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Dubb Video Review 2023: Features, Cost, & Alternatives

Dubb Video Review

In this Dubb video review, we will cover what Dubb does, some of its main features, costs, and alternative options.

Dubb sells itself as an all-in-one video sales and marketing tool. Using video as an alternative to text-only responses will help you engage your potential customers and increase your revenue.

Providing a quick and easy way to record and distribute your videos, as well as track interactions and follow-ups, Dubb is intended to boost your business by giving your communication an added extra with personalized video.

What is the Dubb Video Platform?

Although it is marketed primarily around personalized video Dubb is, perhaps more accurately, a communications service with a focus on video.

You can, of course, use the service primarily to create and host video, but there are far more elements to it that can enhance your business.

Video creation is easy and can be done from your browser or pre-recorded videos can be uploaded. Once a video has been created or uploaded you can set up how you want your video to work for customers or do some basic editing.

The focus is very much on creating quick videos, so the options are limited: you will not be able to add effects or slick cuts at this stage. Instead, the choices are things like adding titles or response options to the video and its landing pages.

Once finished you can send your video and, from there, start to interact with your customers.

Dubb offers them the chance of video response, as well as more traditional forms of messaging.

While you can integrate Dubb into your existing system, the service comes with its own customer relationship manager. If you already have a CRM solution implemented it’s likely you would want to stick with it, but if you are a new business it’s possible to look at Dubb almost as a CRM service with built-in video messaging.

The service’s dashboard integrates all the elements together. From there you can manage videos, contacts, and campaigns, with managers able to task colleagues with videos to send or follow-ups.

What Are Some Ways to Use Dubb?

Dubb focuses heavily on the customer relationship. While it is, of course, possible to use Dubb in other settings and for other reasons, there’s little hiding the service’s focus from users.

You Can Use Dubb Video For Sales and Marketing

If Dubb were to have a life purpose it would undoubtedly be sales and marketing.

The interface is bursting with tools and widgets that fulfill that purpose, whether looking at the displays of engagement statistics or noticing the ‘Deals’ menu it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into how a sales team might use Dubb.

Sales and marketing are likely to be the area where Dubb has the most impact and can provide the most value to its users, as well as the business’s bottom line.

When most people are familiar with traditional marketing approaches, personalized videos are still a novelty.

Seeing and hearing someone who has recorded an approach for you is significantly more powerful, and much harder to ignore, than typical approaches like emails or LinkedIn requests which can be automated or just copied and pasted.

While it’s possible this novelty may wear off, the immediacy of video means that it’s likely to remain a more effective sales and marketing approach even when the novelty has worn off.

This use is reinforced by the integrations Dubb Video offers. As well as integrations to all the major sales and marketing platforms, Dubb highlights its integration with LinkedIn for connection requests, sales, and recruitment.

You Can Also Use Dubb For Customer Support

The Dubb Video platform also offers a support option, for either internal or external support depending on your organization. Again, there is a clear focus on customer satisfaction highlighting Dubb’s core purpose of improving customer relationships.

Internal support is, obviously, important, but you do not need to have much cynicism to conclude that the rich metrics Dubb provides for support are going to be most valuable when considering things like resolution rates, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

Using video in support offers a range of benefits to end-users since it means they can see and hear the solution outlined. It totally avoids the frustration of being directed to generic support documents that however well-written can be misunderstood. And the ability to use video responses means that it’s quick and easy to explain and show problems, rather than having to describe them in writing or via a call.

Dubb Video Features Review

Dubb video has an impressive feature set, but perhaps the best features are the desktop and mobiles apps.

Although the Dubb service is usable with just the web version, it is not perfect and can, sometimes, feel a little shaky, especially when working with video. These problems disappear with the apps, though.

Providing a solid platform, they make working with Dubb a breeze.

Apps that complement services are frequently poor, and often give the appearance of little more than a wrapper for the website. The Dubb apps, however, look well thought-through and they are well-designed apps in their own right.

Dubb Video also has some additional built-in features.

As mentioned, Dubb can double up as a CRM. The CRM allows you to manage contacts, track interactions and manage sales from start to finish. And, naturally, you can also use the Dubb CRM to send personalized video messages.

Uniquely, and surprisingly, given the other asynchronous nature of the platform, Dubb also has built-in instant messaging, allowing instant messages to be sent and received by video recipients. This allows immediate interaction which might be as useful in closing a sale as it could be for customers looking for clarification on a support video.

Dubb also boasts good video management and curation. So, although it is centered on the creation and sending of personalized videos, it makes it easy to collate and present a selection of videos.

This might be a video landing page with details of products or an FAQ page for support inquiries.

Dubb is also, at a per-minute charge, able to transcribe your videos, making them easier to watch for those who might have sound turned down, as well as increasing accessibility for recipients who may have hearing difficulties.

Integrations, though, are probably at the heart of Dubb’s strength. Despite being an all-in-one solution it’s likely that most users will already have systems and services in place they are unwilling to change.

Dubb Video has integration with a huge number of additional services, including all the major and popular CRMs, and marketing platforms.

It also integrates with all major social media platforms, making it easy to create videos and post them on all your channels. The integrations mean it is possible to use Dubb primarily as an add-on to your existing systems, creating and tracking videos within them, so your users do not have to learn anything more than hitting record when they want to send a message.

How Much Does Dubb Cost?

Dubb costs $32 a month for the Pro plan and $80 a month for the Pro Plus plan. A free limited feature plan is also available.

How Much Does Dubb Cost?

Dubb has a simple, two-tier, pricing structure at either the Pro or Pro Plus level. The cost depends on whether you purchase the Sales, Marketing, and Comms or the Internal and Support package.

A free tier is available, offering standard quality, Dubb-branded videos, to test the platform out. They also offer a free trial although that is also limited, meaning you can’t test everything until you take out a relevant subscription.

The Internal and Support package is the cheaper of the two, costing $8 or $16 a month for the two tiers. It is, however, the more limited of the two options.

The Pro tier gets you HD video and will allow customization of the logo and subdomain along with reporting and team management.

The Pro Plus gets you an account manager as well as access to the API and custom integrations.

The Sales, Marketing, and Comms package offers a lot more and is arguably better value. The tiers are priced at $32 and $80 a month.

Dubb Pro will get you all the features you would get in the Internal and Support equivalent but adds features like CRM integrations, forms, themes, landing pages, and calls-to-action for up to 10,000 contacts.

Pro Plus adds features like phone support, custom email templates, scripts, and 50,000 contacts.

Somewhat surprisingly Dubb also has two add-ons.

A custom domain is $24 a month, while automation, which includes Zapier, is $32 a month.

It is puzzling why these are not included as part of the standard packages, especially when Zapier integration is a major selling point because of the ease it offers in linking to other services.

What Are Some Dubb Video Alternatives?

  1. Hippo Video
  2. Bonjoro
  3. BombBomb – top choice for real estate agents

You can try each of these Dubb alternatives for free. We suggest trying a free trial for each and then you can decide which video marketing platform fits your needs most.

In addition to the Dubb review that you are reading now, we also have BombBomb, Hippo Video, and Bonjoro Video reviews in our blog. These video marketing services are great options and each has its own strong points.

Dubb Video Review – Final Thought

Personalized videos are still something of a novelty for most people, which is part of why they remain so impactful when used.

Dubb’s service takes advantage of that novelty with a platform that enables easy video creation and sending.

The platform itself is fully featured, and for some will even suffice as a CRM, but the real benefits are in the integrations offered.

However, the value the service provides will depend on exactly what your set-up is since the integrations available will depend on the precise package and tier you choose.

Despite that, the impact and effectiveness of personal video are such that even if you have to go for the extras it will pay for itself, especially if you share its focus on sales and marketing, or feel you need to share that focus!

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