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3 Best Online Florida Real Estate Schools For 2024

Best Florida Real Estate Schools

In this review of the best Florida real estate schools, we will compare and contrast Colibri Real Estate, AceableAgent, and The CE Shop.

Each of the three Florida real estate schools we will review is a great choice to obtain your new real estate license online.

We researched the pricing, pass rates, course options, and some pros & cons specific to Florida aspiring real estate agents for each school.

You can click on the school’s name in the heading sections below to read more about each topic.

Let’s get started with our reviews of the best online Florida real estate schools…

Best Florida Real Estate Schools

1. Colibri Real Estate Florida (Best Overall)

Colibri Real Estate School FloridaIf you’re thinking of diving into real estate sales in Florida, Colibri Real Estate School is seriously worth considering. Their online platform is super easy to use, and the whole learning process feels smooth.

What really stood out to me is their Exam Preparation package.

If you’re like me and appreciate a bit of guidance, this thing is a game-changer. They cover all the important stuff and get you ready for that real estate exam like a pro.

And their support team? A big shoutout to them. Whenever I had a question, they were right there with helpful answers. It made me feel like I’m not just another student, but someone they really want to see succeed.

Colibri Real Estate Florida Courses

Colibri real estate offers four course options for getting your real estate license in Florida. These include:

  1. The Basics

  2. Exam Preparation

  3. Exam Preparation Plus

  4. Ultimate Learning

Colibri Real Estate Florida Pricing

The pricing above is based on four different package options that you can choose from, and using the current Colibri Real Estate promo code “LAUNCH40”

Much like like AceableAgent, and the CE Shop, we can almost always get you a discount off their standard pricing.

The Colibri Florida Real Estate pre-licensing “The Basics” course pricing is for the course plus three real estate e-books.

Unless you are a highly motivated self-learner, we would recommend opting for, at a minimum, the Colibri Real Estate “Exam Preparation” package.

Get You License with the Colibri Florida Real Estate School

2. AceableAgent Florida (Best Digital Experience)

AceableAgent Florida Online Real Estate School

What I like most about AceableAgent is how they make learning engaging and interactive.

Their user-friendly platform is perfect for those who prefer a modern touch to education.

The best part? Flexibility. Being able to learn at your own pace is a game-changer. Plus, their courses are designed to cover everything needed to pass the Florida real estate exam.

AceableAgent also gets a thumbs up for their supportive team. Anytime you have a question, they are quick to help out.

If you’re looking for an online school that’s dynamic, flexible, and tailored to Florida’s residents, AceableAgent is worth checking out.

What We Don’t Like About AceableAgent’s Florida Real Estate School is that they don’t offer much in regards to real estate continued education at this point but they say they are working on it.

AceableAgent’s pre-licensing courses are also only available in a few states (that list does include Florida).

AceableAgent Florida Courses

  • The AceableAgent Florida Pre-licensing Basic Package is $116

  • The AceableAgent Florida Pre-licensing Deluxe Package is $183

  • The AceableAgent Florida Pre-licensing Premium Package is $230

AceableAgent Florida Real Real Estate School Pricing

Both the AceableAgent Deluxe and Premium packages include additional premium study aids, deluxe exam prep with 1,660+ additional practice questions, and a Florida real estate exam prep Ebook.

The Premium package for Florida also adds 1 hour of private tutoring with a real estate expert, Live Webinars, and Live Q&A.

Get Your License With The AceableAgent Florida Real Estate School

3. The CE Shop Florida (Best For Continuing Education Classes)

The CE Shop Real Estate SchoolThe CE Shop Florida real estate pre-licensing course only cost is $104.25 with 25% discount.

The CE Shop also offers four different pre-licensing course package options for Florida students.

The CE Shop pre-licensing price we listed is for the course only but you might want to opt for one of their other packages options such as the CE Shop value package for $164.25 (with discount) which also offers FL exam prep and a few extra courses.

The best value is going to be the premium package because it includes the 45-hour Florida post-licensing course which will eventually be required for you to take as a new agent. The CE Shop pre-licensing premium package cost is $276.75.

Visit The CE Shop Florida Real Estate School

As you can see above, the cost to get your Florida Real Estate license can vary a lot dependent on the online real estate school package you choose.

The most basic package options for your Florida real estate license is generally going to be about $100 to $150 depending on the current real estate school’s discounts and specials.

Better course package options can bring the real estate license course price up to as high as about $500 but in most cases you won’t pay that much because of current school discounts.

Our Pick For The Best Florida Real Estate School

We really wanted to make this one a draw because the real estate school’s discounts are constantly changing making the course pricing fluctuate quite often. We chose our top pick based on a combination of quality and pricing.

Having said that, we would choose Colibri’s Florida Real Estate course with AceAbleAgent in a close second place. 

Which Florida Real Estate Schools Have The Best Pass Rates?

The AceableAgent real estate exam pass rate for Florida students is about 96%.

That is a spectacular real estate course exam pass rate and it’s among the highest pass rate of all online real schools in Florida.

Compare AceableAgent’s FL sales associate course pass rate of 96% vs Florida’s average real estate exam pass rate of just 55%.

Why Are AceableAgent’s Reviews and Overall Ratings so Good? Here’s Our Take:

  1. AceableAgent offers audio guides for all their lessons!  We think that’s a great perk because you could potentially listen to lessons while you are driving or even with your eyes closed (don’t sleep during school though)!
  2. AceableAgent also offers mobile course access.  You can work through your course from anywhere as long as you have your mobile phone!
  3. AceableAgent’s course material is top-notch. The Florida real estate licensing course has a nice mix of short videos, questions, quizzes and interaction to help keep students engaged.

The CE Shop real estate exam pass rate for Florida students is about 87%.

This pass rate is for the for the Florida sales associate course based on our recent research. The CE Shop breaks this Florida pass rate down into three exam attempts.

• 73% of their real estate pre-licensing students pass the exam on their first try.

• 9% of students took two attempts before passing the real estate exam.

• 5% of students needed three attempts to pass.

If you add those numbers together, you get about 87% of their student passing the real estate exam within three attempts. That leaves about 13% of the CE Shop Florida students that don’t pass the exam even after trying three times.

The CE Shop pass rates are actually really high which shows they do a good job at prepping their students for the real estate exam.

The Colibri Real Estate pass rate is about 87% (Overall).

Unfortunately, during our research, we haven’t found the pass rate specific to Florida. We’ll keep looking and may drop them an email for that info.

All three of these top online Florida real estate schools had very respectable Florida course pass rates, but AceableAgent’s was the highest, with a fantastic 96% pass rate.

Best Florida Real Estate School For Continued Education

For real estate agent continuing education, there is one clear winner, and that’s The CE Shop. Yes, the ‘CE’ in their name stands for Continuing Education, and that’s where The CE Shop truly excels.

When it comes to your online real estate pre-licensing course, you have a multitude of options. In this review, we’ve shared our own top picks for the three best Florida online real estate schools. However, based on our research and personal experience, The CE Shop reigns supreme for Florida real estate continuing education.

I personally completed my own 14-hour Florida continuing education requirements through The CE Shop and I can personally give you my own testimonial of approval.

Here is the Agent Marketing Essentials The CE Shop review which goes into some more depth about this real estate school.

The pricing for The CE Shop Florida continued education course is inexpensive as well. At the moment, the 14-Hour Florida Continued Education Package is just $35!

View The CE Shop Florida Continued Education Course Options

Best Florida Real Estate Schools (Student Reviews​)

  • Colibri Florida Real Estate School Reviews by Verified Students

    Colibri Real Estate Florida courses are currently rated at an average review of 4.46 out of 5 stars which is based on over 19,000 FL student’s feedback.

    That’s a lot of students that have taken the Colibri course in Florida and it’s a great rating.

    If you want to dig a little deeper into this school, you can also check out more Colibri Real Estate School Reviews on our website.

  • AceableAgent Florida Real Estate School Reviews by Verified Students:

    We couldn’t find AceableAgent reviews specific to Florida only, but we can share that they currently have 4,866 student reviews on Trust Pilot with an almost perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars.

    We thought Colibri Real Estate might win the student rating comparison until we looked up the AceableAgent rating.

    To learn more about this Florida real estate school, see our in-depth AceableAgent review.

  • The CE Shop Florida Real Estate School Reviews by Verified Students:

    Much like AceableAgent, The CE Shop also has incredible student reviews.
    Found on their website, the CE Shop has 2,946 Florida reviews with an average rating of 4.86 out of 5 stars.

    They also have 6,312 CE Shop reviews over on Trust Pilot, showing a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

    To learn more about this Florida real estate school, see our in-depth the CE Shop review.

What Are The Requirements To Get A Florida Real Estate License?

You have to be 18+ years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and hopefully no felonies. That’s it!

Getting your Florida real estate license doesn’t have very many prerequisites. Some active agents might argue that the barrier to entry is almost too low!

You don’t need a college degree and you can have your real estate license in just a few weeks depending on how fast you want to work at it.

The cost of getting your real estate license in Florida is also pretty low when you consider the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars it takes to get a college degree. Getting your real estate license costs just a few hundred dollars and sometimes less!

There are going to be a few additional costs along the way such as an e-key, MLS fees, and REALTOR post-education requirements. So, it is wise to save a bit of money before jumping into this career

As a side note, you can still get your real estate license if you have a felony but it’s more difficult & some felonies are going to be deal-breakers.

Taking for granted you have saved up some funds to take the Florida pre-licensing course, you could join any of the three online Florida real estate schools in this review right now!

How Do I Get My Florida Real Estate License?

  1. Complete the Florida 63-hour pre-licensing course at one of the best online real estate schools in Florida.  You’ll need at least a 70% passing course exam score to move on to the next step.
  2. You’ll then need to take the final Florida real estate exam with a test passing score of at least 75%. This is the hard part but you can take this exam more than once if needed. The math questions are the trickiest.  I passed the real estate exam on my first attempt but I know several agents in my area who took multiple attempts to pass.
  3. Get your fingerprints, and background checked. Then apply for your license with the Florida DBPR.
  4. Once you are licensed, you’ll have to take a Florida 45-hour post-licensing course.

Of course, there may be classroom course options in your specific area as well.  I took my real estate license courses online because I like to work at my own pace and didn’t like the idea of driving back and forth to school.

I hope our overview of the Florida real estate licensing requirements proved helpful.

Florida Real Estate Schools (Our Final Verdict)

In our extensive research, we have concluded that each of these three schools is among the best online real estate schools in Florida.

We have compared various aspects including pricing, pass rates, school reviews, and pre-licensing course package options.

If we were to choose a single online real estate school for Florida students, both Colibri Real Estate and AceableAgent ranked high in all of our categories.

If you are leaning towards one of the other options from this review, rest assured that you haven’t made a bad choice. Each of them is a worthy option, so you may want to consider the one with the best cost at this time.

You can find more information about each of these top Florida real estate schools by following the links below.

Visit Colibri Real Estate  • Visit Aceable Agent  • Visit The CE Shop

After obtaining your Florida real estate license, you might want to consider setting up your new website using one of these top IDX plugins, acquiring some of the best real estate designations, or generating seller leads through an expired listing service like REDX.

Best of luck in your new Florida real estate career!

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