Real Estate Express Review, Pricing & 2022 Discount

Real Estate Express Review: Star Rating

Real Estate Express Review and Discount

If you are wanting to get your real estate license, our Real Estate Express review can help you decide if this online real estate school is right for you.

Real Estate Express is a leading online provider of real estate education, having prepared hundreds of thousands or people for their licensing examinations.

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Real Estate Express Review

Real Estate Express ReviewStarting their first online real estate courses in 1996 Real Estate Express can, with some justification, claim to have pioneered online education at a time most people were accessing basic websites on slow dial-up connections.

McKissock, another established company providing real estate education, among other subjects, took over the company in 2014, so while Real Estate Express retains its original identity it now forms part of an online education giant.

As of the time of this Real Estate Express review, they have helped more than 520,000 aspiring real estate agents.

By focusing on preparation for real estate pre-licensing exams, the site now helps tens of thousands of people become real estate professionals each year.

It offers courses for over thirty states, getting you from start, to your final exam and, if you want, supporting you afterwards too.

100% Online Real Estate School

An important feature of Real Estate Express’s courses is that it is fully online.

While this might seem like a benefit, online education isn’t for everyone and, for some people, can be much harder than in-person or mixed tuition options.

Video Sneak Peak

The Real Estate Express Advantages

In our Real Estate Express review, you’ll learn that they offer several advantages to traditional in-class real estate school.

Many of these Real Estate Express advantages are those that come naturally from being an online provider, like the flexibility.

Another advantage common to online tuition is cost, and online real estate school providers such as Real Estate Express can offer good value for money.

Not requiring space to provide lessons, and being able to easily reuse teaching materials, offers significant savings on running costs and these can be passed on to learners.

Most of the material you will be using will be available whenever you want, allowing you to learn in your time.

However, it does also take advantage of other common internet features.

Real Estate Express does offer live-streaming lessons for some of their courses. Where available these are run at a range of times to match different lifestyles — and time-zones — but they are not recorded, meaning they need to be watched live.

Being online also means the company can provide courses in many other places beyond their Missouri base.

Real Estate Express currently offer courses in over thirty states and DC, including the most populous states, meaning it’s highly likely your state will be covered by them.

You can read about which states they offer courses in the FAQ section at the bottom of this Real Estate Express review.

Real Estate Express also boasts a good pass-rate.

The rate varies between states reflecting their different requirements, but, typically, first time Real Estate Express pass rates are in the 75% to 80% range.

Given that many states have exceptionally tough exams Real Estate Express’s pass-rates are healthy.

Real Estate Express Disadvantages

While the majority of feedback regarding Real Estate Express’s courses is positive, there are a few cons or disadvantages some students have reported.

The first con is that some of the courses contain grammatical mistakes.  It shouldn’t bother most students too much but if you are a stickler for perfect grammar then this is something that might annoy you a bit.

Secondly, some students report that some of the content can be outdated at times. Particular the marketing sections where there wasn’t much on social media and it skewed more towards print marketing.

From what we have heard, they are actively working on those issues and are trying to get everything updated.

What Online Courses Does Real Estate Express Offer?

The precise offer and content of each course will vary from state to state depending on local requirements and this will affect the fees.

In California, for example, you can pay between $119 and $449 depending on package.

If you are looking for a certification in South Carolina, however, the course costs between $600 and $815.

Typically, the range tends to be around $200-250 to $500-550. There’s more on Real Estate Express pricing (for Florida as an example) in the chart you’ll see below.

The great news is that if you use the Real Estate Express links in this review, you can claim a generous Real Estate Express Promo Code or Discount!

The curriculum is set by the relevant state, so while many praise Real Estate Express for how they structure and deliver the course, it’s worth bearing in mind that you will be learning rather dry real estate law and regulation.

Aspects of real estate that many will find more enjoyable, like marketing and selling, will not be part of the state-mandated curriculum.

The different requirements in each state also mean that the packages vary between states, offering, for example different proportions of live-streamed and self-directed online content.

New Jersey, for example, only offers a live-streaming option. Some states, such as South Carolina, also offer a fully-live-streamed option at $815.

If you are in a state with a choice it’s worth considering which option is best for you.

While live-streaming has benefits over other methods, lessons are not recorded, meaning that it lacks the flexibility normally associated with online learning.

Real Estate Express Pricing and Packages

The Real Estate Express education packages offered vary from state to state, and not all packages will be available in every state but, generally, there is a choice from four options:

• The Basics • Exam Preparation • Exam Preparation Plus • Ultimate Learning.

Real Estate Express Course Reviews

    1. The Basics package is the entry-level package. This is probably the best for those that are disciplined and know that online learning is for them.

      It will cover the essential license knowledge and offer a little support, but other than covering state requirements will not offer anything else.

    2. Exam Preparation does pretty much what it says. As well as including the contents of the basics it offers additional tools to help you prepare for your state’s examination.

      This package is also the first that contains the money-back guarantee, which features as part of the exam preparation options.

    3. Exam Preparation Plus extends the standard exam preparation package by adding access to instructor Q&A sessions.

      These give you a chance to join sessions where you can ask questions and get clarifications from instructors.

    4. The Ultimate Learning package is the premier option offered.

      Containing everything included in the other packages this also offers an additional 12 months of personal development, allowing you to access ongoing development after you have passed to help you start your new career.

Other Real Estate Express Options

As well as offering live-streaming options in some states, Real Estate Express offer some different ways to purchase their content. Again, there is some variance between states in exactly what is on offer.

It is possible to buy individual course modules, so you can prepare for specific units. While this is a more expensive way to complete your course, it can be useful if you only need a specific unit or have accrued some of your pre-licensing hours elsewhere.

The exam preparation option is also offered as a standalone. Again, useful if you have done the course elsewhere (if you are learning through Real Estate Express it is better value to buy a package including this) it will help you prepare and practice for your state’s exam.

Finally, Real Estate Express also offer a continuing education membership.

Again, this is similar to the additional 12-month access featured in the Ultimate Learning package, so if you are learning through Real Estate Express it’s better value to purchase it that way.

If you have passed elsewhere this may be a useful way to supplement your professional development.

Real Estate Express Review Final Thoughts

Real Estate Express has a positive reputation and is a solid choice to consider if you want to get into real estate and are looking for pre-licensing courses.

Whether it’s right for you depends on a few factors.

Most important is your state. If they do not offer a course for your state, then it is not an option.

If they do offer courses for you should also check the costs as these can vary enormously; Real Estate Express is likely to be among the cheapest options available but can still need a big investment.

The other important factor is whether online learning is right for you.

It requires self-discipline and isn’t for everyone, especially when the topics can be quite dry and complex; it certainly isn’t a subject where you can try to skip the work and still hope to pass.

With an established reputation and a good pass rate — and many packages offering a pass guarantee — Real Estate Express is likely to be a good choice for you to start your career.

If you still have some questions, we have a nice FAQ section below or you can also find additional FAQ on their website.

We also have another article outlining some of the other best online real estate schools

Ready To Get Started with Real Estate Express?

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Keeping reading to learn more about Real Estate Express and some common FAQs!

Real Estate Express FAQs

If your state is listed in the “states served” FAQ drop-down below then yes, Real Estate Express is fully accredited in your state.  You can contact your state’s real estate commission to double check if you really wanted. Real Estate Express is also accredited by both ARELLO and IDECC.

Who the heck is ARELLO & IDECC? ARELLO regulates real estate best practice & enforces real estate law. IDECC certification makes sure crucial educational principles are followed in the real estate course.

If you don’t pass the Real Estate Express exam the first time, you get at least 1 more try to pass the course exam. Each state is different on the amount of exam attempts allowed.

For example, Indiana allows unlimited real estate exam attempts. California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, and Washington all offer 2 real estate exam attempts.

If you still don’t pass the real estate exam after the first try, don’t panic! You can ask Real Estate Express to do what is called an “exam reset” which also saves any previous progress. The cost for the Real Estate Express exam reset is $50.

You get 6 months in most cases to complete each course which should be plenty enough. But emergencies do happen so if you still need more time, you can request an extension. Real Estate course extensions are available but not free.

Your specific state has their own mandates as to how many hours they require for a real estate course.  Some states are times which means they keep track of how long you are logged-in and taking the course.  Some states let you work at your own pace (really fast or really slow). But as mentioned, You get 6 months in most cases to complete each course in Real Estate Express.

Real Estate Express Offers Pre-Licensing Courses in the following states:
• Alabama
• Arkansas
• California
• Colorado
• Florida
• Georgia
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Iowa
• Kansas
• Kentucky
• Louisiana
• Michigan
• Minnesota
• Missouri
• Mississippi
• *Montana
• Nevada 
• *New York
• Oklahoma
• *Pennsylvania
• South Carolina
• Tennessee
• Texas
• Virginia
• Washington 

Is Your State Listed? Get Your Real Estate Express Discount

For most people, my opinion is not really.  Based on our research, the pass rate seems to be around 80%. The math questions are probably the trickiest. But remember this is online based which helps. I’d be more worried about the final in-class state exam!

As mentioned in our Real Estate Express Review above, they offer four different package. If it were me, I’d up for at least the Exam Preparation Package because it includes unlimited attempt practice exams!

The Ultimate Learning package is great if you can afford it because it also comes with the printed course textbook and a 90-day boot camp to jump start your real estate career!

Yes, they offer practice exams but you’ll want to order the “Exam Preperation Package” or above.

As of the date of this Real Estate Express review they have 768 testimonials with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Can can review these review on the Real Estate Express website.

Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

Your Real Estate Express Reviews:

Good value vs in-person classes

Rated 4 out of 5
November 18, 2021

I’m going to be honest here. The best thing I liked about Real Estate Express is the cost and the convenience factor. At the time I sign-up they has the best pricing for online real estate school. I don’t have any major gripes with Real Estate Express other than some typos in the reading material. I did pass my real estate exam on the first try so I’m happy with that!

Jake H

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