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How Video Content Helps Real Estate Agents to Increase Sales

The real estate industry is well recognized all over the world. There are four sub-sectors in the real estate industry: commercial, hospitality, retail, and housing. 

With this sector being the second-highest employment generator, it is preempted that there will be more NRI investment even in the long run. It is estimated that the market will grow up to a whopping figure of $9.30 billion by 2040.

With such a positive indicator of growth, marketing in the real estate industry will go a long way in achieving this goal. 

Marketing entails the task of being able to sell a particular product, service, or lifestyle to the targeted audience, and this closely represents the job of what a real estate company needs to do as well. Sell properties well encased in forms of a certain standard of living, a particular lifestyle to the indented consumers. 

There has been a surge in video marketing as a marketing format in the last few years. Video has been highlighted as a tactic that has one-to-many awareness potential.  

When we talk about real estate video marketing, videos are essential tools to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Using video marketing in this industry aims to drive sales, rent, and auctioning of properties or homes. Real Estate video marketing will also allow real estate agents to elicit an emotional response from customers. 

For any independent real estate agent or company, video marketing provides an opportunity for them to ensure their business model seems more personal.

Video content allows businesses to tell their brand story to the targeted audience, journey, vision, mission, etc.

Since the real estate business needs a lot of trust and intuition, curating personal videos allows customers to increase their confidence in real estate agents.

Trust and a good rapport are built as video marketing with the help of real estate video makers the put a face, personality, and brand image to the business. And hence real estate video marketing is the next best thing after a face-to-face meeting.  

Benefits of Video Content in Real Estate

  1. Listings with video content help receive 403% more inquiries.
  2. Audiences can use this content to explore communities and tour homes.
  3. Video content can be customized as per each buyer, allowing you to connect with each potential buyer.
  4. It allows real estate agents and businesses to detail aspects of properties and provide more clarity to buyers.
  5. With data analytics, companies can get an idea of potential and interested buyers by understanding who is viewing the video content on which platforms .
  6. With each converted buyer, real estate video content in the form of testimonials can be recorded for future potential buyers.
  7. Live streaming of open houses can be shown to interested buyers.

How Real Estate Agents Can Use CRM Tools 

There are a lot of benefits to video content that can help real estate agents to increase sales.

Though traditional marketing has worked like a charm till now, it is high time we move on to new forms of marketing to target a younger crowd with the help of a real estate video maker

Invideo for Real Estate Video

Real estate video marketing can be used at multiple locations in OOH Marketing- Out of Home Advertising. 

  • Digital Billboards 

OOH, advertising is growing, and advertisements on digital billboards are the way to go forward. Here, brand awareness can be achieved via digital ads on these billboards. 

  • Shopping complexes 

Targeting adverts in shopping complexes can help reach a wider audience, including boomers, Millennials, and Gen-Z. 

  • Movie Halls 

Movie halls have always been a great way to launch adverts to audiences before the film begins. Audiences will trust the brands displayed via this medium. 

  • In-flight entertainment 

The perfect way to advertise to a high-priority high-end audience is via in-flight entertainment. 

What Are 360 Videos?

This form of video content is a groundbreaker in real estate video marketing.

Real estate agents can list home videos in this form to allow a much more immersive experience for their potential buyers, which will give them a sense of what living in that particular space would feel like.

The investment in 360 videos is worth it. These videos are the perfect content for the direct website of real estate businesses. They also become interactive social media posts giving you an edge over the competition. 

For any real estate agent, real estate video marketing in any campaign allows them to identify and portray their primary goal to the audience.

These goals increase brand awareness, engagement, conversions, clicks, etc. These goals make each video form content with a defined focus and allow viewers to determine their next step. 

Real estate video marketing allows real estate video-makers to measure the below metrics after each video is published. 

  • View Count: This tracks the number of times each video is viewed. Allows one to increase brand awareness and reach. 
  • Play Rate: The % of viewers who have played the video is divided by impressions of the video. This allows us to understand the appeal and relevance of the video. 
  • Social Media Sharing: These days, both businesses and customers are on social media platforms. Real estate agents can indicate how relevant the video form content is to the target audience with each video’s likes, shares, and comments.

    Each time a viewer consumes the content and proceeds to share it with their audience, it proves the content created is good. It is crucial to get social shares to keep increasing awareness. 
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)- This metric allows real estate video makers to measure the number of times the audiences have clicked on your curated content and show how effective the content created is. 
  • Conversion Rate: This allows businesses/real estate agents to view the number of times visitors have ultimately done what was expected. This is expressed via the CTA or call-to-action. Adding video content to your page is a tried and tested method of increasing conversion rates for actions like signing up for a free trial. 

The Future of Real Estate Marketing Is Video

These days in the exciting world of digital marketing, there are multiple ways to entice the targeted audience to click on your real estate video marketing content. One way to do that is by creating video thumbnails in animated GIFs that can include real estate agents in the GIF itself in front of aesthetic locations or properties for sale.

In the long run, video marketing for real estate will bring about a positive increase in sales and increase brand awareness, etc.

But real estate businesses and independent agents will continually need to update their marketing tactics to catch up with the new trends in digital and even traditional marketing, which is where AR and VR will come into place.

The real estate agent can use video marketing to keep bringing more responses, which will bring more conversions, meetings, and better deals in commercial and residential real estate.

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