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Hogan School of Real Estate Reviews (2023 Pros & Cons)

Hogan School of Real Estate ReviewShould Arizona real estate agents still consider using the Hogan real estate school in 2023?  Are there better real estate school options?

Read our Hogan School of Real Estate review and decide for yourself.

About Hogan School of Real Estate

If you’re looking to become a real estate agent in Arizona, or are currently licensed and want to improve your skills, you know there are loads of resources available to help you.

However, it may not always be clear which ones are worth your while.

The Hogan School of Real Estate focuses on exam preparation, pre-licensing, certifications, continued education, and more to help current and future Arizona real estate agents refine their skills.

They have a wide range of valuable resources that help you to become an expert in your industry.

Regardless of your level in the real estate world, Hogan offers something for everyone to help them expand their capabilities and become more successful agents.

Hogan School of Real Estate Review

Hogan Real Estate School ReviewHogan offers real estate pre-licensing, exam preparation, and introductory courses to individuals looking to break into the real estate industry.

Their pre-licensing course is incredibly flexible, giving individuals the opportunity to learn on their own time, or through in-person classes or live-streamed classrooms.

All instructors still actively practice real estate in the state and bring in their own unique expertise and experience to their lessons.

Hogan also provides students with extensive study materials, including guides and practice exams to help them prepare for exams.

They focus on career development, supporting students through each stage of their real estate agent journey.

The real estate school also offers a special Introduction to Contract Writing course to real estate students, where individuals can take the course on their own time or with the support of a live-streamed instructor.

If you need assistance throughout your licensing journey, Hogan also offers Virtual Instructor Q&A Sessions with industry experts available to answer your questions as they come up.

These Q&A Sessions are available three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, for 2 hours each. You can register ahead of time and ensure your questions will be answered during the session.

Each of these pre-licensing offerings helps future real estate agents get the information and learning opportunities they need to become successful real estate agents in the Arizona real estate industry.

They are made by professionals who have many years of experience in real estate and understand the ins and outs of the industry intimately.

Hogan also offers a Real Estate Assistant program in partnership with their sister school, Arizona School of Real Estate and Business (ASREB).

This program assists individuals to become real estate assistants, working in partnership with agents to ensure all activities run smoothly.

How Much Does Hogan School Real Estate School Cost?

Hogan’s pre-licensing course comes in three packages, starting with the Basic Package for $549 (using our link and our Hogan School of Real Estate discount code).

Click Here To Visit Hogan School of Real Estate

At the time of this review, their most extensive package, the Set for Success Package, is available for $799 and includes all their study guides and resources, along with exam prep, an 18-hour CE package, and other helpful content.

Here is an overview of the packages and pricing (subject to change):
Hogan School of Real Estate Course Pricing

Hogan School of Real Estate Exam Prep Options & Pricing

The Hogan School of Real Estate exam prep offerings include flashcards for different areas of the real estate industry specific to Arizona, including sales pre-licensing, broker pre-licensing, and more starting at $25.

Their state-specific exam prep, CompuCram, includes guided study paths, simulated exams, and other preparation resources for $89.

Hogan offers a range of other study preparations to help you nail your exam.

Finally, the Intro to Contract Writing course is priced at a steal, with the entire course being available for $59 total both asynchronous or via live stream.

As an alternative to Hogan’ exam prep option, read our PrepAgent reviews. PrepAgent doesn’t offer real estate pre-licensing, but they are the leader in exam preparation.

Learn More about Hogan’s Exam Prep Options

How Can Hogan School of Real Estate Help Current Real Estate Agents?

Those who already have their real estate license can still take advantage of multiple tools and resources the Hogan School of Real Estate has available.

Both real estate salespeople and brokers can renew their licenses through Hogan, with a package that offers the 24 and 30-hour renewal required hours.

How Much Does Hogan School of Real Estate Continuing Education Courses Cost?

The real estate sales 18-hr renewal class are available for $105 total, the 24-hr renewal is $135 and the 30-hr broker renewal is available for $165. Pricing is subject to change.

Hogan School of Real Estate Continued Education Review

Each package offers the required ADRE Credit Hours, and is conducted via a live-stream virtual classroom.

Each of these renewal courses guarantees the most up-to-date, quality education and information to help you prepare for the exam and pass your renewal.

Visit Hogan School of Real Estate Continued Education Portal

Hogan School of Real Estate Designation Courses Review

Hogan School of Real Estate also offers designations and certifications to help build on your industry skills and upgrade your Real Estate License.

They offer a Military Relocation Professional Certification (MRP), which helps real estate professionals work with military service members to find appropriate housing solutions that incorporate their military benefits.

By completing this course, you will be prepared to become MRP certified. The entire one-day course is available for $99.

Hogan also offers an At Home With Diversity (AHWD) Certification, which prepares agents to understand the key diversity attributes in the markets they serve.

This course focuses on how to properly market to each diverse group and remain inclusive and equitable in your real estate dealings. The whole one-day course is available for $99 total.

Finally, Hogan offers a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) Designation that caters to the baby boomer real estate market.

This designation ensures real estate agents are prepared to successfully serve older generations to help them find appropriate housing for their various needs.

This is a four-day course that includes a ton of relevant information and helpful resources that will help you become successful in the 50+ real estate market. The course is offered for $299 total.

Each of Hogan’s continued education and certification resources is meant to improve upon current agents’ skill sets and position them at a distinct advantage in the Arizona real estate market.

They offer unique educational opportunities to meet real estate agents where they’re at, in a learning environment that is comfortable for them.

Out-of-State Licensing Options

Individuals who are licensed outside of the state of Arizona, but are looking to get their Arizona real estate license can also work through Hogan for their licensing needs.

Hogan School of Real Estate offers two packages, their Salesperson Reciprocal License Package and Broker Reciprocal License Package to assist salespeople and brokers in getting their license to practice in Arizona.

Each offers a licensing review study guide, as well as their CompuCram exam prep product to help them ace the exam.

These packages also come with a vocabulary workshop to help you conveniently quiz yourself when needed, along with other necessary requirements for a real estate license in Arizona.

The salesperson licensing package is available for $299, and the broker licensing package is available for $399.

Hogan School of Real Estate Student Reviews

Those who have taken advantage of everything Hogan School of Real Estate has to offer have been incredibly pleased with the results.

Right now, Hogan has over 250 reviews and holds a 5-star rating.

Customers have mentioned the confidence they feel taking on each exam having used Hogan’s study guide and practice exams.

Others have mentioned how in-depth the courses are, and how well prepared they feel when it comes time for exams or renewals.

Multiple instructors have been mentioned in reviews, with customers speaking to their high level of expertise and in-depth knowledge that helped them with their exam prep and beyond.

Overall, those who have used Hogan for both pre-licensing, exam preparation, and continued education are very satisfied with what Hogan has to offer and feel very prepared for their careers in the real estate industry.

What Is the Hogan School of Real Estate Pass Rate?

Hogan’s students have experienced massive success, with an 86.5% first-time pass rate amongst upcoming real estate agents.

Their CompuCram product has proven to be incredibly successful with future and current real estate agents and has helped students ensure they are ready to excel in the Arizona real estate industry.

The company is trustworthy and reliable, with lots of reputable reviews that speak to the value and quality of what Hogan has to offer.

Ready to Get Started?  Visit Hogan School of Real Estate Now

Hogan School of Real Estate Pros & Cons

Hogan School of Real Estate Advantages:

  1. They focus on aspiring or licensed Arizona real estate agents.  What we mean by that is instead of trying to create great courses for every agent in every state, they can devote all their time, resources, and budget to making their Arizona real estate course options the best of the best.

  2. Hogan School of Real Estate has a stellar student pass rate as well as many positive testimonials.  In fact, based on our research, it appears to be the highest pass rate among all online real estate schools offering classes in Arizona!

  3. The Hogan School of Real Estate has received high marks for its stellar study materials, guides, and practice exams.

Hogan School of Real Estate Disadvantages:

  1. Hogan School of Real Estate’s Pre-licensing course cost is a bit higher than some competitors.  But as the old saying goes, you usually get what you pay for.

    You can compare Hogan’s pricing with their sister site, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business (ASREB) (although they usually match up).

    Another alternative to Hogan School of Real Estate is The CE Shop online real estate school. The CE Shop also offers pre-licensing options for Arizona agents, and they are a worthy alternative.  Here is our CE Shop review if you want more details on that school.

    You could also consider Colibri Real Estate or AceableAgent as Hogan School of real estate alternatives.

  2. They only offer courses if you live in Arizona or you want your Arizona of Real Estate license.  If you want a license in another state, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

  3. The Hogan School of Real Estate only offers a couple of the best real estate designations.  That’s not a bad thing, but we wish they had more designations for Arizona real estate agents to choose from.

Hogan School of Real Estate Review (Our Final Verdict)

Hogan School of Real Estate has a strong reputation in the real estate world, helping both current and future real estate agents become successful in their careers.

We would consider them one of the best online real estate schools for aspiring Arizona agents, but you will pay more for their courses.

We would consider taking a closer look at Colibri Real Estate, or AceableAgent as more affordable options.

They operate with the Arizona real estate industry to provide quality educational resources for agents at all levels.

Hogan has a ton of high reviews, with customers being very satisfied with their work.

If you’re looking to break into the Arizona real estate industry, or refine your skills and build upon your license, Hogan School of Real Estate offers a large range of real estate education tools and resources to help you through your process.

Visit Hogan School of Real Estate

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