of referrals.

The point is that we real estate agents can excel at different things and still have a successful career.

We reached out to hundreds of licensed real estate agents in a few popular Facebook Groups for real estate agents and asked them this one question:

What’s Your 1 Best Tip or Piece of Advice For New Real Estate Agents?

Here are their responses plus a few bonus worst real estate agent advice answers:

  1. Determine your USP and run with it. Be different. (Randy A.)  For those that don’t know, that’s Unique Selling Proposition. That’s what sets you apart from everyone else. Own your differences and carry yourself with confidence and conviction. You’ll be unstoppable. (Nathan H.)
  2. Don’t buy anything! I’m so sick of the solicitations! Do your own research, the amount of advice and opinions on how to run and market your business is also overwhelming! Not bad, just how do you choose when there are so many ways. (Jodi H.)
  3. Don’t give up. The First two years are always the hardest. If you can push through those, you’re in there. (Nathan H.)
  4. I’m in year two. Year one was was great. Sold some and learned a ton! But, in year two, If I didn’t have a source of income I’d be living in my car. I cut hair in a salon, at my home, and in people’s homes. Plus I do photography as well. Between all three of them, it’s still hard sometimes. My advice is to either have two years of living expenses or have a side hustle…. Or two. (Bruce D.)
  5. If you can master Social Media, you’ll be a rockstar REALTOR! (John C.)  [response by Paris M.] Yes. But, you’ve got to be well versed in the ins and outs of the industry. Financing, state laws, ethics, etc otherwise social media is just a piece of the big puzzle.
  6. Join a team that gives you leads(there will be a split but some commission is better then none and you will also has a team to ask for advice and questions), work hard, and utilize your social media. (Samantha B.)
  7. You don’t need business cards to succeed. You don’t need a website to succeed. Stop comparing yourself to others. Figure out your WHY. Stop spending money on leads and talk to people. (Tuesdee D.)
  8. Have an experienced top selling coach or broker on speed dial. (Rick)
  9. Everything works if you’re consistent. (Oscar R.)
  10. Whatever you do for fun, especially athletic, join a big group that meets regularly. Mines golf and hockey. Groups meaning many people. Circle is key (Jeff S.)
  11. The right company helps. I started at the end of March and the company I was with wasn’t teaching me how to be successful. After 4 months on feeling like I was going nowhere I switched within 3 weeks I had clients and 2 houses under contract. They just closed 2 days ago and I got another under contract as of 3 days ago. Make sure when picking a company to find out how they can help you succeed. (Jeremy H.)
  12. Just be you. There is so much fake bs out there. Be you and give your business card (or the virtual equivalent) to every single person you meet. Grocery store line, pta meeting, dog park. Let everyone you meet know you are a real estate agent. (Sean F.)
  13. Build a business working by referral at a firm that wholly supports you. (Amber L.)
  14. Take pricing / CMA / appraisal courses ASAP so you know how to do your job properly for your clients & understand what you are doing & much practice. (Angel M.)
  15. Do the right thing, especially when nobody is looking. (Glen B.)
  16. Be ready for betrayals and be ready to embrace Great new people that will support you! (Yescenia V.)
  17. Don’t worry about leads. Focus on what’s on your phone. They are your data bank. And don’t sign up for mentoring that you have to pay extra cash. Try to get the mentoring from your brokerage. (Mariefe B.)
  18. Have a positive attitude and don’t give up. (Marissa W.)
  19. Get a COACH! (Jerry B.)
  20. If you don’t know, ask your Broker….Get you a good lender, home inspector…and a good handy man. (April M.)
  21. Answer your phone! (Jarah D.)
  22. Don’t do it unless you have 1 year OF Savings to live off of AND find a solid team to work for who will mentor you. (Matt B).
  23. Have a savings account or a second job. I worked at the VAMC for 10 years 3.30 until Midnight and sold Real Estate during the day. I have retired from the VA since 2019 . I also have a Railroad Retirement. I’ve been realtor 16 years but never depended on it for my sole income. Just starting out it’s expensive. (Cindy K.)
  24. Document – EVERYTHING. (Kim B.)
  25. Feed that data base everyday. (Laurel W.)
  26. Walk away from difficult customers who give you the run around. They rarely buy, are not loyal and are more trouble than they are worth. Only work with people who value your time and expertise. I never chase a customer. (Kristen S.)
  27. …or or if they say they’ve had other agents before and they just “stopped talking” to them.. red flags. You’ll just have a buyer backing out of a deal 4 days before it closes for no reason. (Corey F.)
  28. Save your money and prepare for taxes. (Shelley P.)
  29. Be hungry! (Loedi S.)
  30. Don’t run buyers around without a preapproval in hand. (Lillian F.)
  31. Don’t get frustrated… give it all you have… sometimes you have to walk away… don’t take it all personal but don’t give up. (Christy P.)
  32. Don’t give up. (Angela M.)
  33. Join a team. (Arthur C.)
  34. Talk to people & let everyone know you’re an agent! (Stacy M.)
  35. Don’t forget the importance of mentorship and training. (Silvia M.)
  36. Be your authentic self. You’ll see so many people who operate successfully in ways that work for them, but find a system that works for you and follow it. (Brenda H.)
  37. Create relationships and nurture them. (Stephanie W.)
  38. Learn the foundation of prospecting and managing a CRM. (Rodney W.)
  39. Be honest! (Vickie E.)
  40. Believe in yourself!! Give up the good for the Great! (Cathye D.)
  41. Keep your head up. Know your worth but don’t be afraid to cut your teeth – trust people even when others have failed you and always be the best to yourself and your clients. Joshua F.)
  42. Success only happens through hard work and perseverance. NEVER give up. (Kathryn L.)
  43. Work your soi. Don’t be afraid of cold calling. If someone hangs up, alright on to the next. Don’t be afraid of the phone. Do. The. Lead. Gen. Script practice EVERYDAY. For 10-15 at least. Master one thing at a time. Don’t try to throw everything at the wall & see what sticks, don’t try to recreate the wheel 100x.

    Do not look at anyone you talk to or work with as a transaction or as dollar signs, they are human beings too so making the personal connection with them is so important. I do lead gen for my team. I’m our ISA, my biggest tip to any new agent on our team that has no lead gen experience is exactly that last one. In the notes I pass off to the agents when I set them an appointment, I make note if they have kids, pets, a special interest they mentioned, & ESPECIALLY their big why on why they want to buy/sell/invest. Dig deep on their motivation & refer back to it. (Cory P.)

  44. Join a team (Chris H.)
  45. Establish your hours. Don’t be available 24/7. They will run you to the ground. (Charles F.)
  46. NEVER GIVE UP ! (Katherine Garcia)
  47. When you have a question about the contract, you can usually find the answer… in the contract.

    Just the idea of a contract can be intimidating in the very beginning, but if you read it over and over again, you’ll start to see if as a useful tool you can refer back to over and over again throughout the transaction. Also, you’ll understand it a lot quicker if you try to find an answer yourself while you’re waiting to hear back from another professional on the matter.

    Be proactive and ask questions. Just don’t send it off until you confirm you’ve landed on the correct interpretation. (Nikki R.)

  48. Keep going! (Kathryn T.)
  49. Don’t stress about marketing or branding at first. Get in front of as many people as possible. And just be genuine. Do whatever you can to just help people. Real Estate in the end is a people business. (Daniel C.)
  50. Join a team! (Natalie Y.)
  51. I’d say it’s difficult for some experienced agents to be helpful in areas such as lead generation. Because they have been in the business long enough that virtually all of their leads come via referrals. Don’t get me wrong they still lead generate, But not like a new agent has to lead gen. (John C.)
  52. Be “all in” or get out. (Chris R.)
  53. Join a team and work your butt off! Invest in yourself! Ask tons of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for the appointment! (Mike B.)
  54. Go hard on prospecting from day 1. And most importantly, stay consistent with it. You can hate Cold-calling all you want, but it’s a cheap and quick way to build a listing-based business. Look at Ricky Carruth, Brandon Mulrenin, and Bryan Casella. All top agents, all Cold-callers. (Victor V.)
  55. Never give up. (Juanita P.)
  56. Know the lending side before you start jumping in the sales side of things. (Jennifer G.)
  57. Don’t chase the money. Take care of people, work hard, be honest and it will come. (Tabitha T.)
  58. Invest in books. They help with getting your in the right mindset to be successful. (Mary W.)
  59. Have a goal and get a mentor (Shekhar G.)
  60. Get started and never quit. (Richard S.)
  61. Find a Mentor. (Lisa H.)
  62. If you don’t have listings ask someone in your office if you can advertise their listings. Don’t do open houses alone. (Denise P.)
  63. Spend each day doing something that will get you business tomorrow. (Brian B.)
  64. Don’t go out showing if your client are not qualified. (Valeria V.)
  65. Be honest to your clients and yourself. (Brenda B.)
  66. Don’t jump around chasing higher splits. (Terry K.)
  67. Get on a team. (Darryl P.)
  68. Surround yourself with the right people. Don’t get hung up on a Brokerage name, commission split, etc. Find the right PEOPLE and let them pour into you. (Walter K.)
  69. Lead with revenue meaning don’t pay for leads before you are generating income on your own. Open houses are free. Do them And do them well. (Jared R.)
  70. Build relationships. The rest will come. (Jennifer K.)
  71. As long as you never quit you will never fail! (Gabriel B.)
  72. Prospect prospect prospect contacts and be genuine. 40-70 contacts a day you can’t loose. Have the expectation that you won’t close a deal your first 6-8 months . (Eddie C.)
  73. Always look for leads and share that you’re an agent with everyone. (Jay M.)
  74. Get a good mentor (Harry B.)
  75. Keep your head down and keep plowing forward. You got this. (Charlie P.)
  76. Get involved in your community and get your name out there. Tell everyone you interact with that you are an agent and give them a couple of your cards. Grow your sphere of influence. Help people as much as you can. They will remember you over someone else. (Dana S.)
  77. Build your network and while in the process learn the process of all aspects of the deal and documents so you can execute timely! Visualize, Believe, Take Action & Be Helpful and Dependable to your clients. Find a trusted coach. (Geraldine N.)
  78. It’s crucial to Find a broker that believes in training and mentoring and gives you leads. Don’t worry about the split. Worry about support and guidance to help you get on your feet. (Ashley D.)
  79. Start your database NOW. (Barbara B.)
  80. Have 6 months of reserves saved and set aside before you start this business – if you can. (Myesha W.)
  81. Be consistent in whatever you choose to do for marketing. (Nicole S.)
  82. Don’t focus on what others are doing. Do your own thing. Get on socials, spend some Facebook & IG Ads dollars, have a strategy in place on what you are focused on, how you will get there and how to adjust. Take all the data you need and re-adjust. Build audiences, list of people that is your target audience, email list, messenger list, and enjoy the ride! (Steve L.)
  83. Reviews! Get video testimonials when you close a sale! You could even pay for some press to use in your marketing campaigns. (Ali K.)
  84. Get a simple but effective crm or lead tracker like the Chime CRM. (Freeman C.)
  85. Build systems and learn them well enough you can train a VA to handle the work once the business grows! (Pete L.)
  86. Remember your Code of Ethics. (Carolina A.)
  87. Lead generation and lead nurturing doing simple social media postings in IG & FB be ready to invest in building a system that can be scalable as soon as you cash out from your first deals and have an advertising ad budget that makes sense with your main objective. (Eddie S.)

What Advice Would You Give To a New Real Estate Agent?

We would love to hear your one best tip for a new REALTOR in the comments below!

What Is The Worst Advice For a New Real Estate Agent?

Most of the new real estate agent tips we received were all good advice.  Let’s have some fun with a few worst real estate advice responses and a few of our own:

Buy Zillow Leads – In our opinion, buying Zillow leads is very bad advice for a brand new real estate agent. Why?  It can be very expensive, very competitive, and it may just plain not work for you depending on your targetted zip codes.

We are not 100% against buying Zillow leads once you have dozens and dozens of client transactions closed and you can reach out to them for reviews to place on your Zillow profile.

In fact we have personally spent tens of thousands on Zillow leads. It works for us because we are in a high price point zip code and we also have dozens of reviews in our Zillow profile.

We are ok paying $4,000+ or more for a month of leads if we can close one transaction that nets us a $15,000 commission check. (by the way, $4k is a random number. It’s not exactly what we spend).

Having said that if you are a new real estate agent with a limited budget, Zillow may wipe out your budget very, very quickly.

Get a Real Estate Coach – This isn’t the worst real estate advice but most brand new real estate agents can’t afford that luxury. The best real estate coaches can be very expensive.

As a new agent we would start with the basics. Find a good brokerage who you can call for advice and some mentoring when needed. Setup your social profiles.

Get your IDX website setup (preferably one that also has lead capture like Showcase IDX). Start working your sphere.

Again, a real estate coach can be very beneficial for an agent that has a little basic experience in the field but we wouldn’t jump into right away or until you have the budget.

Don’t listen to Real Estate Agents. lol (Don C.)

Ok, so he was just joking.  But there is a vast amount of amazing and free real estate agent tips you can get from fellow agents especially in the Facebook groups.

Put ad in a newspapers full page. (Alejandro L.)

Another joke.  As a new real estate agent I think you are already smart enough not to try that.

Change Your Job (Rana F.)

Another LOL. Although eventually, if you don’t take the job seriously or put in the hard work this one could turn out to become a reality for many new real estate agents.

New Real Estate Agent AdviceThat’s all for the worst new real estate agent advice. Here are some final thoughts.

There was one other comment in which I personally really agree (it’s not so much a tip but see below).

My wife and I are a husband and wife team.  We also have three kids.

We have done very well over the last several years in our real estate careers and this career can give you a great lifestyle if you want to work hard.  Disclosure: I owe it all to my wife who is the rock star / better half of our real estate team.

Here is the comment that was written by a Joe G. that I wanted to share:

Next time you say “dang, must be nice” you might want to understand a lifestyle that made it possible!

  • 8-5 didn’t make it.
  • Parking on the couch to watch TV didn’t make it.
  • Sleeping in on Saturdays didn’t make it.
  • Calling in when sick didn’t make it.
  • Being content with where we’re at didn’t make it.
  • It came from some 15-20 hour days.
  • It came from beating the sun up.
  • It came from working on weekends.
  • It came from sacrificing family time.
  • It came from wanting a little better tomorrow.

These are a few things to consider before you throw out “dang, must be nice” at someone! We are all products of our competence. And extra efforts are what make the biggest differences at the end of the day!

I found that comment to be so true.  Our real estate career has changed our lives for the better (especially financially speaking).  We have also become great friends with some of our clients.  But (and that’s a BIG but), a successful real estate career is not without its sacrifices.

You WILL have to work long hours and many weekends while all your friends are out on the boat, watching a sports game, or just hanging out, etc…

There are also a lot of events we missed with the kids and vacations were cut short because a client needed us. It goes with the job.

For us, it was still all worth it. We are still fairly young (mid-40s) and should be able to retire early if we want.

We can take our kids on some really great trips now and spend more quality time with them.  On a side note, two of them are teenagers now so they don’t really prefer to hang out with their parents so much anymore. We call it “forced family time.” haha

We can now take on new clients if we want to and not because we have to in order to pay the bills. I can now work on this website you are reading right now!

Read through some of the new real estate agent advice listed above and write down some of your favorite new agent tips.  Put them on a sticky note next to your computer.

If you are an aspiring new real estate agent looking for some advice before you get your license then you are already off to a great start by learning and preparing.

Speaking of getting your real estate license, I got my license online with The CE Shop.  You can read The CE Shop reviews here.  We also have an Aceable Agent review (who has really stellar testimonials from students) and Colibri Real Estate reviews.

What Are Our Tips for a New Real Estate Agent?

It’s hard to pick “one best piece of advice” but I’ll just write what just popped into my head.

In hindsight, I wish I would have stuck with consistently updating our social profile pages and better mastering Facebook leads. But that’s just one of the many ways to play the game. 

We personally generated a lot of leads through Google Adwords and at this point in our career, we get a lot of referrals. We also spent a TON of money with Zillow.  It’s a love, hate thing (and more of the latter). We don’t recommend brand new real estate agents try Zillow leads.

I was supposed to only list my one best piece of advice but that’s too hard!  I also wish I had experimented more with some of the best video email platforms.  They make staying in touch with clients super personable and they are really not very expensive.

We have even joined expired listing services for their geo leads and expired leads. More experienced agents should check out our REDX reviews if you have considered using them as another lead source.

In closing, don’t get discouraged or give up too quickly. You can and will have a successful real estate career with the right mindset and hard work.

Please leave a comment and SHARE this post if you like it! All the best!

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  1. Real Estate Agents have different talents. Your talent might be technology and social media. Point being is that we real estate agents can excel at different things and still have a successful career.

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