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Steps to Starting a Real Estate Business

5 Steps to Starting a Real Estate Business

If you’ve recently become a licensed REALTOR®, you’re probably eager to start your own real estate business. But without a plan and some preparation, you might struggle to get enough leads. Working with Agent Marketing Essentials can help you navigate the industry and grow your business faster! In addition, here are a few tips on everything from handling your finances to connecting with new leads for your business.

How to Stage Your Home Office

How to Stage Your Home Office in 2022

As the number of small businesses and startups has increased, the work-from-home economy has boomed. The home office has become the location for safe client and customer interactions, as well as the backdrop for virtual meetings. Is your home office staged professionally? In this post, we are going to review some of our top tips on how to stage your home office for in-person visits and virtual visits.

House Hunting Guide for Parents of Children With Autism

The House Hunting Guide for Parents of Children With Autism

Moving is always an exhausting endeavor, and if you’re the parent of a child with autism, going through the moving process can be especially overwhelming. But you can put your child’s needs first as a homebuyer and find a property that is a great fit for every member of your family.

IDX Broker Reviews

IDX Broker Review | Pricing, Plans & Plugin Features | 2022

Overall, there are many IDX solutions on the market. IDX Broker is a powerful platform that truly provides many features that brokers can take advantage of right away. The best takeaway from reviewing IDX Broker is that the platform and solutions are very customizable and provides a greater level of control for the broker and web developer. Also, the development and seamless integrations make it very user friendly for customers to take advantage of when implementing on a brokerage site. Read our review and try out the platform and see how IDX Broker can change the way you do business.

Hippo Video Reviews

Hippo Video Review: Plans, Pricing, & Features 2022

Heralding themselves as a one-stop solution for video, the Hippo Video service offers the opportunity to enhance your traditional communications with customers and prospects with video messages. The concept is simple: a personalized video will be noticed and get more attention than other traditional forms of communication.

Bonjoro Review

Bonjoro Review: Video Email Platform Features, Costs & Alternatives

Bonjoro makes it easy to send personalized videos to anyone. Whether saying thank you to new customers or donors, providing updates to existing clients, or sending a personal message to your biggest fans, Bonjoro video email intends to give your engagement a boost. Our Bonjoro review goes into more detail as to how Bonjoro works and why it’s a better alternative to traditional email for real estate agents and most businesses.

Showcase IDX Review

Showcase IDX Review: Cost, Features, & Alternatives 2022

Founded in 2013, Showcase IDX was developed to provide better marketing tools for agents. IDX is short for internet data exchange which essentially allows agents to connect their website with the local MLS saving them the time and trouble manually entering new listings. The company bridges the gap between real estate agents and software engineers to bring a suite of services through the Showcase IDX platform that empowers agents to generate new leads faster and more effectively.

Video Email Marketing Platforms For Real Estate

5 Top Video Email Marketing Platforms For Real Estate

Video marketing gets significantly more engagement than other post types on social media. Then combine the benefits of email marketing with the engagement of video marketing and you have a recipe for success. Video marketing can help real estate agents tell their story, build trust and also better humanize their brand. Here are top 4 video email marketing platforms real estate agents are using right now. Real Estate CRM Review

Chime CRM Reviews: Is it the Best CRM for Agents in 2022?

Chime is a CRM platform designed for supporting real estate agents and professionals. The software is geared towards lead generation and helps agents, brokers, lenders, and other real estate professionals simplify their marketing approach, managing their interactions with customers, handling their leads, and organizing assignments with their teams. With a variety of different products and features available for real estate professionals, Chime turns out to be a powerful solution to overcome many of the challenges faced within the industry.

REDX Reviews, Pricing and REDX Discount

REDX Reviews: The Good & the Bad. Plus 2022 REDX Discount

Real estate has always been a lucrative opportunity, especially for real estate agents. Even more so in the last few years, a renaissance has occurred within the real estate industry from a technological standpoint. New services and platforms have empowered agents to new heights, driving up efficiency and management of their own businesses. Competition mixed with a strong demand for real estate sets the stage for many agents to decide how they will best invest back into their business to give themselves an added advantage over their peers. One company providing much-needed resources to agents is REDX.

Virtual Staging Services for Real Estate

Home Virtual Staging Services for Real Estate

While there are a large number of companies that provide virtual staging services to real estate agents, we are going to review our favorite – Virtual Staging Solutions. You will get an in-depth analysis of why this particular company could be the best in the business and why you should consider it to…

Best IDX Wordpress Plugins

10 Best IDX WordPress Plugins For Your Real Estate Website

When it comes to your real estate website, providing your current and potential clientele with all the information they need in one convenient location becomes a crucial factor. Staying up to date is crucial, and what’s one of the most important ways to do so? Finding the right way to provide your clients with a MLS by using the best and most effective and efficient IDX Wordpress plugins is just the place to start.

Using Feng Shui Concepts in Staging

Using Feng Shui Concepts in Staging

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of beliefs that govern spatial arrangement in relation to the flow of energy or “life force” (known as chi