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Streak CRM Reviews 2024: a Gmail CRM for Real Estate

Streak CRM ReviewsStreak CRM Reviews: Pricing, Features, Benefits, and Best Alternatives. 

Are you a real estate agent or investor looking for CRM software to help with your business? If so, you may be wondering if the Streak CRM for Gmail is the right fit for you.

In this Streak CRM review, we’ll take a detailed look at Streak and its features to help you decide if it’s the right CRM software for your needs.

Streak Real Estate CRM Overview

Streak Reviews, real estate crm
Streak is a customer relationship management software (CRM) that helps you track and manage your customers from inside Gmail, with other Google Workplace apps like Docs or Sheets.

The streak has many useful features for freelancers as well as startups and organizations with multiple employees because it has both free and paid plans, letting users customize their experience as needed without breaking bank accounts!

As for the functionalities and features of this CRM, we will be covering those in detail here. If you’re looking to streamline the business process as a Gmail user, this is an excellent tool for you!

According to the Streak software website, this software was founded by Aleem Mawani and “born out of the frustration of constantly switching between our inbox (where we do our work) and external systems,” and the company’s “goal is to make it simple to manage your everyday processes so you can close more deals, resolve more support tickets, and get things done.”

Their real estate CRM software has successfully helped many businesses and real estate teams to drive manage and build relationships with prospects and their team while closing deals.

The Streak primary account has many valuable features, including A Basic CRM, Mail Merging, Email Tracking & Snippets, Unlimited contacts and organizations, G-Suite integrations, Mobile Access, and Automatic email sharing.

The Streak Pro CRM version of the platform includes Shared Pipelines, Unlimited boxes of data, Mail Merge for 1500 recipients per day, Shared Contacts, an Advanced CRM, Standard API, and Live Chat Support.

The Enterprise version of Streak also allows WebHook API, Priority Support, Advanced Implementation, Custom Billing, and Security Questionnaire

Streak CRM overall positive reviews are mainly because of:

  • Its ability to build any type of workflow

  • The Impressive Collaboration Features like creating teams, assigning team members to specific roles, sharing pipelines, setting reminders, adding comments, and task management, to name a few

  • The utilization of its Email Power Tools, including Mail Merging, email tracking, snippets, and thread splitting.

  • Its Snooze Function allows you to temporarily archive components until you’re ready to work on them again.

  • You can schedule emails to automatically send out at a day and time of your choosing.

  • It’s Free to start using.

What Are the Streak CRM Main Features?

Streak CRM has a lot of features that include:

  1. The ability to manage any workflow from your Gmail inbox – Whether it be for any of the following categories, you’re able to manage your workflow as it is built, or you can customize it for your own particular needs: Sales, Project Management, Business Development, Fundraising, Support, Hiring, Real Estate.

  2. The ability to track everything and always have context – You’ll have the ability to sort everything involving your pipeline(s), contacts, and tasks based on filters you can apply, as well as being able to share important data directly with your team, and also see the activity on your inbox. You’ll also be able to view important data about your inbox to understand who you are talking to and know what to do next.

  3. If you regularly use Gmail and know how to use Spreadsheets, then you are right at home – Whether it be through Streak’s Google Sheets integration or uploading a CSV file, you can import and export your existing data. You are also able to customize your pipeline to adapt to your ever-evolving workflow while supporting all types of formats as you fill in your data.

  4. The ability to “supercharge” your inbox with its email power tools – Know instantly when someone sends you a message so you or anyone on your team can instantly follow up. With just a few clicks, you can send out a mass personalized email to all of your desired recipients. Also, you can schedule emails at a time of your choosing, create “snippets” to send templated responses instead of writing the same message over and over again, and split your conversations into different threads when conversations have diverged.

  5. Working with existing tools and workflows – Integrate your G-Suite so that everything can stay in one place, use the 1000+ Zapier integrations to integrate with other tools, and utilize API to build your custom integrations or integrate with other internal systems.

  6. Carry Your CRM Everywhere You Go With Its Mobile Apps – Via the platform’s native integrations and mobile apps, you can see upcoming tasks and search your pipeline on your phone, track your calls and take notes for future reference, and send a contact from your pipeline directly to your phone.

How Can I Use the Streak CRM for Real Estate?

Streak CRM has a lot of features that benefit those in real estate, including:

1. The Ability to Work Deals Inside Gmail

You are already talking to your clients via email, so use your Gmail to work smarter and track your deals inside.

Work WITH your CRM by never having to worry about interrupting a workflow to implement a lead into external software. Keep everything in one place.

If you’ve ever worked inside of a spreadsheet and you use Gmail, you’re right at home!

2. Your Transactions Can Be Organized

When it comes to each specific deal, you’re able to store the files or documents related to the said deal in one central place!

If other people are collaborating on a deal, doing so is simple!

If you need to share an email with anyone in your organization, you can do so, even if the email in question is not in those people’s inboxes!

Also, each department and people involved in a deal should only be allowed access to certain areas.

Streak allows everyone involved to easily collaborate without having to give up full control.

3. You’re Able to See Details In Every Email

With every email, a contextual history is provided on the side to keep the recruiting personnel.

Right from the email, and without breaking a workflow, you can update all appropriate fields with new data, set up a reminder, and set up filters!

4. You Can Track Your Performance On Your Commissions

Utilize the Streak platform’s formulas to calculate commissions and metrics based on the closing percentage and the size of the deal!

As someone who always has to pay attention to their bottom line, Streak allows you to analyze and sum up all potential customers!

Whether you are at a showing or just preoccupied, Streak’s magic formulas continue to update information regarding your deals so that you can always stay on top of them!

5. Streak CRM Intelligent Outreach

Use Streak’s tracking software to determine when and how often an email is viewed, so that you or anyone on your team can follow up when they’re thinking about a brand new home or investment.

Streak’s data will tell you what your leads won’t: whether they respond to emails with just text or if they respond to ones with images attached, if they’ve read your message but didn’t reply, etc.

Per your Sent mail folder, you can sort by recent activity and follow the history and the results of every email, both when they’ve opened an email and whether or not they’ve replied after reading it.

6. Intelligent Outreach, Automated!

You can mail merge directly from Gmail and can send a standard Gmail message to multiple recipients as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Per the Streak CRM Templates function, you can send a personalized message to all of your desired recipients!

7. Save Time With The Streak CRM Snippets

Instead of having to send the same message over and over again to your recipients, utilize Streak’s snippets feature to send a text with a key command.

Streak snippets are also shareable by your team members, so feel free to utilize them if they are beneficial!

8. Never Let a Lead Go Cold With The Streak Gmail CRM

Use the Streak Remind Me to feature to follow up with you, your clients, and other parties involved in a deal at the right time.

Leave yourself a note upon reminder, whether it be a personal note or words of encouragement; and choose whether to send yourself a reminder, or whether to also send one to members of your team.

8. The Streak CRM Can Automatically Categorize Email

Instead of you worrying about the organization of your emails, let Streak take care of that for you. Utilizing the platform’s filters, Streak will automatically put your email in the appropriate location.

10. The Streak CRM Helps You Visualize Your Deals

Customize your dashboard with its easy-to-create visuals to understand your entire pipeline, identify not only bottlenecks within each step of the customer’s journey, but also see what is inside each step, and dive into the important information inside.

11. With Streak, Just Click. Install. Sell.

Coming with a pre-built sales pipeline, install Streak and utilize it, or easily customize it based on your particular needs.

Migrating to Streak from a previous CRM like GoHighLevel or LionDesk? No problem! Import your information from the previous CRM via a CSV file, and easily migrate the CSV into Streak!

Learn More or Try the Streak CRM Now

Streak Gmail CRM Packages

Streak offers the following packages for its potential customers:

  • Free

  • Solo

  • Pro

  • Enterprise

For its Free and Solo plans, Streak offers the following:

  • A Basic CRM, with 500-5000 boxes, or rows of data, available for leads to flow into your pipeline

  • Mail Merge- Send the same email to 50 up to 800 recipients with automatic followups

  • Email Tracking & Snippets – See when your email is read and create email templates

  • Unlimited contacts and organizations

  • G-Suite integrations

  • Mobile Access

  • Automatic email sharing

Should you want to purchase or upgrade to a Streak Pro or Enterprise account, you’ll gain the following additional features:

  • Shared Pipelines

  • Unlimited boxes of data

  • Mail Merge for 1500 recipients per day

  • Shared Contacts

  • An Advanced CRM

  • Standard API

  • Live Chat Support

while the Streak Enterprise level grants you:

  • WebHook API

  • Priority Support

  • Advanced Implementation

  • Custom Billing

  • Security Questionnaire

How Much Does Streak CRM Cost?

Streak CRM plans start with a free plan for individuals trying out Streak for an unlimited period. When an individual or a team is ready to dive in and use Streak to the fullest, paid plans start at just $15 per month per user if prepaid annually, or at a month-to-month price of $19 per user.

How Much Does Streak CRM Cost?

The price goes up as you add more people to your account, or want to upgrade to an advanced CRM and have additional features.

Visit Streak CRM now or continue reading some FAQs and Streak alternatives.

Streak CRM FAQs

Does Streak CRM offer any discounts?

Streak offers up to a 20% discount when you choose annual billing.  

Can I have team members on different Streak CRM plans?

Unfortunately, everyone on your team must be on the same plan.

How do I sign up for a Streak CRM paid plan?

If you’re ready to sign up for a paid plan, install Streak, click the “Streak” button on the top right of Gmail and select “Upgrade”.

How do I make a yearly payment on Streak?

When signing up for a paid plan, Streak will ask if you’d like to pay yearly and receive a 20% discount.

What is the Streak CRM mail merge limit for Gmail accounts?

For Gmail accounts (i.e. [email protected]), you’ll be limited to 400 emails per day on all paid plans.

Does Streak CRM offer help with automation & integration?

Streak does offer professional services to help automate your pipelines and integrate them with other tools you use. Their services team bills at $250/hr, and if you need more information, contact them at [email protected].

How does Streak CRM billing work?

Streak charges a fee for each user on your team. You can choose to pay the fee monthly or pay for a year upfront and save 20%.

How do I sign up for the Streak CRM Enterprise plan?

Hit the contact us button on the Streak CRM website and they’ll work with you to set up deep customizations to our reporting and integrations, only available on the Enterprise plan. NOTE: they only offer this plan on annual billing with 10 or more team members.

Does Streak CRM have special plans for view-only access?

Streak currently doesn’t offer any different pricing for users who only need view access to Streak data.

What payment types does Streak CRM accept?

Streak accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Unfortunately, they do not accept PayPal. Bank wire transfers are only available on their Enterprise plan.

What currency are the Streak CRM prices in?

All the prices are listed in USD. If you’re using a non-US credit or debit card, you’ll be charged in USD.

What Are Some Streak CRM Alternatives?

There are various alternatives to the Streak CRM. Some of these Streak alternatives are listed below:

1. HubSpot CRM – HubSpot is a marketing and sales CRM with many of the bells and whistles real estate agents might need. HubSpot offers many free features. You can read our HubSpot review or visit the HubSpot CRM website.

2. Chime CRM – Chime CRM is one of the fastest-growing real estate CRMs on the market and for good reason.  The Chime CRM is not cheap but it’s packed with almost every feature any real estate agent would need. You can read our Chime CRM Reviews or try the Chime Real Estate CRM here.

3. Real Geeks CRM – Real Geeks is a hugely popular all-in-one CRM and website for real estate agents. Read our Real Geeks Reviews or visit Real Geeks now.

4. Monday CRM Software – The Monday CRM helps you efficiently manage all the operations for your real estate business in one easy-to-use platform. Read our Monday CRM software reviews review or visit the Monday CRM website now.

5. RealtyNA – You can take a look at our RealtyNA review for more info. They offer some great website IDX options but they wouldn’t be our first choice as a real estate CRM.

6. Showcase IDX – This is the best WordPress IDX solution based on our research. Read our Showcase IDX Reviews or you can visit Showcase IDX.

When considering Streak CRM alternatives, it’s essential to think about your specific needs and how each option measures up.

For example, do you need deep integrations with other programs? Is price an issue?

Or maybe you want something simple to use without too many bells and whistles?

The main idea is that there are plenty of great options available, so take your time considering your options.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, customizable, and tracking CRM based on the GMAIL platform then the Streak CRM is likely your best bet.

However, if you only need an IDX website, some of its competitors may be more affordable options.

So, in the end, it depends on what your business needs and how much you’re willing to spend each month.

If you are a real estate agent using leads from REDX you could also use the Streak CRM to keep track of email correspondence with these leads.

Any customer interested in using Streak should review their competitor’s pricing plans, features list, and which ones are important for their business to decide if it is a better fit than other options on the market.

What Are Some Pros & Cons of Using Streak CRM?

The following are pros of using Streak:

  • The ability to build any type of workflow

  • Impressive Collaboration Features like creating teams, assigning team members to specific roles, sharing pipelines, setting reminders, adding comments, and assigning tasks, to name a few

  • The utilization of its Email Power Tools, including Mail Merging, tracking of emails, snippets, and thread splitting.

  • Its Snooze Function allows you to temporarily archive components until you’re ready to work on them again.

  • You can schedule emails to automatically send out at a day and time of your choosing.

  • It’s Free to start using.

As a real estate agent, the following pros apply:

  • Work and manage deals from your Gmail

  • Manage and share data on your deals easily

  • See details about your leads in every email

  • Track your performance and commissions

  • Intelligent Outreach

  • Saving time with Snippets

  • The software will help you never let a lead go cold through its follow-up system

  • Automatically categorize emails by utilizing its email filters

  • Easily migrate data from a previous CRM to Streak via importing a CSV file

However, there are also some downsides to using the Streak CRM system:

  • It only works with Gmail, as this CRM was built exclusively for Google

  • It doesn’t have all the features and full functionalities of a CRM, as Streak is essentially a Gmail plugin

  • The reporting features are only available via the more expensive plans

Streak CRM Reviews

There are many reviews of the Streak CRM software online and most are positive.

Users like Streak’s easy and efficient software; the effectiveness, tracking, and management of emails; customer and team management; and integration with Gmail.

The following are some of the positive reviews about Streak:

“Streak was so easy to get started with. I was up and going in about 30 minutes with my pipeline. I love that it is right in my Gmail.”

-Reza Shirazi, Senior Project Manager, AffiniPay

“Streak is great! It keeps me organized, reminds me when to follow up, and puts all the historical information I need for my client and prospect interactions in one place.”

-Becky Schroeder, Owner, KBS Network Builders

“Streak is amazing. It helps me manage my leads and follow through with each one. It brings me up to speed with all my clients and helps me stay organized. Love it!”

-Steven Llano, Consultant, Llano Media LLC

This, however, does not mean that there are no negative Streak reviews.

The following are a couple of negative reviews about Streak that can be found online:

“At the level of use, there is nothing negative, but the paid version is a bit high for small companies.”

-Jose M, Engineer

“I want to be able to create several pipes in the same project.”

-Liam O., Engineer

I think what I don’t really like is the interface of the streak. The colors are so much that sometimes it annoys me. it will be better if they can stick to a particular color.”

-Sakiru A, Manager

If you’re worried, you can try their CRM for free and decide for yourself. Impressed with the positive Streak reviews? Visit the Streak CRM website.

Is the Streak CRM Worth It?

Yes. We think it’s worth it. Streak is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features, and its pricing is very affordable.

Overall, Streak is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes who want to utilize a tool they’re already using, Gmail, and expand on that to track, manage, and build on prospective customers inside an easy-to-use platform.

In addition, Streak reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with users praising the easy and efficient software; the effectiveness, tracking, and management of emails; customer and team management; and integration with Gmail.

It is so widely used and trusted that not only is it recognized by Google as a Partner of the Year, but the following companies also use it for their pipelines and workflows:

  • Blue Apron

  • Keller Williams

  • Lyft

  • Opendoor

  • Techstars

  • Uber

  • WeWork

Streak CRM Review – Final Verdict

When working in the real estate industry, it is important to be as efficient and productive as possible. With Streak’s collaboration features, agents and investors can work more effectively with coworkers from other industries while still managing their own clients base!

While there are a lot of features that can help you achieve your objective when handling deals, just know that you don’t need all of them to get your job done.

Sometimes when it comes to choosing the right CRM tools for business, you can be faced with several challenges.

However, with proper guidance, you’ll be able to settle on the right one.

For those that want to utilize a tool they’re already using, Gmail, and expand on that to track, manage, and build on prospective customers inside an easy-to-use platform, Streak is the best real estate CRM for you.

Visit Streak Now

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