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McKissock Learning Real Estate School Reviews

McKissock Learning ReviewIf you have your real estate license and are looking for a reputable online real estate school for some continuing education courses, McKissock Learning excels.

Continue reading our McKissock Learning review to see if this online school is right for you.

If you still need your real estate license, check out this list of the best online real estate schools for pre-license options or to get designations.


McKissock Learning Review

Mckissock Learning Real Estate Schol ReviewEntering a new career is always a little nerve-racking. Unless you have a family connection or have worked inside a real estate office before, starting a new business as a real estate agent can be overwhelming.

There are a lot of details and legal requirements you have to understand that are often specific to the state you will be working within. 
That is why going through a professional real estate school is an excellent investment. You’ll learn all the critical information crucial to performing your job and increasing closings for a bigger payout. The only problem is most people do not have the time to drive to and then sit in a classroom for extended periods listening to instructors go over endless details. 
The need for new and current real estate agents to receive quality education has moved from the class rooms of yesteryear to online real estate schools with quality services like McKissock Learning Real Estate School.

We took a closer look at the McKissock Learning real estate school to give you a better idea of what they have to offer and if they are worth checking out.

What is McKissock Learning Real Estate School?

McKissock Learning began in 1990, offering specialized education programs in property appraisals, and has since grown into a juggernaut of real estate education. They offer programs in everything from achieving your first real estate license to real estate continued education for those veterans looking to expand their scope and capability. 
When we checked out their real estate school website, they listed having served over 2 million professionals across a family of brands. Their school didn’t actually go online until the early 2000s but now offers a pretty broad set of programs that meet many state license requirements.

That’s a lot of customers, but are McKissock Learning students happy with their choice?

McKissock courses overall have received an average 4.4 out of 5 stars from a whopping 50,000+ McKissock reviews from students. That’s a stellar reputation.

They also segment testimonials by state. For example, if I take a look at Florida, they have an average 4.55 out of 5 stars for their Real Estate CE courses (and that’s from 34,009 review). Here is one random testimonial:

McKissock Testimonial

One of the significant benefits of learning through McKissock is its diverse teaching instructors. This is a company that seems to welcome anyone and everyone to the table. 

McKissock and Colibri Real Estate are owned by the same parent company, Colibri Group. Be sure to check out our Colibri Real Estate reviews if you still need to get your real estate license.

What States Does McKissock Real Estate School Serve?

McKissock Learning Real Estate School currently offers pre-licensing courses in 25 states including: 
Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

McKissock Learning claims to be the largest provider of online education in the country. We’re going to assume that is only in the realm of real estate, but it does mean they offer multi-license students the ability to meet as many different states requirements as possible with the least amount of education.
A student wishing to complete a license on the East Coast could get “dual credit” for a duplicate course taught as part of a program on the West Coast. Of course, not every student will have this need, but it is nice to know the capability is present. 

McKissock offers real estate agent Continued Education courses in 48 states.

McKissock Learning Structures their Value Proposition as 3 Easy Steps.

  1. First, students begin by taking a pre-licensing course through Colibri Real Estate which covers the selected state’s unique topics.

    Upon completion, students receive official real estate transcripts, which are required to complete an application for state licensure.

  2. Next, students will have to pass their state’s real estate exam.

    Unfortunately, we couldn’t find statistics on their website or other online materials about any McKissock Learning success rates compared to the national average. Still, the fact that they offer a pretty long list of applicable states means they are finding success enough to keep a constant flow of students.

    3. Finally, students become real estate agents and will be required to take continued education courses. This is where McKissock real estate courses excel.

    The specific CE requirements and amount of hours need varies by state. McKissock Learning is an ideal source for your real estate CE courses (continued education hours).

McKissock offers a career hub that features tips on finding quality brokerage agencies and how to grow your career as a real estate agent. This is actually a pretty important step as networking skills will be the most valuable determination of a student’s future real estate career. 
There is one exciting feature of McKissock that we want to point out. Some of their course programs have a timer. That is because some states have a regulatory requirement called a “seat timer.”

This means you have to be an active participant in the course for a predetermined number of credit hours before McKissock can issue or submit proof that you actually completed a course. For example, if you are getting your New York real estate license, you must sit for 50 minutes of every course hour. 

What Types of Education Does Mckissock Learning Provide?

McKissock Learning offers over 250 courses, and they add to that number on a pretty regular basis.

It helps that they have a history in appraisals only because it shows their progression into various other real estate-related education.

There are many programs that you can complete with McKissock (such as appraiser courses), but for real estate specifically, they offer:

  • Pre-licensing Courses via Colibri Real Estate
  • CE, or Continuing Education Courses (this is where McKissock Learning does best)
  • License Upgrades
  • Secondary and Soft Skills Courses
  • Real Estate Post-License Education

The Continuing Education section of McKissock is pretty interesting as many states require specific post-licensing education guidelines after your first required renewal.

Not only that, but most clients want to work with real estate agents that are up to date on current laws and standards, so it works in a student’s favor to take CE courses.

From what we could tell, it looks like McKissock offers CE courses in 48 states.

That is a vast offering that provides real estate agents a lot of flexibility and financial freedom to take courses in-between showings, after the family has gone to bed, or wherever else they have a few moments to focus on new information. 
Most of their CE courses focus on relevant industry trends, practical application of new skills, and information related to advancing a real estate business.

You can tell they really care about the quality of their programs from their blog and free resources. They go into a lot of detail that would help anyone who currently works in real estate or may be considering making a change into the industry.

How Much Does McKissock Learning Cost?

When we browsed through the different courses, we saw everything as low as $59 for a continued education package and up to $565 for pre-licensing through their sister company, Colibri Real Estate.

If you are looking to get your real estate license, you can read our Colibri Real Estate review here.

It looks like there is a pretty wide range of costs depending on the packages you select and what state you are getting your pre-licensure within.

They also tend to offer specials frequently with 10-25% off course packages that are well worth looking into if you want to save some money.

The Mckissock CE Plus Membership Review

McKissock offers both a single-state and multi-state CE Mckissock membership program that gives real estate professionals access to all the continued education courses at one flat rate. The flat for Florida is currently just $40 a year.

That’s a shockingly low price if you consider it give you access to all the state’s CE courses, online webinars, a how to Gain Buyer Loyalty video series, resources for educated sellers, a 4-part ninety day bootcamp and more.

I really like the coaching tool the membership includes where you can ask a real estate pro any real estate questions, and they will respond within 48 hours!

They also provide a course swap feature, so if you do not like a course you enrolled in, you can quickly exchange it for another that interests you more. 

Currently, McKissock does not seem to offer financial aid or work with federal funding programs like the GI Bill for military members. However, they do point students towards grant programs being offered by HUD. 
Even with those prices, students get a serious saving over traditional in-person real estate schools that can charge up to thousands of dollars in fees, materials, books, housing, and transportation.

They also require a lot longer of a commitment, whereas an online real estate school like McKissock provides a lot more freedom of choice to complete coursework on whatever schedule they’d like.

You can Review the McKissock Learning CE Package options here.

What Else Does the McKissock School Offer?

We were primarily interested in the real estate side of our McKissock Learning Real Estate School Review.

However, they are worth checking out for property appraisals, home inspections, and land surveying.

They also have entered the world of engineering and banking, but we think mostly in terms of real estate. You aren’t going to receive an education as an electrical engineer from McKissock, at least not at the current moment. 
Besides the other industries they are serving, McKissock offers extra support for real estate agents with coaching and live webinars.

They seem to want to build strong relationships with each real estate agent throughout their entire career.

That makes us believe they really do care about the quality of their programs and the students’ abilities that graduate from their service.

What Are Some McKissock Learning Alternatives?

When it comes specifically to online continuing education schools, we would vote The CE Shop as McKissock’s main competitor and a very worthy alternative.

Here is The CE Shop review if you want to compare both options and see which real estate school is right for you. Here is The CE Shop direct link.

If you still need to get your real estate license, check out Colibri Real Estate. And lastly, read our AceableAgent review for another real estate pre-licensing option.

Our McKissock Real Estate School Review (Final Verdict)

While we cannot say if all the claims on McKissock are entirely verifiable, we saw no reason to doubt their authenticity. Between the extensive and comprehensive programs they offer and the amount of states that allow their program, it only makes sense that they would be an industry leader. 
Their prices seem in line with most competitors in the same fields, and their listed teaching staff have bios and credentials that match the coursework they are offering.

Students get a lot of value out of the program in the short and long term with so many support services and CE real estate agent courses.

We highly recommend McKissock Learning Real Estate School to licensed agents or brokers seeking continuing education. 
Ready to learn more about McKissock? Visit McKissock Learning Real Estate School now. They have an easy-to-navigate design with a ton of information that is well worth checking out.

McKissock Learning Real Estate School Review 2023

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